Where to meet stars in Los Angeles!


Where can you meet stars in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, dream beaches stunning sunsets and deep blue ocean. Almost anyone who travels to Southern California hopes to see one or the other star there. The chance to cross paths is great, because many celebrities live and work here.

In magazines you can see many snapshots of stars on the beach when they come out of the gym, or when they leave a supermarket in jogging pants.

For the people of Los Angeles, it's all very commonplace and it's also an advantage for them to know where the celebrities are traveling. These prefer beautiful areas and in the restaurants they visit, the food tastes particularly delicious.

Here are some tips to meet stars in Los Angeles!

113 N Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048, United States

. While you can hardly see any more celebrities on the more famous Rodeo Drive , but mostly tourists, you can now almost find them around the corner in West Hollywood at Robertson Blvd. The celebrities like to visit the ivy in this street, which is a very popular place, even among paparazzi, because here they are usually rewarded for their waiting. On the terrace of the restaurant, which is located directly on the street, you can already see one or the other celebrities. The photos on which you see stars on the street in front of their cars or at the parking meter are very often made here.

The Runyon Canyon is located above Hollywood and offers fantastic views of the city. We like to walk there with our dogs, because there are mostly locals on the way and only a few tourists.

Of course, the celebrities know this too and they like to escape there for a short time the big city bustle and enjoy the beautiful view. In the very health-conscious city of Los Angeles, you do not meet for a drink in the evening, but rather for jogging together.
The best way to do this is to take a walk in the Runyon Canyon in the morning or in the time before sunset, at which time the celebrity density in this place is particularly high.

The high park fees from the paradisiacal beach section Paradise Cove Malibu scare off many tourists, which, of course, the celebrities and rich rejoices. So they can then quite under themselves, in the local cafe in peace and quiet to enjoy their drink or a bite to eat.

Since the beaches in California are for everyone and can not be claimed by anyone, there is of course a way around the high parking fees. If you spend at least $ 40 in the restaurant, parking costs only $ 6 for four hours.

So you have the opportunity to see celebrities such as Selena Gomez or Jennifer Aniston on the beach or to watch a movie shoot. As I recently reported, the beach is very popular for movie productions and music videos.

The Malibu   Colony Plaza is a small but fine shopping mall, located near Malibu Colony Beach, this private beach known worldwide as Malibu. There many celebrities have their beach villa and since the shopping center is only a few minutes away, you can of course experience celebrities shopping. The last time we saw Halle Berry push her cart through the supermarket.

We often go to Malibu Yogurt and Ice Cream to eat ice cream or drink a drink at Starbucks. We have already seen some well-known personalities such as Ozzy Osbourne and David Beckham. They had, just like us, an appetite for a delicious ice cream or a Frappuccino at Starbucks.

ist eine Sehenswürdigkeit mitten im Herzen von Los Angeles, die man unbedingt gesehen haben sollte. The Farmers Market is a landmark in the heart of Los Angeles that you should definitely see. When you enter this market , a small fascinating world turns out to be. We were very surprised, we had never thought that there is such a quiet place in this turbulent metropolis.

We were overwhelmed by the many fruit and vegetable stalls with their rich offer of regional goods. I have rarely seen such fresh fruits and vegetables.

As the trend towards fresh in Los Angeles is very popular, the great variety of all sorts of healthy people in the area naturally also attracts many celebrities. So it's nothing special to see Hilary Duff, Naomi Watts or Ben Affleck strolling through the market.

Once or twice every month, new stars are awarded to celebrities at the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame . The stars honor performance in the entertainment industry, for example, from actors, musicians, directors and producers, and now there are more than 2500 of them.

The star ceremony takes place in public and you can be there for free. On this occasion you can see the honoree up close. Dates for this event and others such as film premieres in the Chinese Theater can be found on www.seeing-stars.com.

From my own experience, I can only advise to be there early because the rush is incredible. Everyone wants to stand in the front row and see their star up close. Many come very close to loud shouting from their fans and are happy to be ready for a selfie and a few nice words.

Comfortable footwear and also something to drink would be an advantage as it takes a long time and it is usually very warm in Hollywood.

Again in 2018 celebrities will be honored again including Mary J. Blige, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lawrence and Snoop Dogg.

