Agriculture in California


California also called the fruit garden of the USA!

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More than half of the products grown in the USA come from agriculture in California. This makes it the state with the highest agricultural yields in the US, although the area for cultivation accounts for only 3% of the total arable land, the US.

Over 250 different agricultural products are grown in the well-known Central Valley. The temperatures fall in this area even in winter hardly below 8 ° C. This makes a year-round cultivation of many fruits and vegetables possible. For example, peaches, nuts, oranges, tomatoes and much more are grown there and shipped to all over the US and other countries.

Underwood Family Farms is one of the best known agricultural production areas in California. They are located in beautiful Ventura County.

After the Easter Bunny had brought home his presents and hidden many Easter eggs, we wanted to do something else. Our destination was the Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark.

There are various seasonal events such as the Easter Festival that we wanted to visit there with our family.

It was a pleasure to see how excited our little grandson was when he was allowed to feed the animals in the Animal Show. The food for it was sold there and we have plenty of it covered. There were small pieces of carrot that he had to throw in a pipe and the animals were already waiting eagerly at the other end. He could have spent hours feeding and marveling at goats, cows, pigs, emus, alpacas and many more.

Also the pony riding that was offered made him a lot of fun, he almost forgot to find the Easter eggs.

Visit to the Easter Bunny

On the farm many Easter activities were offered. The little children could, for example, look for Easter eggs on a huge grassy area and have their picture taken with the Easter bunny. Even shooting tennis balls on a big pumpkin was very popular, but our grandson was a bit too small for that.

He preferred to go to the wooden track that was pulled by a tractor and the combine harvester, from which you came down with a slide. He also wanted to climb the hay pyramid and of course drive with an electric tractor.

In order to get to know the agriculture in California and the farm business, we made a round trip.

An old tractor pulling a big wooden truck drove us across the farm and there was a lot to see. We passed by lemon plantations, vegetable fields and old, large Eucaliptus trees. You could watch the farmers at work and even pick their own fruit on the huge strawberry fields.

Fruits and vegetables fresh from the farm

Then we bought radishes, cucumbers, peppers and delicious tomatoes for a salad. The Farm Market at Underwood Family Farms offers a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables at a good price.

The three kilos of strawberries that we indulged in were sooo delicious. We already ate a few during our trip home.

Anyway, it was an exciting and beautiful day for us. We have learned a little bit about the Farm betrieg and not only our little grandson had fun.


  • Wow, thank you for this very informative post! I was not that aware at all. And easter egg hunting looks like a lot of fun 🙂
    best regards
    California fan Jil from

  • Hi,
    that sounds great! Such a day at the farm would have pleased our children as well. By the way, for me as well 😉
    Best regards, Lisa

  • Hi,

    a nice and informative blog post! The photos are great and the day at the farm sounds like a lot of fun! Surely my two would have liked to do that too.

    Greetings and have a nice evening!

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  • Oh what beautiful experiences and with so much information it is also very difficult to remember everything! But one thing I can say, I would hardly have left any of the strawberries 🙂

  • I first heard about Easter Egg Hunt this year through my American high school student - I like it! <3

  • No, how cool, the visit to the Easter Bunny 😀 I am already back and away from your great impressions. Please always more of it 🙂
    best regards

  • Very nice contribution! Since I would like to sneak over and over in the strawberry field a bit. I think it's great that you not only write about the 'common things' but also about something else. 🙂
    Greetings Nadine from

  • This event sounds like something I would have loved to attend! The visit to the Easter Bunny is great!
    Best regards, Ina

  • Wow! It sounds like you've had a lot of fun. That makes me go to a strawberry farm and pick some of them? Yum!

  • A friend of mine has married a Californian and always raves! Now can I understand it?

  • I think that's great, because the US does not really connect most of them with fresh fruits and vegetables. So you get a completely different insight.

  • Hi.

    Great insight into this event. Sounds incredibly exciting. And looks like a lot of fun. If I see the strawberries like that, I would like to know. But they do not look so tasty here.

    All the best

  • Dear Sigrid

    Oh ... these pictures! Why can not you let yourself go? Then I would go right there!

