Spiders in California do not care for people with spider phobia!


The thought of a spider makes me shiver, but seeing one causes panic attacks. Either I run away in panic and scream or I can not move anymore. I am very glad that Klaus tolerates my fear and then removes the animals. I never go to sleep without searching our bedroom for spiders every day, the thought of it being a spider crawling over me while sleeping is unbearable for me.

Imagine, I have a friend who has a spider in the bedroom for weeks and calls her Thekla , I would not enter this room anymore.

Of course, my spider phobia does not make me sleep well even on vacation, because just spiders in California can also be poisonous. Already while writing it shakes me with disgust and fear.

Every time we arrive at our family in California I first search the guest room if there is not a spider somewhere. Also, I check clothes before I put them on, it could have something hidden in it. So far I have not seen any during our stays in the house, or she hid well. However, in California, all homes and apartments are equipped with sturdy grilles on windows and doors, which calms me down a bit.

Unfortunately that does not apply to the garden or the house walls. I thought I was dying when I saw this big and hairy spider. I was scared and afraid at the sight and I got racing heart to massive sweats.

I know that most of the giant spiders living there are actually quite safe and the bite of a tarantula is no more dangerous than that of a spider. But when Klaus filmed it and my son also intervened and presented it in a tin (he wanted to release her somewhere), I got a screaming fit and went very far at a distance.

I can not understand that there is even a city that celebrates Tarantula Festival every year in late October, just before Halloween. At that time, Coarsegold, California, near Yosemite National Park, will be visited by countless tarantulas that mate there. I am sure that this place will never count among its visitors.

Spiders in California, Black Widow over the garage door!

The black widow looks small and inconspicuous against the tarantula, but she can not be that small to scare me. It has always been my fear to meet this monster spider who eats its males after mating.

In a nonhealthy person, their bite can do a great deal of damage and even be deadly if you do not come to the doctor fast enough. Since I am allergic and in many things, such as allergic to wasps, it is close, that I would not get well.

My daughter-in-law told me that you often do not notice the bite. Only after 2 to 3 hours it comes to swelling at the bite site and to muscle spasms, vomiting and sweating. Although the Black Widow is very poisonous, deaths are rare.

Well, that's really reassuring for me.

Spiders were enough for a vacation.

I just hope I never meet the brown or red recluse spider (red or brown recluse). They have a tissue-destroying poison that can cause necrosis that is difficult to heal. If it gets into the bloodstream, it can destroy the red blood cells and even deaths occur.

I know that others can not understand this fear of spiders and that in most cases it is unfounded. But for me it's the plank horror.


  • Oh my god, Sigrid. Now I have goosebumps everywhere ...

    Best regards,

  • all mates of Peter (Parker) ... 😉

  • Oh god, that's really huge. ? And this hair ...? ?
    I would have run away screaming too!
    Best regards!

  • OMG! We talked to friends about holidays in California today because we have not been to the West Coast for so long: DMuahahaa then I show them again your contribution 😀 I think then I have to fly alone 😀

    best regards

  • Uääääähhhhhh! Is that EKELHAFT!

  • Out of sheer excitement, I almost did not hit the Like button. * shakes *

  • And so California has died as a holiday destination 🙂 So scary! I do not like spiders too much, even if my Thekla is allowed to stay. But Thekla is really "nothing" compared to what you have shown. I am still scary now. Greetings Michaela

  • tomatoes island

    Hi Sigrid,
    As a child, I was always terrified of spiders, no matter how tall they were. In recent years, it has been a bit better as long as they do not exceed a certain size. But the pictures would do that clearly, I would not want to run into them.
    LG Melli

  • OMG I hate spiders! I'm so scared of it ... 🙁

  • How crass! Actually, I am quite insensitive to spiders. But with these I would run away screaming ...

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  • I've already read about Thekla. That would not scare me. But that??? I've been on a mission for a while in African countries for an NGO - and I've always been terrified because you've always only slept in huts. FEARBY - already the thought of it ....

  • I'm not really a spider fan either. But I did not know that there are so many tarantulas in California. Maybe that's the way it was, otherwise I would not have slept with an open window (without a fly screen). 😀

  • Igiiiit ... now crawling all over my body 😛 I was also in California for 3 months, but fortunately I never met such a spider ..

  • IIIIIIh I hate spiders! I can barely read it and have to scroll past the pictures very quickly. Respect for the photos 😉

    LG Anni from http://www.yogagypsy.de

  • oh my god, I do not have it that way with spiders ... but I do not like the local ones 😉
    Snakes are a no-go with me!

    ❤ Tina of love what is
    Love what's on Instagram

  • Sigrid, that scares me. Otherwise, spiders do not really do anything to me (Juniper beets are much worse!), But the photos are very impressive !!

  • Dear Sigrid

    I can understand you sooo good, I always call my husband!

    That's not my thing!

    But your report is great, thank you!

    Have a nice evening!


  • Dear Sigrid,

    HELP!!! I have never met such giant spiders ... uaaaa ... I would be a cloud of dust ;-). I do not need such huge spiders either.

    Sunny greetings

  • Clock spin, with me the fobie is exactly different. In front of small spiders, I run away screaming or wake my husband at night to make them wrinkle. Otherwise I can not sleep. Great, however, I can run on my arms. Greetings Nadine

  • I really have absolutely no problem with the little house spiders, who now and then crawl around in the corners, but SUCHs would scare me. best regards

  • Hi. It also disgusts me again and again, but with almost all insects. Then my husband has always ran. In the garden, the insects somehow do not bother me. As long as they are not in the hut.

