We have a new wooden terrace in our garden!

A lot of preliminary work was needed to build a new wooden terrace! First of all, everything old had to be taken out and disposed of to build the new wooden terrace. We had decided on decking, but of course we had to create the right ground for it. New wooden terrace, the underground! The surface should consist of several layers to protect the wood from moisture and to guarantee the durability of the terrace. We want to enjoy it for a long time, so we have thoroughly learned how to handle it. With the spade we had a 3.50 mx 3 m large bed about 40 cm [...]

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Felling a big tree, how do I do it right?

Drop a big tree, easier said than done! We finally wanted to redesign our entrance area long enough we had pushed it in front of us. Although we had our ideas about how the whole thing should look like, but the way was so far too difficult for us. There were some difficulties to deal with. The biggest problem was a big tree about 8 meters high, which had to be removed. A big tree fell without risk with permission! Attentive neighbors told us that we first have to get permission to make it. So off to the construction office of our community. What do you not do everything [...]

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Bayreuth Festival 2015

Bayreuth Festival 2015: stormy start with many celebrities. The 104th Bayreuth Festival opened this afternoon. Interesting is like every year before the driveway, the show of the rich and beautiful, who are invited to the premiere. Of course we were not the only ones curious. Numerous onlookers had gathered to catch a glimpse of the prominent guests from politics, economics and culture. Who wears what? Who is noticeable? What does the chancellor have on, trouser suit or dress? These questions are almost as important at the Bayreuth Festspielauftakt as the music. Many celebrities gave a rendezvous. Angela Merkel walked in the turquoise dress on the red carpet and gave autographs. Gloria Princess of Thurn [...]

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