Traffic jam on the way to Santa Barbara!

For us, congestion in California is nothing new and we got used to it during our stays. We now take it easy to stand in line and wait. On the way to Montecito and Carpinteria, it was particularly bad this time and we were stuck in traffic for hours. Of course, we did not know it was the weekend before Memorial Day, so many families took advantage of this long weekend outing.

Memorial Day was named a holiday in 1882 to honor the dead soldiers. After the First World War, this day was extended to commemorate those who ever died in American wars.

Originally the date of Memorial Day was 30 May each year. In 1971, this day was declared a national holiday and has since been celebrated on the last Monday in May, this year on May 28th.

It is on this day to visit tradition cemeteries and memorial sites and to decorate with flowers and small flags. The US flag will also be hoisted at half-mast until midday to commemorate those who lost their lives fighting for their land.

On this long weekend, for example, barbecue evenings are organized and camping trips are made. There are parades and many concerts, such as the summer concert in the park of Thousand Oaks, which we visited and which was under the theme Queen. This event has attracted many people who, just like us, wanted to enjoy the music outdoors this evening.

On the battlefields devastated by the war, the red poppy was one of the first plants to grow. Its seeds scattered in the wind and sprouted in the earth, which was destroyed by the terrible fighting.

On Memorial Day, wearing red poppies in honor of the American war dead is a tradition. This flower is a symbol of the loss of life, recovery and new life.

Many people confuse Memorial Day with Veterans Day!

, ist der Veteranentag der Tag, an dem alle die im Krieg oder im Frieden gedient haben geehrt werden, egal ob sie gestorben sind oder überlebt haben. Even if you remember the deceased on both holidays, Veteran's Day is the day everyone who served in war or peace, whether they died or survived.

By the way, unlike Memorial Day, Veterans Day is always celebrated on November 11, regardless of the day of the week it falls.

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  • Wow that's totally interesting - such holidays are felt everywhere much more celebrated than ours in Austria!
    I was once on Memorial Day in Australia, because it's also gone right (including mega traffic jam) 😉

    All the best, Katii - addicted to ...

  • Oh, thank you for explaining that. I've already thought that it has to do with the war makers, but now I know exactly.
    Best regards Claudia

  • Oh, thanks for all the explanations. Now you know more about the day. Exciting contribution!

  • I still did not know the day in America! Thanks for the impressions. 🙂

    best regards

  • a very informative post my love! I already knew some things from the media about the Memorial Day, but that with the red poppy has been completely new to me - a nice anecdote 🙂

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

    • My daughter-in-law had enough time in the traffic jam to tell me all this. I had no idea of ​​that day before.
      best regards

  • I am always very happy about your informative contributions, because I can still learn something 🙂
    I already knew some things from the internet, but I did not know much yet.

    Best regards,

  • Hach how nice it is always to read on your blog. I did not know that the day is always changing and not fixed like for example Veterans Day. We went to Labor Day times in Key West ... traffic jam included 😀
    best regards
    Nadine from

  • Dear Sigrid,

    If I only see this six-lane highway, I will be completely different. What is the situation in America with the emergency lane?
    But I think it's great that the favor is thought this way.
    A nice contribution.

    Best regards,

  • Thank you for the clarification. I have heard of it several times but did not know what it is for a holiday.

    LG Jasmine

  • Thank you for the explanation for this holiday. I've actually heard the term many times, but I did not know exactly why this day is celebrated.

    Dearest greetings,

    • I did not know it before, only when we were stuck in the traffic jam we were told that was enough time.
      best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    since you have challenged my school knowledge again ... I've already learned everything before ... and forgotten again ;-). Thanks for the interesting contribution!

    best regards

  • Hello Siegrid,

    a very interesting contribution, my school knowledge also something refreshed 😉
    The photos are great and hang immediately.

    LG Anna

  • Interesting, I did not know that there is a difference. I've heard about Memorial Day many times, but I never really knew what to do with it.

    Thanks for your clarification.

    All the best,

  • Great contribution! I myself have not really dealt with the holidays in the US and would have confused the two days!
    The pictures are also really great! So colorful!

    Many greetings

  • An interesting contribution. For me, traffic jams and such crowds are a horror, so this Memorial Day would definitely not be for me.
    best regards
    Anja from

    • We have become accustomed to it since we are there for several weeks every year.
      best regards

  • Hello dear Sigrid! I always found Memorial Day a bit ambiguous. On the one hand, the United States sends tons of people to war, and is proud of it, but the more fortunes there are. I met children who lost their parents or a parent and could not understand it. That came to mind for your contribution. VG, sir

    • Hello Sirit!
      I think like you, Americans are inordinate in everything they do. I saw people in the middle of Los Angeles building their tent on the Walk of Fame or sleeping in the middle of the dirt.
      As bad as this year I have never felt that, but I think after several visits there you can see more closely.
      best regards

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