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As you may have noticed in my recent contributions on American Idioms, phrases in the US, these can make the English >

When we visit our family in California we usually have breakfast on the terrace. I noticed that every day at the same place a lizard sits, sunning and can not be disturbed by us. I showed her to my daughter-in-law and she just said, "She snaps as a bug in a rug." Cuddly like a bug in the carpet, what does she mean again, I thought? She laughed and explained that the lizard just feels very well.

We go on holiday with our family often to Janss Marketplace. In this little mall, we like to eat a delicious ice cream at Cold Stone . Our little grandson is always looking forward to the visit there, because directly opposite is the Toys R Us. As we seldom see him, we like to pamper him with toys. He is a big Lightning McQueen fan and he always wants the same car and flatters and begs. My daughter-in-law said, "Noah is not trying to butter grandma up." He should not try to feed me, which I found really funny. It means flattering or does not help you at all. On the way home we heard Noah's favorite song, we always have it on the stick.

We travel a lot by car, look at something interesting, go for a meal or drive to the beach. Most of the music is from the station Go Country 105, because we all love country music. This year we experienced an hour-long traffic jam on the 101 for the first time, but luckily Klaus drove, because I would have freaked out. My daughter-in-law said to me, "Wow, Klaus is cool as a cucumber." I said, "Klaus cool as a cucumber, never!" As so often, she laughed at me and said it means Klaus is very calm.

By the way, most Californians do not mind traffic jams, they enjoy listening to music and relaxing on the ride home. I can not understand that, I always want to go home as soon as possible.

As we wanted to go to Venice Beach this year, we found no parking nearby and we had to park our car a bit further down Main Street. This is the well-known street from the Californication series, but I'll write about that another time. We had to walk a long way to the beach and there was a man standing in front of us on the sidewalk, with a knife in his hand screaming confused stuff. As we passed, he started following us and we got scared. My daughter-in-law said, "It 's a short sandwich of a picnic." On the basis of this dangerous situation I did not ask what she meant with the sandwich just before the picnic. she   called the police, who appeared very quickly and with several patrol cars and immediately took him with them. He did not have all the cups in the cupboard, which is what this saying also said.

As you can see there are also dangerous situations in California. One should not be afraid to call the police, it is really fast on the spot.

Later we told the story to our men who greatly admired and praised Shaina's fast and proper behavior. She just meant " this is not my first rodeo ."

" I'm a bell," I said, because I understood. Finally I could answer with a phrase.

Funny American Idioms, the selection is great and I can tell you a lot more stories.


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