Los Angeles Zoo fantastic place for young and old!


When we vacation with our family in California, we like to travel to the Los Angeles Zoo with our little grandson.

With its approximately 1400 animals and 270 species, the Los Angeles Zoo is for every pet lover whether big or small worth seeing and interesting. The majority of the animal enclosures are outdoors but of course there are also animal houses with indoor enclosures. There, the animals find shelter if it is too hot or raining, which is rarely the case in Los Angeles.

There are also some zoo residents who are threatened with extinction, but zoo breeding programs have helped increase the number of these animals.

Not only the animals, but also the lush vegetation of the zoo with 800 different plant species is worth seeing. The winding paths of the zoo are lined with palm trees, ferns and flowering plants, you have the feeling of wandering through the jungle.

Noah, our grandson knows the zoo very well, because he has a season ticket and often visits the animals with his parents. He knows exactly where his favorite animals are to be found , I introduce you to his favorites here.

The petting zoo, first stop!

The first way leads us to the petting zoo with the goats and sheep, because they want to be stroked and groped.

Why are flamingos pink or standing on one leg?

Flamingos, with their bright feathers, stilt-like legs and their S-shaped neck, are probably the most well-known waterfowl. There are 5 different species of flamingos, which can be found, for example, in South, Central and North America but also in Europe.

Noah knows everything about them, for example, why they are pink or stand on one leg, because they are one of his favorite animals.

Because they eat a lot of shrimp, they are pink and they do not freeze on one leg as if they are standing in the cold water with both of them. He explained that to us in his words during our last visit.

Visit to the chimpanzees for feeding!

A visit to the chimpanzees, who live there in a lifelike environment with waterfalls, palm trees and rocks, is a must.

We usually try to be there at feeding time to watch them catch the food the zookeepers throw at them.

Massaigiraffen in the Los Angeles Zoo!

Striking is the extremely long bluish tongue of the Masai giraffes, which can be up to half a meter long. The giraffe can reach a size of 6 meters and weigh up to 900 kilograms. She eats every day about 50 kilograms of leaves, fresh branches preferably from treetops and it takes up to 18 hours.

This giraffe species has not been seen in any German zoo for about 10 years.

The giant otters are having fun!

The giant otter is up to two meters long, of which the tail measures about 70 cm. Weighing more than 20 kilograms, it is the largest freshwater otter in the world. He is active in the day unlike other species of otters, which we were able to convince ourselves to observe to the delight of our grandson.

The Sumatran Tiger invariably comes to the Indonesian island of Sumatra, is the smallest surviving subspecies of the tiger and is considered endangered. The Los Angeles Zoo gives you the chance to observe these majestic animals in their habitat. We had to wait for some time to see one, because it was very hot, the tigers wanted a shady spot.

Elephants in the Los Angeles Zoo!

Elephants of Asia, covering 6.4 hectares, is the largest exhibition site in the Los Angeles Zoo and is home to Asian elephants. Gelände mit Hügeln, Tälern, Pool, Wasserfällen und Wäldern wird versucht den Elefanten einen artgemäßen Lebensraum zu bieten, damit sie sich wohlfühlen. In this natural and varied terrain with hills, valleys, pool, waterfalls and forests is trying to offer the elephant a species-appropriate habitat, so they feel good.

The Los Angeles Zoo is very committed to this animal species endangered by hunting and poaching!

These were favorite animals of our grandson, which he absolutely wanted to see on every visit and which he finds particularly exciting. Of course, there are many other species that do not attract his attention.

Who knows, maybe he will have new favorites on his next visit to the Los Angeles Zoo. Then other animals such as hippos, turtles, birds or leopards are interesting for him.

Granted, I was skeptical before our first visit to the Los Angeles Zoo because he's in the middle of Los Angeles. At that time I thought he was quite small and the animals are kept in small enclosures. ber ich wurde angenehm überrascht, der Zoo ist riesig und die Tiere leben in naturnaher Umgebung in großen Gehegen. I was pleasantly surprised, the zoo is huge and the animals live in natural surroundings in large enclosures.

It is always fun to spend a few hours there!


  • Dear Sigrid,
    that's nice impressions. Great that the zoo also contributes to the protection of species - that should do all the zoos, then you would have more sense. Nice, if such facilities are so involved and the enclosures look quite good too
    best regards
    Ines and Thomas

  • On my last home leave I was with my mother in the Nuremberg Zoo. But that seems a bit different in Los Angeles. The pictures make me really feel like going there too.

  • Hello Sigrid,

    I'm also always skeptical about the zoos. That's why I hate going. The Frankfurt Zoo is also in the middle of the city and I think that most of the animals there are really not kept appropriate to species.

    But I like your photos very well. Only the enclosure of the elephants seems small, but that may also come through the angle of the shot.

    Greetings to the USA

  • Actually, I'm not that zoo fan. Not now, because I think zoos are basically evil, I think there's been a lot happening in the last few decades. It just does not interest me that way.
    The zoo looks pretty cool 🙂

  • Wow wow it looks great and so expansive. We were in California last year, unfortunately we did not have the zoo on the screen at all. Next time :))

    Many greetings

  • Personally, I'm not really a zoo fan, but I always like it for kids. Especially if they are allowed to curry the goats and so can gain great experience.
    Especially in this day and age where many city children rarely see animals.

    Best regards, Katja

  • Dear Sigrid,
    Since our kids are out of the zoo age, we did not visit the zoo in Los Angeles on our trip. We also went to some zoos with our son. Our daughter never moved there. It's also nice to read that the animals have plenty of room in the Los Angeles Zoo.

    Best regards, Selda

  • Dear Sigrid,
    Your family lives in the USA? I think it's great that you can visit her regularly and spend time with your grandson. For my parents it is already infinitely far away, because I moved away 100 kilometers ...
    Many greetings from Sanne

    • For me it is already infinite, but what should you do. The worst thing is always going to have that breaks your heart.
      best regards

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