Where do I go shopping in California at the outlet or mall?


Shopping paradise America!

Where is it worth shopping in America? Every year, many shopping enthusiasts fly empty suitcases into the land of opportunity to shop there.   There is an attractive range of fashion, accessories, sweets, etc. at reasonable prices. We also love shopping in California and always bring many souvenirs home for us and our family.

In the air-conditioned, bright and spacious shopping malls, where there is no crowds and no hustle and bustle like here, makes spending money really fun. There you will find numerous shops with a true eye for products.

Where do I go shopping in California?

In the mostly huge American malls, you get the urge to go shopping on holiday and even some men. Those who would rather wait for a beer, or even stay at home have fun accompanying their wife to Victoria's Secret, Hollister and so on . The exhibited cars in the malls are of course also very interesting and worth seeing.

In the shopping malls there is a food court. There are several fast food chains such as Panda Express , Starbucks Coffee or Subway with plenty of free seating for a little break in between. Of course there are other restaurants like one of our favorite restaurants The Cheesecake Factory.

To shop in an outlet center!

Outlet centers such as the Camarillo Premium Outlets are a great place to shop for designer goods at exceptionally good and affordable prices and are therefore extremely popular with tourists. There are Levi's, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Banana Republic, Armani, Calvin Klein, Forever 21, Guess and Michael Kors. There is just something for everyone and you can make great bargains there.

Pure luxury or a cozy shopping experience!

Some, who are in Los Angeles, would like to take a look at the shops where the rich and famous of Los Angeles go shopping. The Rodeo Drive is one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world and you will find everything your heart desires.

Cozy shopping in the Commons Calabasas!

If you like it picturesque and cozy, visit the Commons in Calabasas a beautifully designed, well-kept outdoor shopping center. There are also various shops, restaurants and a Ralph's supermarket. You can admire turtles in the pond and water-breathing figures while enjoying a piece of cake in the sidewalk cafe.

The shops and stores in the US are usually open until 21:00.

On weekends and public holidays, often until 22.00.

Many supermarket chains are also open around the clock.

The US offers an incredible shopping pleasure that hardly anyone can escape.


  • I like it too 😀 already your other post was so cool of the pictures and everything. This awakens wanderlust at its best 😀
    dearest greetings
    Heidi from http://www.wilderminds.de

  • Since shopping is already an experience ^^. Fantastic, where I would probably leave a lot of money.
    Thanks for sharing. Mega, the pictures.

    All the best

  • Since you get right now feel like shopping :). Very nice impressions.
    Greetings Nadine

  • Very nice idea 🙂 I had been there and can really recommend it.
    Very nice contribution

  • Dear Sigrid,

    oh, there I was already ... memories are awake :-)! I admit, I always loved the shopping malls in the US ... because you can spend hours and eat delicious in between. I really like that again !!! Incidentally, the outlets are not that mine - neither in the US nor in Austria.

    Have a great holiday!
    best regards

  • What great impressions! I would like to go to such an American mall. That's definitely another experience.

    best regards

  • ftuchscheerer2017

    Good Morning…
    Wow great post. Sometimes I wanted a credit card with unlimited frames, now sometimes.
    LG Frank

  • Very nice impressions.
    The cars there are the hammer 😀
    Would also like to go there, although I do not have it so with the shopping.
    Guess it was fun to go shopping.
    Lg: *

  • These malls are really not for me. I would rather have another product from the USA here in Switzerland: Bol.com .. Then I would not have to go shopping anymore 😀

  • Consumption everywhere you go. Madness! These are really unlimited possibilities. Maybe it would be time to think about a slowdown?

    VG July

  • If I was there for a long time, I would certainly go shopping. But for a vacation is the time actually too bad. California has so much to see!

  • Very cool written! I've never been to America before, but when I'm planning a mega shopping trip, I'll come back! =) -> Outletcenter or Mall 😛

    Matthias from http://www.power-blog.at

  • besassique

    Shopping in the US is always worthwhile. Outlets are really outlets there
    I hope you have made some good bargains 🙂
    Have a wonderful day
    dearest greetings
    Sassi <3

  • desire wrought

    Great, there are memories of California coming up, great article, thank you!

  • If I read it here for a while now, then I have to fly back to the USA very soon contrary to my intentions ... actually, I wanted to wait for the election beforehand 😉
    best regards

  • orange diamond

    Sigrid, my destination will soon also call Californians, because it's just beautiful! However, I drive a piece with the road bike - that's my dream! In the connection is geschhoppt!
    Thanks for the insight!


  • You remind me with this great report that my last trip to the USA has been too long ago. Actually, I'm not the shopper, but at these great outlets, I fell into the hunting mode after all 🙂 Mmmmh. Cheesecake! Now I do not only have wanderlust, but also an appetite, sigh!

  • I love shopping in the US because it's just such a great experience. I always have the feeling that I've made a snap because there are such great outlets 😉

    best regards

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