What do Americans love most?


America land of fast food?

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When we booked our first trip to America we thought, like so many people about food in the US, immediately about burgers, fries, donuts, hot dogs and heavyweight people. America is known for a wide range of fast food chains with pizzas, Chinese fast food, sandwiches and much more. There you can eat often 24 hours a day, quite reasonably priced and usually very tasty at large portions.

Dinner is the main meal of the day in the US and you try, if possible, to share it with your family. When we arrived at our family in Los Angeles we were treated to a very tasty welcome dinner with the whole family consisting of starter, main course and dessert.

There was a delicious pepper steak in brandy sauce with baked potatoes, Caesar's salad with onion rings and pasta salad. Chocolate brownies with ice cream for dessert were the perfect way to end this very elaborate dinner.

Typical   American breakfast!

The next morning there was a copious American breakfast consisting of savory and sweet foods. Eggs with bacon, small sausages with rolls and brown bread, croissants, jam and pancakes with syrup. To drink orange juice, coffee and for me Swiss Miss Marshmallow Lovers.

I love this cocoa with the little marshmallows and donuts with pudding filling. Meanwhile, I am a regular customer at Star Donuts, the shop very close to my family. There is a varied offer and that 24 hours a day. Always gives me the nice service a few small cakes for free.

Every time before the flight home, I pick up a last one there, which I then also eat the way to the airport. You can not compare the donuts in Germany at all.

Donut with pudding filling and chocolate nut

The American lunch!

At noon, the Americans are content with a smaller meal, mostly because they only have a short lunch break and the children are at school. You bring a little something to work with, or join the line in front of a fast-food restaurant and get there hamburgers, fries or a sandwich.

We usually prefer a food court that has several fast food chains such as Panda Express , Starbucks Coffee or Subway. There is also plenty of seating for a little break.

The dinner was then again a cozy get-together with spaghetti, pizza, macaroni and cheese and a good bottle of red wine. At the weekend there was a barbecue with friends, which is a very popular leisure time in the USA. Various types of marinated steaks, spare ribs, hamburgers, sausages and poultry are grilled. The invited guests bring salads, side dishes and drinks with them.

Other countries other manners!

What had already struck me about my daughter-in-law during her visit to Germany and I considered her to be a habit made everyone here. Many Americans cut their food first, then lay the knife aside and then eat the pieces with a fork. The free hand then usually remains under the table on the lap.

Restaurant visits are very popular in the USA!

Of course we like to visit restaurants during our stays in the USA. Our favorite restaurants include The Cheesecake Factory, Buca di Beppo and the Outback Steakhouse.

Wait until you are led to the table!

In the US, it is not common to look for your own places, but one waits for the sign "Please wait to be seated". If there are waiting times, you will be asked if you want to take a drink at the bar or you get a time and come back later. If a table has been cleared, cleaned and freshly set, you will be accompanied by the staff to the table and you get the same menu.

Refills , drink as much as you want!

Something that I really like in the US is the refills. You order a drink and the glass is empty when it is empty, but you only pay once. This applies to all non-alcoholic drinks such as lemonades, soft drinks or coffee. If you drink, as I usually only water, that is of course always replenished but it costs nothing. Water is brought in almost all restaurants anyway free to the respective, ordered drink.

Big portion!

Since the portions in most restaurants can be quite large, it is common in the US to take the rest home with you. You just ask for one   Box or   Doggy bag and packs his own food in it. The name does not mean that the remains are intended for the dog at home, which is probably in most cases so.

You can not refill drinks in restaurants, it's only available in fast food chains.

Tipping in the US!

In America, it is not common, as with us, to sit longer at the table, but one leaves quickly after paying the table. Otherwise you block the table for new guests and would thus reduce the turnover of the operation. Waiters usually work for a very low base salary and depend on a good tip .

I hope I was able to tell you a lot about the topic of what Americans love to eat and that the mistake would be to clear only fast food out of the way.

Have a good appetite and have fun during your stay!


  • The contribution has saved us from some "fags" 😉 "In the US, it is not common to look for his own places, but one waits at the sign" I was not yet known and the sign would have certainly overlooked, I would have purposeful chosen a nice place 😉
    We hope that our budget at the end of the journey is still sufficient to get an insight into the typical American food.
    Greetings Two on the move

    • In restaurants you do not even come to a table, even without this sign. It's just like you see it in American movies. Somebody's sitting there asking you how many seats and bringing you to a suitable table. At Fast-Foof_Ketten you can find your own place.
      Have fun on your journey
      best regards

  • By the way, you can replenish the drink in most of the restaurants and take it with you. My girlfriend does that basically. I rather not. But I also like it very much. Since I drink almost only water, that's great for me. I would like that in Germany too, especially since I do not like all mineral water. So I would prefer tap water, because the Germans are pretty much impossible.