As you can see, there are many occasions where you can meet stars in Los Angeles, even in places you would not expect.


  • Interesting article! There are certainly some tourists who rummage through the places mentioned to see the VIP's there. I personally do not think that's so interesting and I'm not the type to ask for an autograph. I think the location itself more exciting (if then Halle Berry pushes past, but of course I would also look?). Greetings Nini from http://www.mamazeiten.com

  • Interesting article! Even if that would interest me the least now. But surely the tips for others who like to see celebrities, thank you!

    Lg from Norway

  • That sounds very interesting, did not even know that there are "certain" places for it. I'm not the celebrity hunter right now and prefer to tour the area and explore everything. Thank's for the Tipps.
    LG Nadine

  • I would also like to go on vacation. So for a few months ^. ^ ...
    And even then, you do not have all the time to see everything. I find it always interesting and happy to read another insight from you.

    all the best

  • Very interesting contribution - but more because of the great insider locations, less because of the celebrities 😉). The Farmer Market sounds super exciting. Hollywood in general is on my holiday list relatively high up. Thanks for sharing your pictures experiences
    LG Sophia

    • Gladly, the Farmers Market and the shopping center The Grove are very worth seeing and you can spend a day there.
      best regards

  • A great contribution and certainly very interesting.
    Personally, I would not think I recognize a celebrity, even if I collide with him. * Laughter *

    LG Sabana

  • Hi!

    I think if you are already in Hollywood, you would like to meet stars .. Thanks for your tips!

    I wish you a nice sunny Sunday!

    Best regards,
    Verena from http://www.Lieblingsleseplatz.de

  • As always very great tips! I would like to see the Walk of Fame live ... one or the other star of course 🙂

    Best regards,
    Verena of

  • Oh, I have to admit, I would like to meet such a celebrity, such as. Chris Hemsworth or David Beckham. However, I would never get the idea to go and ask for a photo or autograph. I just respect too much the privacy of the people.

    But with your tips, I could sneer from a distance 😉

    All the best,

  • This year it's the first time for me in the US, Los Angeles will unfortunately not be, but for the next trip it is definitely on the to-do list. Although most of the stars I will not recognize, but if I run into a Tim Burton, I think I can not breathe allerdings But I'm also rather the one who looks from far, maybe caught a picture and then pleased. I'm always sorry for the celebrities that they can not even go on the market alone without being followed at every turn 🙂

  • I envy you. I have never seen a celebrity up close? If I'm in Los Angeles, will I write down your tips?
    best regards

    • Celebrities are nothing special there, it hardly interests you and it is also refrained from taking pictures.
      best regards

  • Halle Berry has to eat something at some point. 😉 Who knows, maybe I'll come to LA and meet celebrities!

  • I feel like I'm the only person who would not care if you meet a star on the street. I would not want an autograph or a photo 😀 For me these are normal people with a job 😀

  • Good evening.
    Find that very interesting but would not catch a star now and "beg" for a picture or autograph. I would like to steal the star from Marilyn Monroe. Came in the living room very well. Lach.

    Dearest greetings,

    • My husband got a star as a doormat with his name for his birthday .... laugh.
      best regards

  • It would be the same with me. After all, there are only people and want to spend their free time as normal as possible.

  • It will be time for me to fly to the States and explicitly to LA to celebrate the Walk of Fame. I think I'll bow to awe in awe. Otherwise, I do not care about stars and starlets, but of course, if I saw someone, I would chat with them * laugh *.

    Greetings, Bea.

  • I would never go on "Promijagd" or go to extra places to hope to see someone. In the end, these are just human beings. 🙂

  • Oh, that sounds cool that you met Ozzy Osbourne at Starbucks, how funny. I'm not that celebrity hunter, but I'd like the environment too. Especially Malibu Beach is worth a visit.

  • Certainly also very nice spots for those who are not necessarily on celebrity hunt. I have never been to LA and know nothing there.

  • I find your contributions not only informative, but also incredibly exciting. Somehow, I think it's cool to see my favorite star doing what's everyday like shopping. But then I would have to remember that I would not be the one. I find it hard to recognize people on TV in their own right.

    Best regards,

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