    Thank you for the great report, I love to read your blog posts!

    Have a nice day!


  • Great photos, great state. You can also bring the three kilos of strawberries with me and do not always eat the same. VG Christian

  • There's always something going on with you. Nice post - you feel almost as if you were there.

  • Your contributions are always so great. Above all, you really always learn something new about America! Thank you and please keep it up!

  • Wow a really nice, insinuating and informative blog post! I love it! And since my partner and I are planning to travel to America, this blog post is just right! Will save it to me now! Thank you

    dearest greetings

    Doris of Doricicas_Blog

  • tomatoes island

    Low temperatures of 8 ° C in winter are of course a dream for fruit and vegetable growing. No wonder that there is such a wide variety of varieties there, that was not really known to me until now. That's when I learned something new. 😉
    LG Melli

  • Wow that was a lot going on at Easter! Of course this is great fun for the little ones. I was also unaware of the variety of products.

  • Oh, nice. I would like to return to the USA so much

  • Dear Sigrid,

    Oh, this Easter Farm is great! That would please both of me ... they would already have disappeared in the hay 😉 ... I like to go back to the USA, you always make me want to be there again.

    best regards

    • I would also like to fly back tomorrow, unfortunately, it is not always as you like.
      best regards

  • natuerlichfrausein

    Sounds like a lot of fun for your grandson.
    Is there actually organic farming in America or is everything managed conventionally?

    Best regards, Nicoletta

  • Hello Sigrid,
    that's really wonderful. I have already looked at some documentary about American agriculture (mostly in connection with climate change, etc.) That in California that makes so much, I did not know. Then explains the constant drought there a little. Anyway, the day was well worth it and as a gift, there was a lot of fresh, unpacked fruit and vegetables to buy. Simply delicious ...

    Best regards, Stefanie *

    • Since you have quite dear Stefanie, fresh and delicious were the strawberries, I would like to have some of them.
      best regards

  • Good evening.
    I like to go on a farm holiday. 🙂 That would probably please the kids very much.

    Dearest greetings,

  • Again a very informative contribution <3 You had a great day on the farm. I would have liked it too 🙂

    Dearest greetings,
    Sarah from

  • anja pink shape

    But you have experienced great things. Just think for the children, such a farm is a great adventure. Really good. What is there.
    best regards
    Anja from

  • Dear Sigrid,
    that sounds really great. I would definitely like to explore the farm. Incidentally, the strawberries look so great. I would have already started to feed there on the way home! When temperatures are quite warm all year round, it's great to be able to grow so much fruit and vegetables 🙂 But I've heard that fruit and vegetables are quite expensive in America. Is that correct?

    Love Linni

  • a very interesting post love Sigrid! I only know California from the nuts - yummy 🙂
    but that there are so many food crops, schin is really great!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • Dear Sigrid,

    that would be just right for my little ones! I always find it interesting to look at everything on site ... because you just get the best insight!

    best regards

  • This really sounds like a day of fun and new experiences 😉
    Have a wonderful Sunday,
    Best regards,

  • Blog Pirate

    Hello Siegrid,

    great contribution with very great pictures.
    This reminds me of our last holiday in the Emsland, where we could also be directly at the farmers in the fields with the combine live at the harvest and have delicious blueberries nibbled directly from the field. For our son, a small city tiger, of course, a special agrarian-nature experience. Despite persistent drought this year.

    Thank you very much for the beautiful inspiration and the great impressions.

    best regards

  • Dear Sigrid, that's another very interesting post! I think it's really great that there is so much food cultivation in California!

    Love, Sarah-Allegra

  • Hi Sigrid,
    again a wonderful contribution from you. I love your blog and always directly get the feeling of being a little closer to the USA. I find in movies the life of the Americans is always very good effect when I was there 2 years ago, I keep thinking I would be a movie 😉
    Just great.

    Many greetings Anja

  • I just did not know that so many fruits and vegetables are grown in California. I think it's really great that you get to know the USA from this site through your blog. Incidentally, I find that the strawberries look delicious 🙂

    Greetings, Milli
    ( )

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