What do Americans eat for breakfast?


What you eat for breakfast is different in America, just as it is for us and different from family to family. But it is usually lush and rich as a main meal, as lunch in the US plays a minor role.

For many, the day begins with a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs with fried, crispy slices of bacon or ham fried eggs. Usually the eggs in the US are fried on both sides then it is called over easy, fried on one side as we call them sunny side up. As a side dish taste rolls, toast, different types of bread or hashed brown potatoes, a kind of potato cake.

In addition one drinks orange juice, milk, hot chocolate, coffee or also tea.

Others prefer a sweet breakfast with croissants, jam, butter and cereal with fresh fruit. Cinnamo rolls, waffles with cream and classic cornflakes with milk are also very popular.

Sweet and tasty pancakes with maple syrup!

On weekends, the American breakfast is usually complemented by pancakes in different variations.

American pancakes have a smaller diameter than our pancakes in Germany and are a bit thicker for that. The thick basic dough consists of eggs, milk, flour and baking powder, which makes them fluffy and juicy. This can be changed with buttermilk or yoghurt.

The classic variant are pancakes with maple syrup and powdered sugar. But also with cinnamon, sugar and cream they taste very delicious. For those with a sweet tooth, add nuts, apples, chocolate chips, blueberries, strawberries, bananas or honey.

If you like it heartily, you can eat its pancakes with cheese, ham, salmon, salami. Even vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes and zucchini are very tasty.

In addition to milk-flour dough pancakes, buttermilk pancakes are also available. They taste slightly sour. In any case, the dough must be very viscous.

In the US, there are large bag ready-made pancake mixes, which are also suitable for waffles. Just add the right amount of water, mix well and fry in the pan until golden brown. For that, the best butter is best, so that the pancakes get a nice, crispy edge.

What do Americans eat for breakfast?

A question that can not be answered so easily, because there is a varied offer for every taste.


  • Yes I have to admit I'm missing. Breakfast at Dennys in Fort Lauderdale.
    Tasty moons over my hammy. Hashbrowns with toast and scrumbled egg and extra cheese and a Florida orange juice.

    Great blog.
    We were the last years over there every year (Chicago and Florida). I miss it right.

  • I want to try all the world breakfast)) there is something delicious everywhere. Looks like the same, but other preparation 🙂

  • This all looks very delicious, but for breakfast I could not eat it. For lunch or dinner yes.
    LG Tanya (Travelday)

  • I spent a school year in Hudson, Michigan as a high school exchange student and it was one of the best times of my life!
    I also had pancakes and scrambled eggs! 😉
    I'll look at your blog a bit in the near future, the theme looks really interesting!
    Best regards,
    Claudia (www.claudias-welt.com)

  • These are great ideas,

    I really like pancakes. But with baking soda and baked in butter I have never tasted. I'll try it. That sounds very delicious. thanks for the tip

    Best regards

  • So with us there are always weekend pancakes homemade by my friend.

    LG Danie from http://www.daaaniieee.at

  • I prefer pancakes for lunch, but I'll try it out for sure.
    VG July

  • Aushilfsjedi

    Pancakes finished off the bag? YAY, peoples connection: simple dishes can never. Is like pancakes from the bottle. Maybe I should start posting recipes on https://aushilfsjedi.wordpress.com . "First step: quite simply to hot water" 😀

  • I was in Miami and LA every few weeks as a flight attendant ... I loved breakfast. There were also great fresh fruits everywhere ... I'm missing somehow ...

    Thanks for your great blog post - I just felt like I was back!

    Greetings and have a nice evening!

  • I would probably too sweet. For me, stay with porridge or eggs 🙂

  • Having lived in the US for one year, I can say with conviction that almost every American eats it
    What I also tasted delicious was Oatmeal! 🙂 I still eat today!

    Have a nice day,

    Jessica from http://www.jefame.com <3

  • We eat sweet or hearty for breakfast and would not starve in America. With us, breakfast is also the most important meal of the day. Especially on the weekend.
    Thank you for your great insight into the American breakfast. I think your contribution is very interesting.
    best regards

  • I must confess, I could easily be American in my breakfast habits. The breakfast is usually rather lush with me. I can not understand the people who do not get it down in the morning. I can always eat.
    LG cat

  • Aaaah I'm such a big fan of pancakes for breakfast !! I created my own "healthy" pancake recipe months ago and am so happy with it. You can enjoy it without feeling guilty! They taste just like normal (or American pancakes) and do not contain flour! So right low-carb pancakes 🙂 The Nutella that comes along ensures that the whole thing is not healthy anymore, but I still think it's super-good!

    All the best,
    Laura from http://www.lauratopa.com 🙂

  • Oh yummi - things look great! Now I get ready to make a portion of pancakes, hehe. That's what happens when you read such posts with a hungry belly, hehe 😉

    Lovely wishes,


  • I really want to eat the food, not much different from my hometown cuisine
    Do Visit: Indonesian food

  • Pancakes with blueberries are just the best with me! 😉
    Luckily, I just ate and now I'm not hungry.

    Best regards,

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I'm more of the hearty guy 😉 ... that's where the American breakfast comes in handy. Just perfect for me!

    Greetings and good night!

  • You can tell me about health and nutrition as you like ... The breakfast of the Americans is just delicious 🙂
    Pancakes will be made soon 🙂
    Best regards, Benedict.

  • Hello Sigrid,
    like a review of my, unfortunately meanwhile already very long ago lying, America trip, thank you very much. Truly interesting to see the different breakfast cultures of each country. On my trip to America at that time I crossed many individual federal states and also here it was very interesting to see how different the offer of breakfast can be. Everything was delicious, but I still looking forward to our German breakfast after several weeks, especially on our bread: -D. Thanks for the report. Regards Ilona

  • The pancakes are really great, but otherwise I prefer the British breakfast 😉

  • Dear Sigrid

    I do not like the American breakfast like that, I'm more of the bread guy in the morning! ; oD

    But my son could easily have breakfast or eat pancaks!

    Thank you for the great report!

    Have a nice weekend!


  • Our daughter loves pancakes in all variations. Mmmmh ...

  • Hello dear Sigrid, I'm a huge fan of America, we were only there this summer. My wanderlust has been bigger since then. Find your posts really great. I'll definitely drop by more often. thanks for the american feeling 🙂

    LG from Vienna,

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