Top activities in Griffith Park Los Angeles!


The Griffith Park Los Angeles is very impressive and with over 4,000 acres one of the largest parks in the United States. For example, it is five times the size of Central Park in New York with about 800 hectares.

With its location, the park offers more than 80 kilometers of trails through the stunning rolling hills of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is suitable for hikers of all ages and when you arrive on the hills you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the city of Los Angeles.

The Griffith Park offers not only hiking trails, which you can also explore on horseback or by bike. There are other opportunities for activities as well, some of them I present here.

The Los Angeles Zoo!

With its approx. 1200 animals, the Los Angeles Zoo is worth seeing and interesting for every animal lover, big or small. Some of them are threatened with extinction, but zoo breeding programs have helped increase the number of these animals, such as the California Condor.

When we visit our family in California, we often go to the Los Angeles Zoo with our little grandson.

His absolute favorites include the chimpanzees, who live there in a lifelike environment with waterfalls, palm trees and rocks. We usually try to be there at feeding time to watch them catch the food the zookeepers throw at them.

The observatory is one of the TOP activities in Griffith Park Los Angeles.
Inside, there are many interesting things to see, such as boulders from Mars or the moon. There are models of our planets and our Sun, which are displayed in the right proportions to each other images of the Earth and from space.
Everything is done great and the explanations on the topics are very easy to understand. Our grandson was thrilled and did not want to leave, again and again he discovered something new that caught his attention.
In the evening we had a wonderful and beautiful experience as the sun slowly disappeared with a fantastic play of colors in yellow, orange and red on the horizon.

Travel Town has been around since the 1950s and offers train enthusiasts an impressive display of locomotives, trains and wagons. For survivors from this period, a visit there would certainly be a journey into the past.

The exhibits give an idea of ​​how life on the rails used to be. There are trains from different eras and they are not really models, they are real ones from the time. Some of them are very old and it is amazing to see how traveling has changed over the years.

The Sign are the nine letters of the world-famous Hollywood lettering on Mount Lee in the Santa Monica Mountains on which they are placed.

Each letter is about 14 meters high and the lettering together 137 meters long. The sign is the symbol of the US film industry and the location of many American films. It is a place that almost every tourist in Los Angeles would like to visit for a souvenir photo. Unfortunately, this place is largely closed off, but there are trails to admire the famous landmark at close range.

The Mulholland Drive runs two lanes and very winding in the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains from Hollywood to Malibu. The view is really sensational and there are many places where you can stop to take pictures. But no matter where you stop, the view of Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley is truly gorgeous and memorable, especially in the evening when lights go on via Los Angeles.

A bit from the eastern part of this famous street runs below the Hollywood Sign in Griffith Park Los Angeles. It is only a non-paved sandy road, which is closed to public transport.

Griffithpark Los Angeles, with its many attractions, is a great place to explore for the whole family.


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    there you wish (s) down ...

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I really enjoyed your post. Too bad that I will not come to America as soon as possible. I would really like to see the Griffith Park. Especially the zoo would be very exciting.
    But my buddy is currently working in the States and trying to see as much as possible. I'll recommend your post to him.

    Best regards,


  • Nothing has been heard from you for a long time, so I guess you were in the US again 🙂
    The griffit park sounds great, but I would rather focus on the surrounding cities.
    Many greetings
    Wioleta from

  • USA has to be great. At some point I want to go there as well. Best regards, Claudia

  • Dear Sigrid,

    What a great and interesting contribution with great pictures! Too bad that I probably will not come to LA so fast. And without a car you will not be there. Especially the observatory (which is also shown in many films, right?) I find exciting.
    Unfortunately, when I was in LA 25 years ago, we did not have enough time to explore the city in peace.

    Many greetings,


  • The pictures arouse my desire to travel to LA even more, thank you very much! For the Hollywood sign, I would also necessarily want, this is really an absolute must! The zoo I think I would rather save, but I do not have to fly extra to the US 😀

  • Wow, the zoo seems really huge! I hope that the animals there are also reasonably well and that they can lead a nice life according to the circumstances. Otherwise there are as you describe also many other great things, thanks for the contribution!

    Best regards,

  • As always read! I always get to travel with your articles, especially since I have not been to USA for much too long. But who knows…
    Many greetings
    Salvia from Liebstöckelschuh

  • The tips are really great!
    I think it's good to understand that many zoos today are more concerned with animal welfare than their exploitation. What fascinates me again and again, that the advertising of a real estate agent company plays such an important role for LA. ??


    • Hello Lea,
      Thank you for your comment, but what has my contribution to do with a real estate agent company. Do you see something that I do not see?
      best regards

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