How do toilets work in the US?


I've been wondering if I should write about this somewhat unappetizing topic at all. I then decided to do that a little education can not hurt, then you are not the first time you visit a toilet there as I did the first time.

In addition, it is actually quite funny and everyone laughs so happy once.

Arrival Hotel Luxor Las Vegas!

My first encounter with an American toilet was in 2013 at the Hotel Luxor in Las Vegas. After the long flight, I could hardly wait to arrive at the hotel and finally come to the quiet village, because I go in an emergency on the plane to these mass toilets.

In the hotel room was of course my first way to the bathroom. The first thing that struck me was that there was no cover. But, alas, fright, the water was almost to the top of the bowl, that the toilet was blocked. I first called my husband, because I did not dare to press the trigger. Imagine, just arrived at the hotel I cause a flood in the bathroom.

Now we both stood helplessly with a certain stupid face in front of the bowl. A brush was nowhere to be seen, what should we do?

Klaus decided to press the handle and lo and behold, the water was pulled out of the bowl like a whirlpool with a gargling sound. Stupid was just it was full again but after a few attempts we realized, that was just like that and not to change.

Arrive with our family in Los Angeles!

Arrive with our family in Los Angeles!
After three days we drove to Los Angeles. We were very excited because it was the first visit to our family since they moved to California. We were greeted with great hello and the joy was very great on both sides.
When we had all calmed down a bit, our daughter-in-law wanted to know how we liked Las Vegas. I said, "It was great, but imagine in the hotel the toilet was filled to the top with water and new things kept coming up, that was really bad." She started to laugh and said, "Come with me to the bathroom." it will be hard to believe that the toilet was full of water!

American toilets work differently, we were told!

American toilets work on a different system. The toilet bowl is always at least half filled with water. Due to the amount of water, the odor is lower, the leftovers are immediately largely surrounded by water and disposed of without sanding marks. That is why you will find in the US rarely a disgusting, contaminated with bacteria toilet brush, since the water vortex cleans the toilet.

How Do Toilets Work in the US

I have to say, after four weeks of vacationing in the US, I got used to it. Meanwhile, I think the local system with the many water in the toilet because of lower odor and cleaning actually quite pleasant.


  • But then everything shoots up when you do it. Is disgusting, right? But: Good to know when you're in America.

  • I find it rather disgusting, that one-by the way, how one wipes his butt with the hand gladly into the water.

  • Hach how funny, I remember! I had stayed in the hotel too!

    Good article!

  • Hello Sigrid. With me it worked. I wish you a nice time, back there. LG, Nati

  • That's good to know!
    Thank you for this report. He is just in time. ??

    Lovely wishes!

  • Dear Sigrid

    Yes, we had this conversation on holiday with our son!

    After your report, I can explain it even more! Thank you!

    Have a nice day!


    • Thank you dear Jaqueline, so he learns something new through me ... laugh.
      best regards

  • Haha a different topic!

    So I would also have asked me what's going on, but great idea 🙂

    LG Danie

  • This is actually a completely different, but funny story! It was also Spanish to me when I first saw something like this. Getting used to, but actually very practical. Well, what can one say: Other countries, other customs!

    Lovely wishes

  • Haha, that would be clarified! As a child, I always thought that the water in toilets turns the other way round. I think I saw that at the Simpsons back then 😀

    Love from,
    Anni from

  • How funny. I can not remember if the toilets were full. Since I was on the East Coast, it can also be good that everything is different there. Whether this really makes sense, I dare to doubt, but you'll know why

    Best regards, Stefanie *

    • Unfortunately, I do not know how it is on the east coast, but it was a shock in the late evening.
      best regards

  • That's good to know, thanks for this article! I've never been to the US, but then at least I'm well prepared now. Otherwise, I probably would have stood in front of her in complete confusion, just like you, not daring to use it. Again something learned. Looking forward to more entertaining and informative reports here on the blog.

    best regards

  • Krass, I did not know that before and honestly I have never heard of it!
    That's why I love your blog, you experience so much like nowhere else! 🙂
    Love from,

  • Good evening.
    Interesting. I'll take care of that, should I be in the USA. Really cool post.

    Dearest greetings,

  • Thank you for the interesting insight into the modern porcelain department 😀

  • Krass, what does not exist, thanks for the tip!



  • Hahahaha after your first sentence, I thought to myself whats coming towards us. But yes, I have already seen such Klos and thought to myself ok the loo is a challenge lol but it's all a matter of habituation?
    Glg Karolina

  • I've been in America for three months and it's totally true what you say. Even if I found the post a little funny, because it has never occurred to me to write about toilets of America 😛 It was fun to read 😀

  • Hehe ... somehow funny the topic and somehow interesting.
    Nice idea, sometimes to write about it 😉

    All the best

  • 😀 I can still remember my first flood 😀 OMG! But I also have to say that I think the system is really good. 🙂 By the way: Do you have any tips on how to inexpensively insure shipping packages from the US to Germany? I would be very interested because we have already bought a few things too much one time or another and are not familiar with the post office over there 🙂

    best regards

  • Mmm, I see many disadvantages as well ... a few have already been mentioned. I also think of a wet butt - under certain circumstances. I think I prefer our system 😀 😉 But I think it's so great that you wrote about it.

  • Haha how cool that you blog about toilets. I also slept in the Luxor when I was in Las Vegas for the second time. From there we went to LA but we made a detour via San Francisco, Santa Barbara and a few other towns.

    • I felt like it, I thought it was never wrong to know about it. For us Las Vegas is usually the destination airport. From there I always go to LA because my family lives there.

  • how funny that should be known 🙂 but if it works why not? With us, the toilets are often very very angular ...
    glg katy

  • Luckily one has thought of something .... The worst thing I find the holes in the ground. This stinks beastly and everything is dirty. That really disgusts ... funny post!

