Las Vegas Strip a unique experience day and night!


The Las Vegas Strip at night a sea of ​​lights!

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Even the view of the brightly lit Las Vegas landing at night is gigantic. Countless lights make the city seem like a fascinating, colorful fairytale world. Especially the Las Vegas Strip, the heart and soul of the city presents itself in the most magnificent colors. His many colorful, flashing lights lift him out of the city.

The Las Vegas Strip at night is just a fantastic experience, with thousands of colorful lights coming on, the Strip comes to life and its lights turn it into a glittering fairytale world. They illuminate the street, casinos and the many hotels that line up here, so you can see the sea of ​​lights far away from Las Vegas.

For example, the beam of light from the Hotel Luxor is visible about 100 miles from Las Vegas.

For example, you have a unique view of Las Vegas from the High Roller . This is currently the tallest ferris wheel in the world and is brightly lit at night with more than 2,000 LED lights. The view is impressive and you can admire the Strip in its splendor with some drinks. The water games of the hotel Bellagio, which is located nearby, you can see from the top very nice.

If you walk along the Las Vegas Strip you will pass many hotels and there are some very nice, sometimes free shows to see.

The New York New York-style New York City skyline has a built-in roller coaster that lets you turn a round for $ 20. There is also a replica of the Statue of Liberty.

In the HOTEL VENETIAN , a Venice copy of the finest, you can go on gondolas in the artificial canals and the gondolieri trills an Italian song. A ride costs $ 20.

Some of these hotels were the scene of well-known films. The Caesars Palace for example for the comedy Hangover or the Bellagio for Oceans Eleven.

There are many other attractions such as the world famous fountains in front of the Bellagio and the volcanic eruption in front of the Hotel Mirage. These performances are free and with special effects super staged and worth watching.

There is so much to see, everything is very impressive and overwhelming, hardly to describe with words and leaves a lasting impression.

Las Vegas visitors should not miss the night when the city really comes to life, walking along the Strip. There are many ways to take a break, eat a burger or ice cream and watch the action.

In short, the Las Vegas Strip at night and its sea of ​​lights with the hustle and bustle is just overwhelming.

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    • Las Vegas is really great - even at night! The water show at the Bellagio is really unbelievable and also a ride on the High Roller is beautiful ... Great pictures! Best regards, Ina

    • ftuchscheerer2017

      Please ... I want to go to Vegas, I love this city! I like your post very well. Nice, no Great pictures!
      LG Frank

    • Great pictures and impressions. I like to watch something like that, if I have not been there myself 🙂 but at some point I would definitely like to go there!
      Dearest greetings,
      Heike from

    • Las Vegas - a dream of a dream ... I would like to go there too. Maybe someday. Thanks, for your informative article. I like it when so nice pictures are inserted. So I can make a better impression of the location, as if I only get "told" by it. Very nice 🙂

      Greetings, Yvonne

    • Good Morning…
      Wow, once in a lifetime Vegas ... once! But soon it will be true! Very nice pictures and a really great report.
      LG Frank

    • So now I want to go to Las Vegas! The great hotels, the lively nightlife, a bit gambling in the casino. Already a really cool city that you can visit even more often I think 🙂

      best regards

    • Oh how cool! I have never been to the west coast. I lived in New York and saw 14 states in the East. But Las Vegas is on top of my list 🙂
      All the best, Theresa

    • And again such great impressions! I can repeat myself here again and again 🙂 Meanwhile, I really got the mood for the US, that I want to go there despite the "terror reign" of Trump!

      best regards

    • wow great photos! Las Vegas at night with all these lights looks awesome! Is also on my To Do trip list. I also really wanted to go there and have Las Vegas experienced. I mean how cool is the gondola ride please! This is otherwise known from Venice. just awesome! Weariness and abundance - but that's what LV is known for.
      glg check

    • Dear Sigrid,

      What stunning pictures you present us here ... After Las Vegas I want to someday in my life and make your pictures pretty jealous hehe. Over 2000 LED lights and how wonderful the city lights up, how pompous and big the hotels are ... .Man ... then your mouth is watering. Thank you for these amazing and beautiful insights into a fascinating city!

      best regards
      Rocket man

    • I have to say that I always loved Las Vegas, because there is always something new. I really liked the Cosmopolitan and of course the classics like the Bellagio <3

      Lovely wishes

    • Hello Moin,
      a rollercoaster in the middle of the city? How cool is that? Very revealing travelogue. It certainly makes fun to walk through the hotels and to guess in which films they have participated. Great contribution.
      Best regards Steffen

    • I lived in Southern California for almost 2 years and was 3 times, I believe 😉 there. Great city for celebrating, good food and so many attractions. I like to remember the time back.

      Many greetings

      Jules from

    • Dear Sigrid,
      woah! So the US is a big dream of mine, but rather the beach in Miami, Hollywood and the national parks.
      Las Vegas, however, also went on my to-visit list after these pictures! Woooow so many lights, in fact, the whole is probably even more overwhelming.
      Okay, I'm convinced !! 😀

      Best regards and thanks for the great insights,
      your Susi from

    • Oh wow! It's almost like being in Disneyland!
      One day I make it to Las Vegas too - just for the shows ... and I want to ride a gondola too !!!

    • Great photos and nice report. But even if I like to look at the photos, traveling there somehow does not irritate me! 🙂

      All the best,

    • christianernstratz

      I have to go to Las Vegas! This city has a lot to offer! Thanks for the great contribution.

      Best regards,

    • I've never been to USA and I'm not sure if I'll ever overcome my fear of flying. But your pictures make you want to know this country. Really a very nice contribution.

      All the best


    • The Las Vegas Strip at night is just breathtaking. We also went with the high roller, just gigantic if you look over the city.

      dearest greetings

      • It's just a great city and I'm looking forward to the next visit there. In May we will go again with the Highroller.
        best regards

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