Where can I find the Farmers Market Los Angeles?


When we visit our family in Los Angeles, I also like to cook something delicious for all of us. Mostly we buy then in supermarkets like the Ralphs or in the Sam's club our food. In Germany, we like to visit markets and buy salad, fruit, vegetables and fresh meat from the region. Los Angeles gehen wollen. I told my daughter-in-law on the last visit and she asked if we would like to go to the Farmers Market Los Angeles. She said that was a sight in the heart of Los Angeles that you should definitely see.
We got the address, entered it in our sat-nav and started driving to the market.

Where can I find the Farmers Market Los Angeles?

In the middle of West Hollywood between Hollywood and Beverly Hills lies this unusual market.

6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036, US

From afar we saw a white tower with a clock on which stood Farmers Market. Although there was a huge parking lot but we wanted to save the money and parked at the supermarket across the street. Right on the tower is a Starbucks, which is closer than I get a Frappuccino before you go.

A cozy spot in the heart of Los Angeles!

When you enter this market , a small fascinating world turns out to be. We were very surprised, we had never thought that there is such a quiet place in this turbulent metropolis.

The many food stalls are very inviting, there are dishes of various nations offered. From Italian, Lebanese, American, sweet or sour, fish or meat to vegetarian. An incredible variety of dishes are offered. You just sit down where you like it and eat in the open air, there is a great, relaxed atmosphere.

The trend towards freshness is also an issue in LA and is becoming visible in this market.

Farmers from the surrounding area offer a wide variety of all kinds of fresh local produce. We were overwhelmed by the many fruit and vegetable stalls with their rich offer of regional goods. I have rarely seen such fresh fruits as apples, orange bananas and melons. Vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, salads and carrots make every vegetarian's heart beat faster.

The meat and sausage offer leaves nothing to be desired!

The selection is truly amazing, with traditional roasts, steaks, chops, minced meat and much more. From lamb, beef, pork to chicken, turkey and turkey and exotic birds, everything is fresh here. Everything is perfectly prepared and presented very appetizing in the counters. Also tips to prepare you get on request.

A paradise for all sweet-toothed cats!

Americans love everything that is sweet, that's well known, so of course you should not miss the candy stands here. A real land of milk and honey opens up here that does not only make children's eyes shine. The stalls and sweets are colorful and from classics to new favorites you can really buy everything imaginable in all shapes and colors and on any occasion.

Have you ever seen such huge love apples in so many variations?

The Grove, open-air mall at Farmers Market Los Angeles!

The Farmers Market Los Angeles is a mix between the market and the mall, with the pedestrian mall adjacent to The Grove. You can walk or ride a classic tram from Farmers Market, which is a great change.
In the middle of the market are idyllic water features and fountains. There you can sit down, take a little break and watch the happy goings on.

Everything your heart desires!

Here you will find luxury brands such as Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, La Piazza, Barnes and Nobles and many more. If you feel like you can even go to the cinema, that is there, of course.

We made our way back, because it took quite a few hours to see all this and we wanted to go shopping at the Farmers Market. In between, we stopped at one of the highlights of the market, an ancient gas station, which one would not suspect here. It is of course no longer in operation but a great photo opportunity.

We were during our stay several times in Farmer Market Los Angeles. Of course to buy fresh goods but also to visit some restaurants there. There are many well known restaurants where we like to eat, such as the Cheescake Factory or the Wood Ranch.

Also on our next visit we will go shopping there regularly, because fresh, regional food is very important to us.


  • mumandthefashioncircus

    What a great contribution?
    I absolutely have to travel to the US alone this market looks great your pictures are really great.

    dearest greetings


  • I did not expect that in the middle of Hollywood is a Farmers Market. This is something of a contrast to the rest of the lifestyle that you're used to from Hollywood, that it's surprising that it fits in at all. And I as a sweet tooth would have struck at the candy 🙂
    Glg Karolina

    • I did not think so, but I think it's nice. As you can see then a celebrity with a stroller, which is covered with fruit.
      Greetings Sigrid

  • I would not have thought that. The pictures are all very nice and inviting. You can definitely spend a whole day there.

  • Whenever I travel to the US, I read all your articles again. You always have such great tips. Farmers' Market in LA - great!

  • I thought California is a city where there is little talk of agrarian society. 😀 And now I feel like huge love apples, thank you. 😀

    LG, Menna
    Lines Rhymes Universe

    • They look great and are so huge that you hardly believe it. Unfortunately I am allergic to apples otherwise I would have struck.
      best regards

  • The sweets look sooooo delicious! Great pictures! I would love to go to California! There are so many interesting things to discover 🙂

    best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I've never been to the Farmers Market - if I look at your photos and read your report, I'm really sorry! So sad that I do not even know when I'll have the opportunity to be there again. But next time I'm there, I'm sure I'll pay a visit to the Farmers Market.

    Have a great evening!

    • It took me three years to get there, only through a conversation with my daughter-in-law.
      But now the market is a fixed target and we like to shop there.
      best regards

  • Dear Sigrid

    I would like that there too! Wow!

    Since I would not know where to look everywhere, everywhere such great impressions!

    I will remember your report and when we are there, visit the market!

    Have a nice day!