    • Thanks for your comment, I also do not like standing blocks, I prefer to go to the prairie ... laugh.

  • I really never got used to this type of toilet in America - I always tried to lift myself up a bit, so I did not splash it * laughing *

  • Hahah that's a cool, honest and very practical contribution, thanks for that 🙂
    I did not know, but makes sense somehow 🙂

  • You remind me of my first loo experience in Morocco, when I stood helplessly in front of a hole in the ground ... Thanks for the helpful hint, I would have been panic if the bowl is full of water. Good to know that at least the toilets are cleaner than ours.
    Best regards

    • No matter where you go to the bathroom, they are always very clean. I can also remember the standing-blocks, terrible!
      best regards

  • Funny, I never thought about it. But I also found it very convenient that the toilets leave no traces 😉 The worse, however, I find it that the gaps in public toilets are always so big ... Undisturbed you are not really there ...
    best regards

    • I wanted to actually write that in, unfortunately I forgot. I think that's terrible, up and down already open and then the gap.
      best regards

  • here comes mama

    I would have looked just the same 😀 Good to know when we visit friends in America soon 🙂
    Greetings Lisa from

  • orange diamond

    I have to smile because I did not even think about it until your report! And yes, I have been to America many times!
    As always you have described it beautiful and interesting! I love to read your stories!
    Best regards,

  • Dear Sigrid,

    haha ... had to smile now - that's what happened to me many, many years ago when I was in America for the first time. I did not understand the system at all and thought it was totally horrible because the water was constantly spraying ... but well, yes ... you get used to it ;-).

    Beautiful evening!

    • That was really a shock, in the middle of the night in the hotel, if you have to.
      best regards

  • well seen hygienically, the vortex certainly better cleans the toilet than the German. Find it always funny, as it happens in other countries. LG Ronja

  • Haha is right! I also remember briefly trimming when I first entered a toilet in the US 🙂

    Lovely wishes

  • I think it's great that you also write about such topics. It is often this kind of situation that leaves such a funny connotation if you can not ask someone or do not dare to ask. Other countries different customs - this also applies to toilet uses and constructions.
    Exciting, I think, there is more, what you can tell us. Would be a place-take topic 🙂 I'm looking forward to it. lg

    • That's right, it would be in the broadest sense a niche theme, dear Michaela.
      I am pleased that you liked it and was helpful.
      best regards

  • I could now tell stories about the college sex toilets at Elite Headquarters. American toilets are a double blessing, I tell you

    Best regards
    Marlena, Intern of The Elite

  • natuerlichfrausein

    Funny. But does not that splash up to the ceiling when you have a bowel movement? I can not imagine that.

    Best regards, Nicoletta

  • Oh, the topic is not so disgusting.
    And it is part of it.

    Incidentally, in Dubai is no different. Of course you have to get used to it first. On the one hand, I think the Iee is not bad behind it. On the other hand not as hygienic as our toilets.

    Warm greetings to you

    • It is just like that, other countries different customs. When I think about the standing blocks in Greece, etc., those in the US are fine.
      best regards

  • Interesting. Many hotels in Iran have "beautiful" clam shells. Compared to those in Europe, very wide and no hidden edge where you need to clean a "toilet duck". There is some water not as much as described here, and the water comes very quietly from openings on the side and everything is somehow "sucked", but very quietly. In addition there are as in all southern countries paper (only in hotels) and Waschgelegenheit. I was so torn that I forgot to take a picture.

    • I really did not think that, too bad you did not take any pictures. That would certainly have become a very interesting contribution.

  • hydrogen peroxide

    I just thought Japan was different when it comes to toilets. 😀 So I learned something again.
    I find that somehow abstrus that there is always half filled with water. I probably would have asked confused at first, because I was afraid to have broken something

    Greetings Anni from

  • that's very interesting ... and I have to admit that I'm only now really aware that the toilets in a foreign country are somehow always different! In India and Nepal, for example, I also experienced completely different toilet systems - and in Korea, too, it was different 😉

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • Interesting topic that really makes me smile ^ ^
    Did not know that there are so many differences ...
    Thanks for the clarification.

    All the best

  • It's funny, well, I would have looked stupid out of the laundry?

  • hahahaha, great topic, has amused my start of the day and definitely served with added value! Thank you and please, bring more such contributions that deliver something real from life 😀 And to the toilets: If ever fly to Brazil, let me know, then I have to inform you about the toilets there! GLG Sandra by

  • I think it's not disgusting that you write about it, it's human that we go to the bathroom. And all. No exceptions.

    I did not know that, but I think the idea is really good, because that is certainly more hygienic than these traces in the toilet. However, I think that the water rausspritzt sometimes, if there is much to it. But if that works anyway - hey, thumbs up!

    Love from,


  • Time a little different post, but really interesting as the toilet flush goes there. I also want to go to the USA.

    LG Jasmine

  • I think the American toilet system makes perfect sense. It simply works against the smell. Whether it is more hygienic, I can not say.

    I probably would have reacted the same way as you did on the first toilet. Thanks to your article, I will not stand helplessly in front of the toilet in the USA now.

    Lg Silviu

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  • Finally a decent topic !!!
    I know only airport toilets in the USA. In Mexico, however, you use the same system. It's not just that the pelvis is already well filled. When the cooling is started, water is again cooled in from below. This will bring the whole business to the surface again and shred it. Those who are interested can now get an overview and pat themselves on the back with satisfaction.
    (At the first time, this is the moment when you think of buckets and rags.)
    Shortly afterwards, the whirlpool sets in. One then almost has the feeling that it is sucked off.
    A pity, I always wanted to make a video. 😉

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