  • These are pictures that I do not really want to see while I drink my morning coffee comfortably ... but at least they are just pictures; D
    Fortunately, I have no spiders phobia.
    best regards

  • Pfui spider ... a great article that has addressed my neck hair ... 😉

  • Whoops! So I immediately had to suspend my breakfast, which I just eat on the PC, because I think spiders are really quite "disgusting". Even the little ones at home have to dispose of the spouse expertly and these huge specimens are just catastrophic 😉 Still greetings, I'll continue reading now ... Ina

  • Booooah! So I have nothing against all kinds of animals and spiders are not excluded there. Besides, they are very important so that we do not get lost in insects. 😉 But yes, the photos even added a little bit to me. All the best, continue! =)

  • alttrifftneu

    Actually, I do not think spiders are that bad either, but when they startle me all of a sudden, I run away 😀

  • My absolute horror idea. - ahhh * you see me running away screaming *

  • I am an arachnophobian myself and would probably have been frozen to the pillar of salt at this sight. Nevertheless, I find these animals incredibly interesting.

  • I would react in the same way as you do. I also like to leave such work to the man in the house.

  • I can totally understand the fear of spiders. I could barely scroll through this post and now have goose bumps. If such a spider was in my house, I would not put a foot in there before she removed someone!

    best regards

  • ooohhhhh no !!!!! With this size I would need a doctor 😉
    I myself could not remove such a big spider. I think I would call the fire department 😀
    LG Tanya

  • AHHH - IHHH! I'm a nature lover and I have a lot of left for living things but not if they have more or less than 4 limbs. Even these pictures, because I get goose bumps. I can understand your panic absolutely. My little one is already trained on it, spider - get dad ... Brrr. And then sooo huge!

    VG July

  • Wow, how awesome is that? Ehrlich I honestly would not know, how I would react, if suddenly such a huge thing would stand in front of me!

  • ohhje, I speak for many women that this is a nightmare 😉
    in itself I'm not really scared of spiders (it's rather the snakes), but with such huge animals I feel very queasy!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from http://www.liebewasist.com

    • I'm not afraid of snakes, especially what has more than four legs.
      best regards

      • hihi, that is also an attitude that I can understand ... with me it is then as I said rather the animals that have NO legs GAR! 😉

        have a great, sunny weekend and best wishes also,
        ❤ Tina

  • Oh I think Spider wonderful animals, my daughter No. 2 even had a tarantula as a pet. the little eight-legged creatures are usually very useful and simply fascinating as they spin their nets.

    LG from Norway

  • Wuahh ... .I'm not afraid of spiders, I think they are way too fascinating and I dream of shooting with a tarantula, but I do not want these giants in my flat either. My mother is also terrified of the crawlers and so I can understand you a little! I would not like to see the black widow! ^^

    Love crawler-free greetings

  • Thank God I'm not afraid of spiders at all. I just have a problem with animals that have no legs, say snakes, etc. That just needs to be a little slow-worm, you can be sure that I will not go out all day 😉

    Everyone has their phobias 😉

    All the best,
    Julia from missfinnland.at

  • I'm not a big fan of spiders either, but I find them totally fascinating. If I knew that they are poisonous, then I would probably be more fascinated to a certain distance. And then I do not need them in the apartment either. However, I'm hero "I-pack-you-in-a-glass-and-out". I think garnix really nasty. Is probably also on the job, as a veterinary practitioner you can see very weird animals.

    Love from,


  • Hi Sigrid,

    I also had / have a spider phobia! On my forehead I carry a scar, which was told to me as a small child that the doctors thought it could be a spider bite. I've never liked spiders and they've always found me.

    Two years ago, I was in Australia with my friend. And I was REALLY scared of meeting spiders in the land that houses the world's most venomous animals. And what should I say? It was REALLY not that bad! Yes, we saw spiders.

    Once a very big Huntsman - she was sitting in the socket box where Ronnie should plug in the camper's cable. But then I looked at it curiously from a meter away (confrontation therapy, or the delight in horror, haha). At the same camp we saw a really poisonous little Redback Spider and reported it to the reception the next day. Again, I have watched from a distance and recognized.

    The worst thing for me was when we wanted to run up a laid-out wooden path near Manley Island to a lookout point. Left and right was the path surrounded by bushes and once had a huge Orb Spyder (non-toxic, harmless, just big and spins gigantic nets), spun a net at about 2.5 meters height across the way and still sat inside. Ronnie went under it normally, but I stood there petrified. It took several minutes before I huddled, my hands flapping overhead. After that I had to cry first. A similar situation came later again, then it went a bit better. But that was 3 days of 7 wonderful weeks. And what should I say?
    Since I'm back, I'm much more relaxed with the domestic spiders! Still, I do not like them near the bed, and all of them get away while sucking. But I did not run out when I found one in the apartment and I caught two and three times already with a glass and brought them out (but only small ones). I still would not trust big monsters and I do not have to take them by the hand. We are living in an almost peaceful symbiosis right now.

    I would not have thought!
    You also inspired me to write an article. I wanted to talk about the poisonous animals of Australia anyway, but I would like to tell more about the personal access and the backstory 🙂

    Best regards,
    Christina from http://miles-and-shores.com

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