RMS Queen Mary the Queen of Long Beach!


When we vacation in California, we are always looking for places we do not know yet. The RMS Queen Mary has been on our program for some time, but we have never been able to visit it before. Once again, when we wanted to do a family outing along the coast with our family, we chose the Queen of Long Beach. The former British ocean giant, which struck the Atlantic for 31 years, has been anchored in the harbor of Long Beach since 1967 and is considered a tourist attraction.

The first ride of the RMS Queen Mary was on May 27, 1936!

The RMS Queen Mary, built in Scotland in the early 1930s, was bigger and faster then its predecessor, the Titanic. She was the most luxurious way to travel in those years, with more than 300 meters in length, 12 decks and elaborate Art Deco interior design.

Statesmen such as Winston Churchill and Robert Kennedy enjoyed the ride in the unique environment on this ship. Celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Bob Hope, and Elizabeth Taylor also strolled over their decks.

For three decades she brought the rich and famous across the Atlantic in great luxury. Now the Queen Mary is resting in the harbor of Long Beach, and is a well-known tourist attraction.

Luxury hotel with great views!

Of course you can visit this historic ship and enjoy the atmosphere of the past in one of the many restaurants on board. Just close your eyes and imagine crossing the ocean with this ship.

You can book a sightseeing tour, which we did not do because of our little grandson. Many areas of the ship, such as decks or restaurants with the normal ticket, are freely accessible. We preferred to enjoy from the deck, the beautiful view of Long Beach and the surroundings of the ship.

RMS Queen Mary is an impressive luxury hotel!

Today, the ship serves as a luxury hotel with very comfortable cabins where you can spend a night or your vacation. There are many events such as balls, or theme nights such as for Halloween offered and you can even celebrate wedding there. Of course, always provided you have the necessary change, because luxury is well known to have its price.

The RMS Queen Mary is very impressive and you get a bit of Titanic feeling with their luxury and charm. The next time we will definitely do the tour offered, to learn more about this ship.

Aquarium of the Pacific!

Afterwards we visited the Aquarium of the Pacific with our grandson, which is very close by and with its approx. 12,500 animals is really worth seeing. It is known for its large number of huge pools of sharks, rays and other large fish.

A highlight not only for children are the pampering. In these sea creatures cavort like bright starfish, sea urchins, anemones, sharks, penguins and other sea creatures. Many even baby sharks can even be touched.

Of course that was much more interesting to Noah than the big ship and he did not want to go home.


  • Hello dear Sigrid! This looks like a rest! But once a stupid question: do you / you on such a giant ship on environmental impact on the sea, etc. thought? Question only out of interest! No offense! It's one of the reasons why I would never cruise. LG !!

    • She has not been riding for many, many years and is only in port. No, I do not really worry about that.LG

  • Madness, that really sounds like a micro-city on this huge ship! I find that extremely fascinating how engineering technology makes this possible! you can certainly endure it for a while, without it getting boring 🙂

    But I would also be interested in whether you get seasick anyway - because I'm a little bit sensitive 😉

    have a nice sunday love Sigrid and best wishes too,
    ❤ Tina from http://www.liebewasist.com

  • The Queen Mary ... As a hotel manager, working on this ship had always been my big dream. At night I dreamed of her and eventually I do it too 🙂 Then I go on board!

  • I think it's always so exciting! If I were there, I would also like to have a look at the ship 🙂 Thank you for this nice post, which makes you want to visit on board 🙂

  • That sounds awesome! I would love to spend a night or two. Totally thrilling. So historically ... I like that <3
    best regards

  • Interesting, I know the successor Queen Mary 2, which still goes over the seas and makes sometimes stop in Trondheim, where I'm a guide for the cruise tourists. Really impressive the ships, I was allowed to visit them then, really pure luxury and the tourists who go with it often correspond to the stereotypes ;-).
    The aquarium sounds but also extremely exciting, because my husband as an old aquarist can always bring hours.

    Lg from Norway

    • It was both worth seeing, of course, my grandson liked the aquarium better. He has a lot of fun with the many animals.
      best regards

  • A ship as a hotel is a great thing. Years ago I took a vacation on a small, was something completely different from the sleep feeling. It is not comparable to this one but I think I have to repeat the experience again just now that I've read this article from you.

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I would also like to spend a night in this hotel! Wow! This is really something special and the story behind it is something special. Thank you for this idea!

    best regards

    • On the next visit, I would like to spend a night there. The idea of ​​lying in the bed in which a well-known personality from that time has already lain is ... especially.
      best regards

  • That sounds like an exciting hotel, I would like to spend the night there.
    An aquarium is usually more exciting for kids.

    LG Jasmine

  • My dad is a huge fan of the current Queen Mary. Unfortunately, he does not want to travel to America, otherwise he would be able to look at the old ship there once ... he would certainly like it!

  • I'm a big fan of these traveling cities, someday I want to dive to Titanic?

  • Wow unbelievable how big this ship is. I think you can not imagine that, even if you were not there. I think it's really great that they have been so well received over the years so that you can visit it 🙂


  • Sounds like a wonderful trip ... Big ship, a lot of history and especially the sea?
    All the best,

  • A bit Titanic - ah, that would be so great! Very to dream! ? Must be a very moving feeling, these impressions. the theme evenings I imagine legendary. Who knows, maybe a day will come when I can see this ..

    Thanks best regards, Juliet

    • It's really moving to feel the atmosphere of yesteryear. I definitely want to spend a night there.
      best regards

  • Very cool, I did not know that the ship still exists and is still accessible as a hotel. Already very exciting, although I'm not a fan of cruise ships at all. But just because of the similarity to Titanic somehow exciting. Should I be in the area, I will definitely make a detour 🙂
    best regards

  • Hello Sigrid,
    what a great contribution. I've never been allowed to enter such a big ship, but I really want to do that. Find it great that you can visit it 🙂

    Love Linni

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