A piece of cake and other phrases in the USA


Many of the phrases I have come to know during my stays in the US so far are very funny and you usually misunderstand them because the translation means something quite different. This can be quite funny and embarrassing as in my case.

You do not believe how many there are, here I introduce you to some of them!

That's a piece of cake ...... .. that's a breeze!

For example, I often go shopping with my daughter-in-law and my little grandson. When we got stuck in a traffic jam again, I told her that I really admire how calmly she deals with the long wait and the traffic.

'sa piece of cake , kam mit einem Abwinken. That 's a piece of cake , came with a nod. I thought, what should I do with a piece of cake, maybe she did not understand me, I do not speak English very well. Of course I asked and she told me that would be a phrase. For example, with a piece of cake, that's a breeze, but I'll do it with links.

Not my cup of tea .......... not what I wanted

Another time we were in a children's clothing store. My daughter-in-law had a good idea of ​​what she wanted, but the saleswoman brought it and brought it. Thank you, that's not my cup of tea . One would think that means thank you, but that's not my cup of tea. No it does not, of course, but thank you, that's not what I wanted, or imagined.

That takes the cake ... ..this is the height!

Once we invited friends to dinner in a Los Angeles restaurant. The food was great and we wanted to order more. The service had but after repeated calls no desire to come to our table. That takes the cake she does not get a tip, came from my son. Again something with cake that has nothing to do with it, but is an expression of indignation.

Hold your horses keep your shirt on count your titties ... always with the peace!

This phrase was really a challenge for me. We stood in front of the Highroller in Las Vegas and I was really excited. I am really afraid of heights and have thought back and forth, whether I should get started or not. A man next to me says, "Hold your horses keep your shirt on count your titties." I was really angry, why should I stop my horses, start my shirt and count my breasts. I wanted to speak already, but my son explained to me in time, it just means always with calm. I would have caused a stir if I had complained ... laugh.

Most Americans just say hold your horses.

Let your hair down - have fun!

By the way, came from the nice American later, "let your hair down," but I knew thank God already. It does not mean I should lower my hair like Rapunzel, but I should amuse myself.

That was phrases in the US part 1, but it will soon follow part 2.

It could also be more, because I am always learning new ones.


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