Yearning for California | what i will miss!


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Already high above the clouds back home our hearts are heavy and it overcomes us the yearning for our family, which we had to leave behind. But also the longing for California this country, with its endless highways, impressive cities and breathtaking landscapes. This land, which has become our second home in the meantime and in which we have experienced so much beautiful and hopefully will experience it.

There is so much we will miss until we finally get back on the plane.

Even if it is sometimes too hot for me and I moan about the weather, I miss the beautiful weather and the blue sky. It's just wonderful in the summer not to have to look out the window or on the thermometer to decide what to wear.

Of course I especially miss the cozy evenings on the terrace with the family. Sometimes we invite friends and organize a BBQ, where there is always a lot to talk about and laugh about.

My grandson always makes sure that we buy enough skewers, Graham Craker marshmallows and chocolate for his smores . For him, there's nothing better than sticking marshmallows on a long wooden skewer after grilling and holding over the embers.

We love the Pacific Coast Highway with its breathtaking, very varied landscape and the shimmering in all shades of blue Pacific along. Our holiday home is located almost directly on this road, making it the ideal starting point for a trip to many places we have seen many times and to discover those that we do not know yet.

According to country music, that's a California Dream feeling for us!

We can not wait to get back on this road!

The metropolis of Los Angeles, where we live, is surrounded by beautiful beaches and some of them are known around the world through film and television.

Who does not know the Venice Beach, where Schwarzenegger trained, the Zuma Beach in Malibu Baywach. or Marina del Rey from Californication.

But we prefer mostly beaches, which also like to visit the locals to be away from the hustle and bustle.

I miss the sound of the waves on El Matador State Beach , the walks on the sprawling Mandalay State Beach, and the romp with my grandson Noah on Carpinteria State Beach.

It is always nice and relaxing to have a romantic sunset on the coast. This impressive spectacle, when the sun disappears on the horizon with a play of yellow, orange and red colors or sinks into the sea, attracts many visitors and photographers. The sunsets at the Santa Monica Pier or the Griffith Observatory include   to the most popular photo opportunities in California.

Also for us this sight is always a nice experience and we will miss it every day until we come back.

We love shopping in the air-conditioned, bright and spacious shopping malls in which there is no crowds and no hustle and bustle. The Westfield Topanga Mall at Canoga Park is our preferred shopping destination as we live only 20 minutes away.

It is located in the San Fernando Valley just 30 minutes from LA and has 260 shops. Cartier, aber natürlich auch viele Geschäfte für den kleineren Geldbeutel. There are all major brands including Tiffany, Louis Vuitton and Cartier, but of course many shops for the smaller purse.

Our grandson loves to do some laps there with the big carousel and to sit on a horse or elephant and of course Grandma drives along.

I miss the fun with Noah but also the food court that exists there. Several fast food chains such as Panda Express , Starbucks Coffee or Subway invite you to take a little break.

In the Los Angeles area, Starbucks stores can be found on every corner and in almost every mall. The range is the same in all stores, so you can be sure to get the same taste and almost everywhere it is well-attended and slightly hectic. It also looks very comfortable in all with comfortable sofas and dark wooden tables.

Whether in the Universal Studios Hollywood, on Hollywood Boulevard or on a visit to the Calabasas Commons, we visit Starbucks everywhere.

I miss my Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha, Frozen Caramel Frappuccino or Strawberry Smoothie.

Of course, Germany also has amusement parks and of course there is Disneyland in Paris, but that's no comparison to Disneyland Anaheim or Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Of course, when we visit our family in Los Angeles, we occasionally visit Disneyland, but especially our grandson loves Universal Studios Hollywood. This we visit during our stays several times a year but do not pay daily admission but buy us an Annual Pass which is valid for 12 months.

This gives us the opportunity to see everything in peace, without stress and as often as we want. This is of course now, where my little grandson is old enough to experience much there, already beneficial.

We can not wait to get back in the Tram Ride with him, get rocked in the Transformers Ride or visit Harry Potter's World.

We love country songs!

When we travel by car in California, we always have the radio on because playing music makes it even more fun.

We never thought that country music was so popular in California, for us it was Texas or Tennessee, but not California. By now we know that the people of California love country music very much and we also like it very much.

Almost all of these country songs are about the relaxed lifestyle in California. It is about the beauty of the state, lost love or longing for the homeland.

When Americans get stuck in a traffic jam, which is almost normal in Los Angeles, they sing their country songs out loud. If this happens to us and our daughter-in-law starts to play songs, like for example with Sam Hunt or Keith Urban, we like to join in.

During our holidays in California, we love to drive through beautiful nature and enjoy the beautiful views. One of our favorite trails runs through the Los Padres National Forest to Ojai.

Ojai is a lovely place with small-town flair far away from the city noise and the freeways. We love this charming, sleepy and beautiful town surrounded by a fantastic landscape with citrus groves and mountains.

There are more locals on the streets than tourists, and you get the feeling that things are running a bit slower there. Especially in spring, the fragrance of fresh mandarins is the Ojai Pixies in the air, which are grown in the hills.

When we are in California we are always trying to find goals that will suit everyone, the little ones and us adults. One of them is the Commons Calabasas, a beautifully landscaped, well maintained outdoor mall.

There is no rush and no hustle and bustle all are leisurely as a walk. If you are lucky, you also see celebrities like the Kardashians or Justin Bieber, they live almost around the corner. Strangely, you do not see any paparazzi hanging around, even though it's a posh shopping mall. The only thing that is noticeable is that you can not take photos in the shops, you will be politely pointed out.

There is something for everyone to see and discover, very comfortable outdoors and it is also ideal for children.

Our yearning for California also includes the sumptuous American breakfast as you get it at Dennys , for example. You can from many offered dishes such as bacon strips, eggs, pancakes, sausage his breakfast together. Just choose four things that you would like to have.

We love to have breakfast there, and already while writing I get a huge appetite for hash browns (a type of potato cake), crunchy bacon strips, sausage, scrambled eggs and toasted toast or a double cheeseburger with chips. Unfortunately, we have to wait a few months until we come back into this enjoyment.

I miss the luxury of buying products that I feel like doing all year round. In California, I visit a farmer's market where farmers offer a variety of fresh produce from the area. The offer is huge and I get, for example, blueberries, raspberries or strawberries whenever I want.

In Germany, these are difficult to find in the low season, do not taste and are very expensive.

I'll miss it if, in the middle of the night, I have an appetite for ice cream or chocolate, just drive to a store to buy it. Most supermarkets are open until 11pm, some like Ralph's until 1am and others even around the clock.

I was shopping for an animal style menu at In and Out Burger in Hollywood, across the street in a huge shoe store after midnight and I was not the only one, the store was full!

Here in Germany, this is not possible, all shops close at 20 clock.

Longing for California means, above all, a longing for our family, but also for a lot that has become self-evident for us by now.

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