Cold Stone Ice Ice from the cold stone!


Cold Stone Ice Creamery always worth a visit!

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Cold Stone Ice Ice cream from cold stone is still fairly new in Germany, but in the US, the cold, frozen marble top is made on the basis of the customer's favorite ice cream creations.
We also like to visit Cold Stone Ice Creamery when visiting California. This is not far from our family home on the corner of Moorpark Road and Hillcrest Drive in Thousand Oaks. There is a small but very nice outdoor shopping center, the Janss Marketplace with a variety of shops and restaurants. There is also a small playground and water features, where the children like to frolic.
The most important business is the Toys R Us for my little grandson, he is now 2 1/2 years old and loves Disney Cars above all else. He prefers the Lightning McQueen, which he already owns several times and can never have enough of it.
After buying the car we go ice cream, Cold Stone Ice ice cream from the cold stone. The Cold Stone Ice Creamery is just across the street from the toy store.

The little one loves to see his Cold Stone Ice made of cold stone.

There are many types of ice cream that you can choose from the display case. One finds the well-known varieties, such as strawberry, chocolate, etc., but also special variations such as peanut butter, cotton candy and cheesecake. There are a variety of ingredients to choose from. Including various fruits, smarties, cereals, chocolate pieces, nuts and many more.

Our grandson chose vanilla and chocolate mixed with chocolate sauce and smarties.

A large portion of ice comes on the cold marble stone which is located next to the ice cream cabinet. With two ice spatula now the whole is processed. It is pressed onto the cold stone, the smarties are added and chopped and mixed. Then doused with the chocolate sauce, further mixed then comes in a waffle or a cup. It is really fascinating to watch the creation of the desired ice cream.

There are great delicious ice cream creations in the Cold Stone Ice Creamery
Tobe offered. We've tried a lot of them and they all taste great.
There is also funnel cake that I do at home now and then. I love Strawberry, Klaus the caramel funnel cake. Of course, both have a large portion of ice!

The ice from the cold stone makes eating ice cream an experience

When we visit Thousand Oaks we visit the Cold Stone Creamery. The service is great, the staff very nice and the ice cream tastes delicious. Although there are only a few seats inside, there are plenty of seats outside
available. Children can play unhindered as it is pedestrian area. The large parking lot is located in the immediate vicinity


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