There are no watches in casinos in Las Vegas!


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As a passionate poker player you would of course like to play in Las Vegas the Mecca of the gamers, of course, we are no different. So, when we visit our family in California, we usually treat ourselves to Las Vegas for a few days to play poker. It's different than playing in the Czech Republic, which we usually enjoy doing often.

I have to admit, I never thought to look for a watch. However, after someone recently told me there are no casinos in Las Vegas, I realized that I have never seen one and never missed it. So I've investigated and it's true, there are actually no clocks in casinos.

Las Vegas is home to the largest, most ornate, lavish, craziest but also most intriguing casinos in the world. But it is true, in all these casinos there are no clocks and there are no windows.

Time stands still without a clock, without windows the time of day moves by and is not noticed. So one is taken the sense of time, trying to keep the players as long as possible in the casinos.

You should not think about what time it is while playing and you should not know if it is dark or bright outside, so you set no time limit.

A casino is a business like any other and of course wants to make money. In some casinos in Las Vegas, it is said that oxygen is added to the breath, so you do not get tired and can therefore play longer.

If you sit at the poker table and see what time it is, you think so late, for another hour and then off to bed. But if there is no clock and the game is cast in its spell, you lose your sense of time.

You dive into the atmosphere of the casino, the flashing lights and sounds to stay animate. In addition to all sorts of free drinks, you just feel so good.

That's exactly what it's intended to do, which is why there are no watches in casinos in Las Vegas. In the Czech Republic, I just look at my cell phone lying on the table in front of me.

Mobile phones are prohibited at the poker table in Las Vegas. Strangely enough, one does not even think about looking at the clock.

It does not matter, the main thing I win, with or without a clock, in the Czech Republic or in Las Vegas.

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