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There are attractions in Los Angeles that are on every tourist list. These include, for example, the Hollywood Sign, the Walk of Fame or Venice Beach. We have already seen many of them and it keeps us going. But there are other places in Los Angeles that you discover by accident and then enjoy it animal-like. Exactly such a place we found this time, as we drove through the city.

It was in Echo Park, we wanted to go from there to Dodger Stadium and then downtown. We saw a small crowd in front of an inconspicuous, small house, which proudly took pictures there. We looked closer and could hardly believe it, we were standing in front of the Toretto House from Fast and Furious, in which Dominic Toretto lived, played by Vin Diesel.

Where Vin Diesel shared a corona with Paul Walker in the movie, or had a barbecue for his buddies. There are so many scenes that play both inside and outside the house, romantic and tragic.

Who among the fans of this film series does not know the scene when the Toretto House from Fast and Furious exploded in the seventh part!

In the movie it has the number 1327, in real life the house number is 724 East Kensington Road. The house is inhabited but you are allowed to take pictures there as long as you do not disturb your privacy.

The hilly terrain of the Echo Park Hills is also perfect for many spectacular chases.

The market of the Torettos!

Since we had found the house of Dom by accident, we naturally also went on the search for Toretto's market. Hundert Meter vom Haus entfernt stehen und jetzt Bob's Market heißen. We were told he would be only a few hundred yards from the house and now called Bob's Market.

This market was the backdrop for a scene that was filmed for Fast and Furious Part 1. The one in Brian, ordered his tuna sandwich, breaks out a fight and Dominic Toretto intervenes.

When you enter Bob's Market, nothing is reminiscent of the inside of Toretto's market from the movie. There is no open back room and you will not get a tuna sandwich.

Klaus went to the store to buy drinks, because it was very hot and we were thirsty. When he entered the shop, he looked around and asked the lady behind the counter "where is Vin Diesel?" She was having fun and answered, "he is not here today!"

The 1913 built market is not big, but you get everything you need.

On the shelves you will find drinks, food and household goods as well as souvenirs. Of course there are also toys, sweets, ice cream for children and tots. If you want to challenge your luck, you can also play the lottery there.

Bob's Market is not just in Fast and Furious. Over the years he has been featured in a number of films such as 1997 in LA Confidential in the background. Danny Parker (V Kilmer) won cigarettes at Bob's Market in 2002's The Salton Sea.

As a fan, discovering the Toretto House from Fast and Furious was a great experience and to be in Bob's Market, where Brian ordered his tuna sandwich.

There are many memories of film scenes with the unfortunately so tragic, early died Paul Walker.

The exterior of the market has remained the same, but the interior has changed. It was very special for us fans of this film series to be able to take pictures there.


  • Mega cool! It must be really nice to be traveling in such an environment. I think film locations are always very inspiring. You remember the movie back and crank up the imagination a bit. I always get the best ideas in such places!
    Nice post, I like the photo of the market! He looks so inconspicuous, but has such a great story!

    • Thank you Mats, yes it has something special for us to find such places. We already know many of them, but to search for them, we would not have thought of that.
      best regards

  • For fans this is certainly one of the highlights in LA.

  • Again really cool pictures and impressions! You'd think you can do nothing but find the most exciting locations!

    • Often we are looking specifically for such places, but this time it was coincidence.
      best regards

  • I always find that exciting! Film sets I like to discover! Thank's for the Tipps!
    LG Ina

    • Yes, that's fun too. I have also found locations from my favorite series, from my visit to Hank Moody I still write.
      best regards

  • ohh I have to agree with you right times my love, that I would not have this special place on my list for Touri program had 😉
    It is really so much nicer to visit exactly this place, which leads away from the usual tourist paths 🙂

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

    • There you go for a walk and discover something that you never expected. Klaus was totally happy, he is a big fan of the film series.
      best regards

  • Oha, for fans certainly super cool !!! I found the films like this suoer !!

  • Super, I always find it exciting to discover movie sets! And often you find the most beautiful motifs off the beaten track!

  • Wow! Super cool, that you were there 🙂 I like, if you just do something, which is not quite Touri - Like 🙂 Filmkullissen are really exciting ... I would not have thought it!

    Dearest greetings,

  • Oh, how cool! That would be a sight that I had not even on the screen. For fans of the movies, of course, mega cool! The house looks so unimpressive 😀 The more exciting that it seems to be such a hotspot. 🙂

    Lovely wishes

    • If not tourists had photographed there, we would have passed by. It looks so small and inconspicuous.
      best regards

  • Really cool! =) I would like to have a look.
    Best regards,

    • Next year, I'm looking for more locations around the movie Fast and Furious.
      best regards

  • Me the house and the movie says nothing 😉
    But I know the house where 'Welcome to the Hartmanns' was filmed, that's just around the corner from us. Of course, can not keep up with your house, but it also flies in the air!
    LG Martina

    • I do not know this movie, it's great to have something next door.
      best regards

  • That's cool. I think it's great that one can also discover sights by chance. That's what I think so synonymous only in Hollywood.

    All the best,

  • For all fans it is definitely exciting to discover such a place. Seeing everything in real, what you have only seen in the film, is always interesting.

  • Hey you.
    But that's an interesting article, I like it a lot. Especially if you are a fan of this movie and then look at this place, that must be great. You will surely discover a lot of the movie again and who knows, maybe you will play the scene as well. Lach.

    Dearest greetings,

  • Oh, this house would also be on the to-do list with me. 🙂 Find it totally exciting to discover such "props" live!

    Best regards,

  • how cool is that? because you feel the same as in the movie. Since then only the right car is missing. Thanks for the tip.

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