Vacation in California an unforgettable experience!


Holiday in California is on many's wish list!

Most people know California only from film and television. Thousands of people are drawn to it each year, fueled by media hype in the Golden State. A holiday in California is on the wish list for many travelers. California lures with its metropolises San Francisco or Los Angeles, the dream factory Hollywood or impressive national parks. The best way to explore California is by car along the Pacific Coast Highway. This dream road runs along the coast of the Pacific Ocean past the most beautiful coastlines of California and crosses known coastal cities.

Here are some stations you should visit while vacationing in California.

Newport Beach is open for whale watching every day of the year. There are impressive yachts to see at the harbor. Being so close to Hollywood, Newport Beach has become home to the top 10,000. Here is the residence of many celebrities. There have been some well-known series shot, including the series OCCalifornia. Newport Beach is open for whale watching every day of the year. The tickets for about 2 1/2 hours cost $ 20. The sunset is beautiful.

In Santa Monica, visit the Santa Monica Pier and make some laps in the roller coaster at Pacific Park, enjoying the beautiful views of the Pacific and West Los Angeles is a must for every tourist. Or visit the famous Third Street Promenade, a pedestrian street that is very popular with tourists and locals alike. There is always a colorful bustle.

In Malibu you should definitely enjoy the wonderful view from the Malibu Pier before continuing to the famous series Zuma Beach, Baywatch.

De Zuma Beach is just gorgeous. A beautiful fine sandy beach where you can go for long beach walks and with a little luck you can even see dolphins or sea lions. There is ample parking, which is also free. In addition, the beach is much quieter than the beach sections in Santa Monica or Venice Beach.

In Camarillo it takes some time to visit the Camarillo Premium Outlets with its 160 shops. From baby clothes to electronics to the finest brands, all well-known and trendy designers and labels are represented here.

Santa Barbara is a beautiful romantic city. One feels reminded of the European Mediterranean coast therefore Santa Barbara is also called capital of the American Riviera. Santa Barbara is the most expensive residential area in the USA. A house costs here on average US $ 1.13 million, twice as much as in the rest of the state of California. Paul McCartney has a home here, Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is here in the mountains, and Kirk Douglas and Oprah Winfrey live here. On the long beach promenade are meter-high palm trees and the sun shines on the red roofs of small, white houses. On the green hills around Santa Barbara also excellent wine is grown.

These are just a few of the many attractions along the west coast of the United States that you should definitely see. There is so much else to discover and experience.


  • I've just gotten stuck on your beautiful cover picture and agree with you, California has so much to offer. It's time again for a trip to the US 😉 You made my mouth water.

  • mylifemyturnde

    Oh, how great.
    I would love to travel to America so much.
    Hopefully there will be something in this life too. 😀

    best regards

    • I wish you that your wish will be fulfilled soon. It is really a special experience.
      Greetings Sigrid

  • It has been a long time. California is beautiful. It will not get boring.
    LG Tanya

  • Great ❤️ I feel like vacation again! Even though I'm more of an East Coast fan, I've been to CA several times and I really like Newport Beach! Great photos!
    Greetings, Isabelle

  • alttrifftneu

    Just had a visit from SF and my friend's dad always raves about Portland, maybe I should visit the US again ...
    Best regards, Stefanie *

  • wow I get so excited in the next plane to climb - u there really 🙂 I was lucky enough to spend 7 days in LA but there is much more to discover 🙂
    glg katy

  • Very great travel report. For the next year, a road trip through the US is planned. I'll definitely remember your blog. 🙂

    best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    you already know that I'm a huge fan of the United States and have such a longing to fly back. I love Santa Monica and Santa Barbara <3! Again very nice photos that make you want to fly there.

    Thank you :-)!
    Beautiful evening!

  • Malibu is a win dream ...

    God in your reports, I always see, where I still have to go everywhere /)

    Thanks for another great report!

  • Oh, I was not there in the US yet. I would be irritated sometimes. But first I would have to save a little and wait for the next election 😉

  • That would be a highlight that I really want to see! Here I come 🙂 Thank you for sharing your US experiences with us. I have to write honestly that I decide to fly again and again. Maybe this time it's also California's turn.

    Best regards,

  • tomatoes island

    Hi Sigrid,
    Of course, Malibu, Santa Barbara and Santa Monica are classics that interest me anyway or for that very reason. But your other recommendations sound great.
    LG Melli

  • Hey, hey!
    Is that wonderful. Now I'm going to bed and dreaming about it.

    Good night and best regards,

  • primetime chaos

    Hach Sigrid, I always dream of America after I read your great posts! Hopefully, if I'm in California soon, I'll take all your tips to heart!
    All the best, Theresa

  • Hello Sigrid, Thanks for the great tips! I will definitely heed, if I should be in California. Greetings ronja

  • mary dream team fitness

    I love the USA, but I have not been to California yet. But that's big on my travel list 🙂 Greetings Mary

  • California is certainly the classic in a USA trip. How much time would you recommend for a tour? Would it take 3-4 weeks to see the main attractions stress-free? The distances are enough. Grüssle, Simone

    • For the main sights already, but we are almost always in the LA area, Santa Barbara. But even there we have not seen everything after 5 years. best regards

  • Holidays in California are definitely at the top of my list! most of all connected to a longer stay in San Francisco - the city fascinates me totally nämlich
    LA would also be very attractive to see!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

    • I hope to finally see San Francisco, but then I can not always part with my family when I'm practicing.
      best regards

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