The Americans and their dog!


Dogs being treated like family members is a trend that has been noticeable in the US for some years now. I've found that in the US much more casually with the topic dog is handled, as in other countries. The people, lovingly treat their dogs and treat them like family, is no different in my family.

A very popular dog breed in the US is the Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog breed that looks like a fox. The Shiba is considered an amiable family dog, but is strangers and skeptical towards strangers. We have two of these cute dogs and love them very much.

I look forward to the two sweet dogs of my family before each trip to California. Their names are Sophie and Cloeh and they are two Shiba Inu girls. The two are very self-confident, playful and affectionate. Sometimes, the two girls are also very stubborn and do only what they want, there is no bribe trying something.

Leinenzwang otherwise threatens punishment!

I like to walk with them, because they need a lot of exercise in the fresh air and love nature, like all dogs. In the cities, there are few opportunities to let his dog run free and also in parks there is Leinenzwang. In many areas otherwise threatened a felony and the fines in the US are sometimes extremely high. I usually go to a dog park where dogs are allowed to roam free in sheltered surroundings. Sometimes I go with them to a dog beach, which is abundant in California. Both on the beach and in the dog park, people expect that your dog will react to the instructions of its owner and that you always remove its legacies immediately.

Very often I am approached while walking and asked exuberantly about the age, name or breed of cute dogs. Then you realize again how dog-friendly the Americans are.

After a long walk, the two are then again very balanced and playful family dogs. They tell the breed that they can even laugh and it really looks like that.

Certainly there are bizarre things about dog in the US!

Many dog ​​owners have their beloved dog buried in an urn after his death. Still others pay a very high amount to even clone their dog, so that he becomes immortal. There are dog weddings celebrated and birthdays or you go to the hairdresser and nail care.

But I do not think that's just limited to the US, there are certainly such people around the world.

In any case, the Americans and their dog have a very cordial relationship.

In addition, it is found that the Americans are generally much friendlier, also in dealing with people.


  • Oh, they are cute. I also have the feeling that the Americans are friendlier than many other people. They are always very relaxed (especially when driving). We do not have dogs because we certainly do not do them justice. Therefore, I stroke very closely the neighbor cat 😀 That comes every day to visit 🙂
    best regards

  • I've seen a dog wedding on TV! Was pretty crazy! In the past we also had dogs, now we have been cat moms for several years 🙂

    best regards

  • Very nice dog. However, I've never seen the breed, even in the US like that. Funny, although it seems to be widespread.

  • I generally think that animals belong to the family. Whether dog, cat, rabbit or whatever. The linen obligation, I find not so bad. Unfortunately, you never know how the other dogs are raised.
    But your dogs are sugar sweet.

    xoxo Vanessa

  • The two look really great. May I share your post on the Facebook page of ?

  • Hi,
    In the USA I also found the interpersonal contact much clearer than here in Germany! Very pleasant …
    And I like it when dogs are treated like family. Is not different with us 😉
    Best regards, Lisa

  • primetime chaos

    Oh how cute! Dogs as pets are nice 🙂 But I think that the dog owners are not very different from the Germans or Austrians. A bit crazy about their pets, but almost all owners think so.
    All the best,

  • A very sweet dog, but I am someone who is always very distant to dogs ran. Is an experience from childhood which unfortunately scares me a lot.
    Nevertheless, they are cute.
    best regards Nadine

  • I think you have to differentiate a bit. Dogs are not humans and should not be treated that way - but of course as family members, just animal. Nevertheless, they must be trained and maintained in an appropriate way. That the tone in the US is nicer than in Germany, is true. Can be very refreshing. But after a while it always gets too much for me. It's just a bit of a touch sometimes.

    Best regards,

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I think it says a lot about people how they treat dogs :-)! I'm terrified of dogs and I'm happy when I'm on a leash and I'm not afraid that they'll run at me and do something to me. Even though I like dogs, when they walk around freely I'm scared fast.