  • Great topic! There are too few good tips for travelers with hunger in the US 😉 Have my experience with the USA kitchen -specific Virginia / Southern States - already the best. best regards

  • Great post. I'm looking forward to my trip to America, then I can see it all with my own eyes. 🙂

  • I think it's great that the drinks are replenished. The first time it irritated me?

    best regards

  • So I know the cut with a friend from LA! It was really strange, but then we adjusted it and it stuck with me. But I think you learn just by such contributions, that just not everything is like on TV. Of course we all know the big portions, but there are so many different food cultures. Some eat very greasy, others just extremely healthy and many keep a good balance.
    From your donut description I have hunger but now xD

    xoxo Vanessa

  • Hey thanks for this nice post. I lived two years in the US myself and can only confirm that. Just as everywhere, it depends on the region. but the big portions are almost everywhere. Lg Alex from http://margreblue.de/

  • Very interesting 😉 I have never been to the USA, but I really want to go there. The food looks really delicious and with the refills is great!



  • OMG! The Cheesecake Factory is real ??? How cool!
    But even if there are more than burger Co. in the US, I love a good burger and onion rings here in Germany with an American (not with the well-known chains with Pappburgern) ... too bad that I make your contribution so shortly before dinner have read ... now my bread does not seem as attractive as before 😉

  • orange diamond

    I have to grin, because I am in the States very often and had the feeling of going from one party to another! Always eat a lot and the cake was always a must! 🙂
    So true your words!

  • It all looks so delicious! I would like to eat every day full :))) Donut with pudding and chocolate sauce is a dream!

    best regards

  • Even in Germany I would never aim aimlessly through a restaurant to find a place for myself. I stay in the entrance area and wait for a seat to be assigned to me. In my opinion, the eating habits are not very different from ours in Germany.
    best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    So when I think of the American kitchen, I'm not thinking of fast food, but of great steaks, but also seafood. I think it's great that you have to wait at the reception and not just looking for a place yourself. I would also like that for many restaurants in Austria.

    Thanks for the nice contribution!
    best regards

  • Left. I did not know how to cut it with food and only eat it with one hand. With us it is almost a must to eat with a knife and fork. And then the hand under the table :-). Learned something again!

    Best regards, Simone

  • I've been to America and learned to appreciate our Austrian cuisine.

    Best regards,

  • That with the wait until you are led to a table, I already knew and think it's great. Would I like it with us, but is common only in the fine gastronomy. Back when I was in NY, it felt odd when the waiter asked - we were still at the main course, whether we wanted a bedside table. When we said no, he brought us the bill during the meal. 🙂 I can confirm that the portions were big there.
    It is the most comfortable there in fast food restaurants, because you can sit as long as you like - as we are used to it.
    Thanks for the insights into other countries other customs.

  • Great contribution. Would you like to go back to the USA? The food there is just soo yummy. Whereby we had to get a salad in between times because we did not feel like something greasy?

  • Very interesting post. I did not know some of that 🙂

  • primetime chaos

    How funny! Since almost all stereotypes are fulfilled 😉
    My friends in New York are all on the health strip. There are only chicken, kale and smoothies haha
    All the best, Theresa

  • The food looked to me but mainly after fast food 🙂 I did not see a lot of vegetables now 🙂 But I also know that Americans not only eat fast food but also really good and like to cook.
    Maybe they stir up the prejudice but also themselves, you see the people in films mainly in fast food chains or in books there is eaten very much, in addition to the obligatory Mac Cheese and meatloaf with mashed potatoes.
    But I know for myself, I would like to get full in America 🙂

  • Hello Sigrid,
    I also think it's great that the drinks are always filled up. That should be introduced here too! Thanks for the great contribution!

    Love Linni

  • A great report! I can imagine that Americans are not just eating fast food. Nevertheless, I think that I would not feel so well there food technically. 🙂 That but the drinks are always refilled, I think great!

    All the best,

  • I'm a USA fan, as you know, but as far as the food is concerned, I would rather have problems in the long run. I'm more used to cooking myself and do not enjoy eating in everyday life. But fresh food is just so expensive ... I think I would be so weak and would certainly increase a lot because everything is so tasty there 😀

    best regards

  • I do not think it's good that you have to leave the table quickly after dinner. Thus, one is too much and too fast, which is well known unhealthy. But what I think is great that the drinks are refilled.
    Great contribution.
    Best regards,

  • Hey my love.
    Thanks for this informative article. So nothing stands in the way of a USA trip.

    Dearest greetings,

  • Now I have to admit with these pictures and impressions, yes, that I also imagine the daily diet of the Americans 😉
    although there is now also a strong backlash towards healthy and vegan, right?

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from http://www.liebewasist.com

    • Yes, there is really Tina, everywhere there are now vegan or vegetarian dishes. My daughter-in-law is also a vegetarian.
      best regards

  • Very interesting post. It is always wonderful to try local food. I like that especially when traveling. How do you like this post? fixhephoto.com/blog/retouch-tips/how-to-edit-food-photos.html I think that food photography is a very interesting direction.

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