Smores sweet treat of biscuit, marshmallow and chocolate!


Americans love Smores, that cute sticky treat made from marshmallow and chocolate in a Graham Cracker. They even celebrate their National Smores Day every year on the 10th of August.

For them, there is nothing better than to put their marshmallows on a long wooden skewer after grilling or around the campfire and to keep over the embers. It tells funny stories, laughs a lot and celebrates being together with family or friends.

When we are with our family in Los Angeles, we like to sit on the terrace and have a barbecue in the evening and our grandson will be happy when the time comes and he can keep his wooden spit in the fire. He can not wait until his marshmallow begins to burn and he is allowed to blow it out.

But there are not only the classic variety on the spit, but many other Smores recipes in the US. From cookies, cupcakes or tart, to milkshake or dip, there are no limits to the imagination.

Where does the name Smores come from?

Incidentally, this sweet snack gets its name from a word combination of some and more, which together means something more.

We also like Smores very much and end our BBQ evenings in the home mostly to the delight of our guests. They too can not get enough of it and would like to get a little bit more out of this wonderful sticky treat.

What do you need for Smores?

You need Graham Craker or other wholegrain biscuits, a bag of marshmallows and chocolate. In addition, extra long spits, which can be found in most grocery stores.

How do you make Smores?

It takes two pieces of biscuit a lower and one to cover. Either you split a Graham Cracker in half, or just take two normal wholegrain biscuits. Then you break the chocolate in pieces to match the biscuit and of course provides marshmallows.

Now simply spit a marshmallow over the fire and roast until the outside is lightly browned, but that's up to you all. Some like it little roasted and still in the middle, others like to set it on fire and then blow it out, like my little grandson.

Now the roasted marshmallow comes on a cookie the chocolate, and then the second biscuit is pressed. Now nothing can slip and you can easily pull the spit without burning your fingers on the hot marshmallows.

Wait a few more seconds for the chocolate to melt easily, but also so as not to burn your mouth on the hot marshmallow.

Just enjoy now, but not just one, but a little more!


  • They're certainly addictive, right? Can one actually stop before one is really sick?
    All the best

  • Smore - I always want some more after the meal. Since it may be something sweet. I'll try the Smores recipe in our orchard in summer. The best when we will inaugurate the new campfire place.

  • How delicious - marshmallows !!!! I have not eaten for so long, but now I feel like doing it again. Well, in the summer again, by the campfire 😉

  • Huhu,

    Wow, that looks super delicious and is certainly a treat that is addictive. So far, I only knew stick bread to the campfire, but this one tells me more. 😀


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