    Nice evening and best regards

  • Hi,

    a very nice contribution. When I was in the US several years ago, I also noticed how friendly the compatriots are.
    I like dogs very much, but we can not buy one for lack of time right now.
    I think it's great that there are extra dog parks there.

    best regards


  • Oh how sweet. I love Shiba Inus.
    If we ever buy a dog (when the kids are bigger), we definitely want a Shiba Inu or an Akita Inu. My husband prefers Akitas, I am actually rather a Shiba fan ^^ Find the totally cute = ^. ^ =

  • Ohhh, that's such a beautiful breed <3

  • Great dogs! They really look like foxes! The pictures really show character. Really great!

  • I also like this breed very much. Nevertheless, I'm more of a cat type and I'm glad that we have a Miez as a family member 😉
    best regards

  • So cute…
    I did not even know the breed myself. Maybe I never paid attention. I love dogs. Would love to have one again. But unfortunately I have no time for this -, -

    All the best

  • The two are so cute! If I did not have one, I would definitely think about this breed. I believe immediately that Americans have a closer relationship with their dogs. With what you get so online and on TV it definitely looks like this.

    best regards

  • PiusLucius

    I have never been to America, I will never fly there with my darlings, but I'm glad they like dogs 🙂

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I am very afraid of dogs - although I like them :-)! But in the US I did not have any problems with that, because the dogs are always leashed ... in Austria, many dog ​​owners do not care about the leash requirement. Even in the woods or at playgrounds, they let their dogs run free ... and when you ask them (out of fear) to bring their dogs to them, they start scolding and getting upset ...

    Greetings and have a nice evening!

  • desire wrought

    Hello Sigrid,

    I love dogs, I see them as part of the family, but not equal to the human being. On my visits to the United States, I found the friendliness of Americans often too exaggerated and unnatural. Nevertheless, there is a friendlier tone than ours!

    best regards


  • wow what sweet dogs 🙂
    you have something of right in the usa, the people are indeed much friendlier, but it also acts often put on? But still better than how rude the people are often with us ...
    glg katy

  • I did not think the Americans were so animal-loving! but that's really nice to read!
    I am also looking forward to wild, when very soon hopefully a dog moves in with me 🙂

    all the best,
    ❤ Tina from

  • A really interesting contribution. I did not know that the hype about the dog in the US is so huge. I think dog weddings are a bit over the top.

    Best regards, Mo

  • Dogs are also loyal friends. For me it would be nothing.

  • The dogs are really cute!
    Would also like to have a dog.
    best regards

  • Hello,
    you're right! It really looks like they're smiling at you 🙂 They're so cute! Great contribution!

    Love Linni

  • I already had three dogs and every animal was a family member for me. At the moment we have a little Persian cat, also she belongs to our family and cuddles with us on the sofa or in bed. Just like the dogs earlier 🙂

    At some point I will buy a dog again. My friend loves Japan and of course the breed! Let's see maybe it will be a Shiba Inu ... Let's see!

    Greetings <3

  • marie schindler

    What does not exist! Beautiful dogs have you shown in your post ...
    Best regards,

  • Our dog also goes to the dog hairdresser on a regular basis, but I suppose in America more is done than just drübber 😉
    VG Martina

  • Shiba ins are so beautiful dogs. And also extremely intelligent.
    However, I find it totally exaggerated to treat an animal as a human being.
    Animal love is something great, but dog hairdresser and organic food, I just totally exaggerated.

    But in the end, I tell myself, anyone can do what they want, as long as it does not hurt anyone, of course.

    Best regards

  • Through my travels to America, I have witnessed this great love of animals for myself - it's so wonderful to see how much they value their animals and really see the dog as part of their lives. That makes me happy!
    Shiba Inus are beautiful animals, Sophie and Chloe are no exception 🙂
    But what I have to talk about is this extreme humanization of dogs. A dog will always be a dog with its instincts - we can not accept the dog's characteristics and live like a 😉

    Great post and the photos are so cute!

    Lovely wishes

    • Thanks for the nice comment dear Alina!
      The two are so cute and I love them over everything. They are raised with love, are family members but kept normal. Dog should be dog, I agree with you.
      best regards

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