Visit the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles!


2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

Of course, we had already thoroughly informed before our visit to California, where you can watch the most beautiful sunset over Los Angeles. There were a lot of interesting reports and great pictures and again and again the name Griffith Observatory appeared. We had heard of it but not in connection with sunsets. We knew it as a location for, among other things, the James Dean movie, because they do not know what they are doing .

Where is the Griffith Observatory exactly in Los Angeles?

Many photos show a building high on a hill in the Santa Monica Mountains in Griffith Park, Los Angeles's largest park. There was one of the most spectacular sunsets to see and that's where we wanted to experience him.

Visit the Griffith Park and the Observatory!

Of course, we were not the only ones who had this idea, we noticed that already when we arrived. The free parking was full but we were lucky and found a parking space on the roadside, from which it was not so far to walk. We are mostly out with our little grandson and for his little legs, a long way uphill would have been very exhausting.

Already on our short way up we had an impressive view of the famous skyline of Los Angeles.

Then, at the top, we had a magnificent view of the never-ending LA to the coast. It was so beautiful, you felt like you were somewhere between heaven and earth. Also the famous Hollywood Sign was good to see from here. sehr beeindruckt und Klaus konnte gar nicht aufhören Bilder mit seiner Kamera zu machen. We were very impressed and Klaus could not stop taking pictures with his camera.

Since we were there in time, we still had some time until sunset and used this to visit the Observatory . Incidentally, admission is free except for the planetarium.

Inside, there are many interesting things to see. Models of our planets and our Sun are displayed in the right proportions and there are images of the Earth and from space. Everything is done great and the explanations on the topics are very easy to understand. Our little Noah was thrilled and did not want to leave, again and again he discovered something new that caught his attention.
A gigantic sunset!

Now it was time for us to go outside if we did not want to miss the sunset. Many photographers had already put their tripods in position so as not to miss the right moment.

We experienced a wonderful, beautiful spectacle. The sun slowly disappeared with a fantastic play of colors in yellow, orange and red on the horizon above the Hollywood Hills.

It was a breathtaking experience to watch as the sky over Los Angeles darkened more and more and the lights slowly turned on.

When night falls in Los Angeles!

Now this big city is picking up its millions of lights that make even the most beautiful starry sky fade. A very special experience that you will certainly always remember.

There really is no better place for sensational shots when the sun goes down .

First a fantastic, much bestaunter and accompanied with applause of many tourists sunset and then the full moon was over Los Angeles.

Anyone staying in LA should definitely visit this vantage point, if possible in the evening. The view of the nocturnal sea of ​​lights is the most beautiful that Los Angeles has to offer.

There is also a small cafeteria with a terrace from which you have a beautiful view of Los Angeles.

Visiting during the week is not so crowded, you get a good car park and can enjoy this view a bit more quietly.


  • Wow I'm excited. What a view and what a skyline! Although I have never felt the need to fly over but your photos make the trip already tasty. 🙂

    All the best,

  • tomatoes island

    Hi Sigrid,
    I did not know the Griffith Observatory yet. For beautiful sunsets and sunrises, however, I am always available. I have it right now times potential destination marked. Thanks for the tip.
    LG Melli

  • Dear sigrid, I like your pictures so much. You can always get me such a real wanderlust haha. the sunset is a dream but also the city at night is crazy. the city of angels that never sleeps 🙂
    have a nice Sunday.
    glg check

  • I love the night pictures! Skyline images or such overview images at night are great. It's crazy how beautifully illuminated skyscrapers can look, one would hardly believe that. Very great tip and great photos, thanks!

    Greetings from Singapore!

  • Absolutely beautiful! This is definitely on my to-do list for my next LA visit. Thanks for the exact idea. How much is the entrance fee to the planetarium?
    Love from

  • Thank you Sigrid!
    Now you have made me so curious again to explore another corner of the world. It is always nice to get good tips. I find the pictures very successful and do not want to know how you experienced it yourself 🙂
    Best regards,
    Alexandra ..

  • Dear Sigrid,
    My daughter always reads your reports about USA with me. She desperately wants to go to Los Angeles. Of course she is very interested in that, if I show her your contribution. She liked it very much. Especially when it comes to Hollywood. Me too, of course.
    Best regards, Selda.

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I honestly left out the Obervatory - I thought it was not worth a visit. Bad mistake if I read your contribution. I'm so sorry I've been in LA so many times and never went there 🙁 ... but certainly next time. Great photos!

    best regards

  • Hello Sigrid,
    I've never heard of the observatory and now I'm wondering why?
    This is a fantastic place with a great view. The pictures that are made are wonderful.

    Best regards Steffen

  • hydrogen peroxide

    Oh Wow, what a view, the way was definitely worth it. Simply fantastic.
    I find such skyline shots just brilliant and in addition to the sunset, just beautiful. Such pictures are just something really special 🙂

    Greetings Anni from

  • Yes, that's what I call a view! I think that was unforgettable.

    LG from Norway

  • Wow LA .. As it would be a great dream of mine - and then see the skyline in the sunset - that's it!

    LG Anni

  • Ulli Matthes

    We were there and the sight of the night skyline overwhelmed us.
    The city of angels was at our feet.
    Beautiful and definitely recommended.

  • Great post LA I want to go back lg

  • Hi, great contribution. I did not know that yet and the view is really beautiful. I also want to go to LA, thanks for the tip 🙂 LG Melissa

  • WOW,

    that's a different view of LA. Very beautiful photos.


  • Wow how nice !! We were in Los Angeles last year but somehow we totally missed sunsets 😀 the skyline view was really awesome ... reminds me a bit of Hong Kong 🙂
    Ah yes now I know again a very beautiful sunset gabs also on Venice Beach 🙂

    All the best,

  • Hello Sigrid,

    once again such a beautiful report from you! But I really like the photos. The recordings are really absolutely great and absolutely impressive!
    I think it's always nice that you take us in your reports to your great excursions!

    Best regards, Lisa

  • I worked as a teenager in our observatory and I'm really interested in astronomy - that's why I like to visit observatories and observatories all over the world - this is of course a treat - thanks for the tip!

  • Dear Sigrid

    That's really beautiful! Wow!

    Let's see if we go up there when we're in LA! I would like it a lot!

    Have a nice day!


    • I can only really recommend that to you, dear Jacqueline, it's a really great experience.
      best regards

  • Hello Sigrid.
    In daylight, the city did not look so big, in the dark with the sea of ​​lights you have first seen the proportions. Did you also have a tripod for the night shots?
    (I still do not get any new posts from you.) I'll follow you and tomorrow I'll put my follow-tick again, maybe it'll work out again.)
    LG, Nati

  • Oh wow! Hope we'll manage to visit LA soon.
    You really awaken the most evil wanderlust in me with these grandiose impressions! * Hahahaha *

    All greetings!

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