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Of course, when we visit our family in Los Angeles, we spend a lot of time with our grandson Noah. We go with him to the zoo to see his beloved flamingos, to the beach for kite flying and sometimes to Kids World to play and run around. But he is most happy when we drive with him to the universal studios.

So far, his favorite attractions were the Transformers and the Simpsonsride, but now he always wants to be first in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There are two attractions, the Hippogriff and the Forbidden Journey, especially the latter has done to him and he can not wait to go there.

At the entrance to the Forbidden Journey there is a children's test chair to see if they are big enough for the ride. Unfortunately, Noah was still too small, so he was only allowed into the Hippogriff, which is too boring for him.

New try next time!

Noah was easy to calm down, there are other things to discover in Universal Studios. He said to us, "next time I come, I'm sure I've grown a bit and can travel with you in the forbidden journey."

A few months later it was finally time again and we started our journey to our family in Los Angeles!

The joy of the reunion was great for everyone but especially for our little grandson. war er immer noch zu klein. He was often with his parents at Universal Studios in the meantime, but he was still too small in his tests for the Forbidden Journey . Now, of course, he hoped he has grown and he can ride with us.

The next morning, we set off early for Universal Studios Hollywood. Noah was so excited he could not go fast enough but of course we needed our tickets first.

As always, we got annual tickets. The price of $ 180 per person is very cheap compared to the $ 105 daily ticket. Since we go with our grandson several times a week in the studios, this is definitely worth it for us.

After entering the large archway, you are in a magical world!

In creating Harry Potter's wizarding world, much love has been put to the detail. Entering the village of Hogsmeade, you find yourself in a fascinating, magical world. With the many wizards who can be seen everywhere with their robes and the many shops or restaurants you feel directly in the movies.

This place is really fun to be enchanted!

Just outside the archway, the entrance to Harry Potter's Wizarding World, stands the Hogwarts Express. There you can take a souvenir photo with the conductor as steam rises from the locomotive.

Just before Hogwarts Castle is a small stage where you can enjoy a fun performance of Hogwarts students and their musical frogs. The appearance of the croaking frogs is very entertaining and Noah likes to watch there for a while.

You have to wait a long time for a very short ride that is really boring. The small train is certainly ideal for little kids riding on a rollercoaster for the first time, but for experienced riders it's far too spectacular and too lame. But you have a good view of the nearby Hogwards.

At the entrance to the railway, unfortunately, it turned out that our grandson is still too small, which of course he was very sad.

Fortunately, with children who are too small to go through Hogwarts, you have the opportunity to discover this exciting place. There is also a room where you can wait with the kids and take turns with the adults, which is exactly what we did of course.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a very popular attraction in the Universal Studios, and of course that is reflected in the long queues for the ride. It will not be boring to wait, because everywhere you are distracted by famous Harry Potter sights such as floating candles or watching portraits.

When you arrive at the front you go on a journey with Harry Potter. You drive on seats where you are secured with an overhead belt and your feet are free. The hectic ride simulates riding on a broom and you can see well-known people and places from the movies. It goes up, down, to the right, left and back, and there are matching music and effects.

Overall, it is a very fun ride, but really not suitable for small children.

Shorten waiting times with the Single Line!

Since we have been there several times we know, with single line you have the opportunity to shorten the long wait in line. The only downside is that you are rarely able to be next to your partner. You are sitting next to another person who also uses the single line. But since a conversation with the neighbors anyway hardly possible, worth the small sacrifice to shorten the waiting time of at least one hour to 10 minutes.

Of course, most of the Hary Potter fans visiting Harry Potter's wizarding world want to try Harry Potter's favorite drink at the Butterbeer Stand.

The butterbeer has a butterscotch flavor and it is frozen or classically available in two varieties. We have already tried both versions, they taste incredibly sweet and are crowned with whipped cream. Of both we were not thrilled but Noah finds the frozen version very tasty.

It is not alcohol in butterbeer, so it is also suitable for children. Of course, there are other drinks in Harry Potter's wizarding world.

If you are interested in wands or want to buy one, you should definitely visit Ollivanders. The way they are piled up and presented there is worth seeing.

The store is usually very crowded and a bit scary for Noah, so we always look in there for a moment. If he's a little older, he'll definitely want to attend the magic wand ceremony.

Even in a car near the Flight of the Hippogriff you can buy wands, there is a lot of choice and you do not have to wait that long. The wands have the same high price of $ 49 everywhere and that's way too expensive for some Harry Potter fans.

A trip to the magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter I would recommend to any Harry Potter fan, but also for non-fans, it is well worth seeing


  • Yeeeejjjj ,,,, very very cool! Your reports are very interesting anyway, have read a lot here and that with enthusiasm !!! 😀: D .... Thank you for your trouble! I wish you a nice Sunday evening and no matter how late it may be with you and of course a great trip! Greetings ausm hotel gröden 😉 Maren

    • Thanks for your kind comment, I'm really happy about that. I wish you a nice week, in terms of time we would have to be equal to Germany (Bavaria) and South Tyrol.
      Lovely wishes

  • That would be fun too. I'm not the ulitmatic fan, but I've seen the movies and read the books. As for Harry Potter, I'm more of a fan of the book series.

  • First of all, I have to give you my praise! I am very fascinated by how you are so far from your family and still so much with your grandson and he could build such a good relationship with you. My mother did not manage that after only 9 km or she does not want to ...

    The studios would be a big Harry Potter fan my absolute dream!

    Many greetings
    Wioleta from http://www.busymama.de

  • That looks really great! Excellent! Like a dream world if you put yourself right in it! And of the wands I could use some! Send the one who can conjure this up with the dream islands, love Sigrid! I wish you a good time! All the best! Sirit

  • I'm really jealous of your visit there 😀 Harry Potter has been with me for years and I'm a huge fan of it. I would also like to visit the Wizarding World 🙂

  • I love, love, love this theme park! During my visit I also bought a wand at Ollivanders, which now has a place of honor in our apartment.
    LG Ina

  • Actually, I'm not an HP fan at all. But your photos really make you want to see that. Now it's really time for a US visit.

    Warm greetings to you

  • We were in Orlando in May and looked at it too 😀 I have to say I thought it was very nice, but the Harry Potter world did not really impress me. Even though I am a giant Harry Potter fan. Somehow I would have expected a bit more 😉 Nevertheless, you have to really experienced and have seen times 😀

    Love from,
    Alice from http://www.alicechristina.com

  • ohh, if that does not look like a complete success 🙂
    I was also such a huge Harry Potter fan and would still like to watch such a tour today! Surely a great experience when in LA!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from http://www.liebewasist.com

  • The Butterbeer was that sweet? But you have to try it already? Thanks for the tip of the "single line". My husband and I want to go back to LA and there we go 100% back to Universal Studios, because this tip is worth gold.
    LG Carina

    • That with the single line is a fine thing, because it goes fast. It really does not matter if you sit next to each other, it's dark anyway. By the way, there are many rides in the studios!
      best regards

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