Why is Los Angeles called City of the Angels?


Birthplace of the city of Los Angeles

Why is Los Angeles called City of the Angels?

After many visits to this metropolis, we finally wanted to visit the place of origin of Los Angeles. The place where eleven families from Mexican states founded a small town in September 1781 and gave it a name. It was called El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles , which is Spanish and means the city of the Queen of Angels. The place grew fast, many landowners visited him and built their houses there.

Origin of Los Angeles, El Pueblo de los Ángeles!

The birthplace of Los Angeles's El Pueblo de los Ángeles is located in downtown Los Angeles. The historic district of Mexican culture and traditions has been named Olvera Street since 1877. This street offers a really interesting contrast amid the skyscrapers of Los Angeles.

One of Los Angeles' most popular tourist destinations, Olvera Street is one of America's top five most popular streets.

It is a place with Mexican culture, a landmark of the city that has retained its charm. Many visitors from all over the world stroll through the small Mexican market with its many souvenir stands.

It feels like being on a trip to Mexico in this part of the city.

They marvel at the great sombrero, handmade dolls and other Mexican folk art with Mexican music. There are also numerous Mexican bars and restaurants offering local delicacies.

There is a large square where Mexican showmen and musicians perform for free. There it makes some visitors enjoy swinging their legs for a moment.

Even the most historic monuments of Los Angeles are there such as the Avila house.

The Avila Adobe is open to the public as a museum and has been designed with great attention to detail, in the style that was customary in 1840. Admission is free and you get a guide and detailed explanation of each room of the house from volunteers. We had a very nice student who took a lot of time for us and allowed us to take photos for this report. At the end of the visit, you can leave a small donation to keep the house, which of course we love to do.

In short, if you want to get to know the origins of Los Angeles and want to know why Los Angeles is called the City of Angels, Olvera Street should not miss the heart of this city.

Our visit there was an absolute highlight!


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