Golden State official nickname of California!


Golden State and the nicknames of American states!

Not just Golden State California but every state in the United States has a nickname and matching state symbols such as flowers or animals. For some it is quite obvious why the state has this additional name, for others it is not immediately comprehensible.

Florida is the dream destination for travelers from all over the world, for example, the Sunshine State. This is obvious as there is nice, sunny weather all year round.

Arkansas owns many national parks and also the first state-protected river of the US the Buffalo National River. Due to the wonderful nature with beautiful lakes and animals he is also called Natural State.

But why is California called the Golden State?

Golden State became the official nickname of the state of California in 1968, as gold has always played a major role in the history of the state.

In 1848, the first gold pieces were discovered near the Sacramento in California and sparked in 1849 from the known gold rush. From everywhere came people in search of the precious mineral. So California got the international reputation as the Golden State almost overnight. Incidentally, the mineral gold is also considered the official mineral of the state of California.

In addition to gold, blue is one of the two national colors of California, it is representative of the sky and the sea. Official documents and documents are of ribbons in the two national colors.

California Poppy (California Poppy)!

The California poppy is resistant to drought, heavy frost and dryness. It has adapted to the Californian climate and also survives long dry periods very well. The plant provides magnificent flower fields in spring and summer and was therefore appointed 1903 State Flower of California. Its golden calyx is a symbol of the Golden State and is considered a protected plant.

Every year on April 6, California celebrates California Poppy Day. There is also a Poppy Week and even a California Poppy Festival.

Golden sunsets over the Pacific!

There is nothing more beautiful on California's coast than the breathtaking spectacle as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. The golden sunsets there are among the most popular photo opportunities for amateur photographers and lovers of this natural spectacle. This impressive spectacle, when the sun disappears on the horizon with an impressive play of gold, orange and red on the horizon, or sinking into the sea, is also a symbol of the Golden State.

The Golden Gate Bridge!

The Golden Gate Bridge is another reason why California is called Golden State. This red six-lane 1280 meter San Francisco landmark was built in the 1930s. It runs across the Golden Gate Strait and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caliphs for tourists from all over the world.


  • Thanks for the valuable article, was already in California, but so far did not know exactly how the nickname Golden State comes about. Interesting to know for me is that each state has its own nickname.

    • I did not know that before either, I must admit. Some yes, but that all have one, I also learned first.

  • California Poppy and great sunsets, my home is also a golden home. Fun aside, thanks for the info.
    All the best

  • Hello Sigrid,
    that sounds really exciting. Thanks for this informative contribution! I really did not know why California is called Golden State!

    Wish you a wonderful day!

    Love Linni

    • Thank you Linni, Golden State is pretty obvious, but for some it's not so easy to understand.
      best regards

  • Interesting, I did not know that yet. Thanks for the nice impressions, California is still on my travel wish list.

    best regards

  • I did not even know that every state in the US has a nickname. Spontaneously I would probably only, after much consideration, Golden State invaded 😀 Thank you for the explanation of how it comes to this name 🙂

    • Every state has its nickname, but sometimes you can not understand where the name comes from.
      best regards

  • I was in Los Angeles first. San Francisco is on my travel list and at some point I'll take a look at the Golden Gate Bridge. The information in your post I find very interesting. I did not know anything yet.

    • This year we will make a stop in San Francisco and of course the Golden Gate Bridge.
      best regards

  • California or Florida would have been almost our goal for 2019. We changed our mind and made 7 days vacation in New York and then 10 days DomRep. But Florida is definitely one of our dream destinations.

  • Hello, what a great contribution. I'm aiming for California soon. Best regards, Claudia

  • Dear Sigrid,

    Golden State really is the perfect surname for California. Once there, you can only confirm that.
    The poppies are beautiful! The info was absolutely new to me 🙂

    Many greetings,


    • Everywhere in California you will find these bright poppies in yellow and orange. Thanks for your comment.
      best regards

  • Yes, at Golden State I first thought about the gold diggers. Because since the 18th century it was the Eldorado for gold diggers. On the sandbanks of the state, the first immigrants found gold. After that, hell was going on. Many came, few found the glittering yellow. Your interpretation is wonderful for modern times.

  • Oh the pictures are so wonderful. Especially the sunset looks just fantastic. You might like to get on the next plane right away.

    Many greetings, Milli
    ( )

    • The sunsets in California are always a special experience, no matter how many times you have seen them.
      best regards

  • Thanks for the informative contribution! Actually, I did not know that yet, although the term Golden State is used so naturally. Now I know the backgrounds. Thank you!

    Many greetings,

  • Very interesting, thanks for the info. Is again a good, readable article from you. At Golden State, I always thought of gold diggers and treasures for the first time. 🙂

    Best regards,

  • Thanks for the interesting contribution. I also did not know why Golden State's name was that.
    best regards
    Anja from

  • Dear Sigrid!

    America has long been a dream destination of mine and next year we will start this journey as a family. California is at the top of our list.

    Bye for now


  • California is also one of the travel destinations that I would like to see. And when I'm there, I can now shine with insider knowledge 😉
    Thanks for the great report and the nice pictures.
    All the best Marie

    • We love California very much and would love to move on. Who knows maybe someday.
      best regards

  • California is really great, we have been there a few times and will certainly go there one day or the other 🙂

    Greetings from Bringdienst Magdeburg

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