    • I wish you come to Los Angeles soon. Should you fly in the near future you have to go to Halloween Horror Nights in the Universal Studios. This is a unique experience.
      best regards

  • Hello Sigrid,

    I did not think that the Americans were on such a thing. Cool that there is such a Farmers Market in the middle of Los Angeles.

    best regards

  • Your many great pictures make you feel like the US and I love markets! Looks really great!

    LG Anni

  • I would not have expected that, so to speak, around the corner from the luxury brands such a beautiful, inviting market. Looks really good and, above all, delicious.

  • How cool is that ?! I love your insider tips - but this one is especially great! I would love to stroll around and taste, eat, drink, and of course go to the Cheesecake Factory!

  • Hello,
    that looks great 🙂 Especially the goodies!

    Love Linni

  • That would be something for me and you do not even know where to look in the pictures. Such delicacies partly. Really delicious!

    Dearest greetings.

  • It really looks like a relaxing oasis. I would like to go there. I love to visit weekly markets and was a bit disappointed in my past holiday week, nowhere to find such a market. Your photos remind me a little of our Naschmarkt in Vienna. It is not always so relaxing there, but there is almost everything there, almost from all over the world. Thanks for this nice illustrated blog post. best regards

  • Really beautiful, there I would like to 🙂 now
    Not to compare with our weekly markets that seem to be slowly decaying to China India budget clothes stands. In the past, my mother and I used to go to the weekly market and bought a lot of things fresh. Today, only the tasty fish sandwiches drive me there and then.
    But should it ever get me to LA, then I have to look at the Farmers Market necessarily.

  • Really great contribution! The next time I'm in LA, I'll definitely go there 🙂

    Greetings Moni
    from monis-paradise.blogspot.de

  • wow again such a great contribution! I read your blog for a few weeks now and I'm thrilled, unfortunately I will not come to LA so fast 🙁 You make you feel like it.
    best regards
    Jacky from http://www.tschaakiisveggieblog.at

  • As always a great contribution and the pictures only! I already love the markets in Germany, but those in America seem to have a completely different charm again. The love apples also look great for a bite.

  • I'm really looking forward to LA and the Farmers Market is back on our list as well 🙂 Funnily, I lit a Yankee Candle over the weekend with the scent of Farmers Market 😉

    best regards

  • I love your inspirational contributions. I would never have thought that LA had such a great spot. First, I would stroll through the clothes shops, fortify myself with one of the many great love apples, and then buy fresh vegetables and meat for dinner at the Farmers Market. A dreamlike idea!
    best regards

  • WOW! Everything seems sooo relaxed in the market and only this selection of delicacies! Fantastic! Great and thank you so much for sharing your contributions with us. Best regards, Petra

  • Typically me: Of course, I was only shopping in "The Grove" at the time and, of course, dining in the Cheesecake Factory? The next time will look closer. Thanks for the tip!
    best regards

  • Wow that looks really great!
    I love such markets and think it's really great that they seem to be everywhere in the world! I would never have thought that there really is something in the US! Fresh goods can be processed much better but if you still have enough after so many food stalls is questionable: D!

    Many greetings
    Denise of

  • This is a nice selection of photos and words - and you really feel like strolling through this market, tasting and buying something. Thank you for this great insight.
    Speaking of insight:

    Because I like your blog, I have nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award.
    Participation is voluntary, I would be happy if you are there.
    Best regards from Barbara

  • These pictures are great because you get the pleasure to travel in USA again. When I lived in the USA, we are also always happy to be on the Farmers Market beautiful regional products. Have a nice weekend, greetings Alex https://margreblue.de

  • That looks great! When I'm abroad I always enjoy going to markets. 🙂

    best regards

  • Once again a very nice report from you. And really great photos!

    I love markets. Whenever I'm in a city, it's sure to pass the market someday. Here on land, the farm shop on the farm replaces the market.

    Best regards, Nicoletta

  • I also love markets very much! They have something lively, I find 🙂

  • Great post, I can not wait to go to LA =)

    best regards

  • Omg what a great market. 🙂 There are so many great treats. At some point I have to go to the USA.

    LG Jasmine

  • Dear Sigrid,
    and in the middle of Los Angeles! You do not mean that when you hear Los Angeles. I myself have not been to Los Angeles yet, but it's a good tip if it happens.
    Best regards, Selda.

  • That looks great! I love markets especially since they are in short supply here in Norway unfortunately. The sweets look really stunning and against a piece of cheesecake I would have nothing.

    Lg from Norway


  • Elisabeth Mestlin

    It sometimes surprises me what some people think about Los Angeles and California. Naturally there are, even many farmers markets in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica just to name a few. Almost all cities big or small has at least once a week market. The oldest market is called Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles since 1917.also worth a trip.

  • That's great, in a few days I live very close. Do you know the opening hours?
    Greetings Gabriela
    from Gabriela traveling

    • Of course, have fun there!
      Opening hours:
      Friday 09: 00-21: 00
      Saturday 09: 00-20: 00
      Sunday 10: 00-19: 00
      Monday 09: 00-21: 00
      Tuesday 09: 00-21: 00
      Wednesday 09: 00-21: 00
      Thursday 09: 00-21: 00
      best regards

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