ESTA Travel Permit for the United States of America!


What do I need for a trip to the USA?

If so, then you should start planning in good time, as entry to the US needs some important preparation.

Of course, I do not want to tarnish your anticipation, but some things have to be organized for this trip to the other continent. In any case, the ticket alone is definitely not enough.

Also, if you do not need a visa for a trip to the US, it will not work without a message. Instead of a visa, visitors from Germany must apply for an ESTA travel authorization.

ESTA means "Electronic System for Travel Authorization", electronic system for applying for the entry permit. This ESTA permit can be applied for by all citizens of the countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program. Participants in this program are currently 38 countries including, for example, Germany and Switzerland.

The Esta travel authorization is valid for two years. You can travel to the US as often as you like during this time. After expiry of the validity of the application must be made again. The maximum duration of the visit may not exceed 90 days, for a longer stay you need a visa.

The Esta travel permit should be requested in good time but at least 72 hours before departure. I would recommend doing it on time to be on the safe side.

You will need a valid electronic passport, valid credit card and contact details for the ESTA application.

ESTA can only be applied for online and it is possible to get the application up and running in no time.

Also, if everything is stored electronically, I would recommend printing out the ESTA confirmation and attaching to important documents such as the ticket or passport. Sometimes the ESTA is required at check-in or at the security checkpoint.

However, a confirmed ESTA application is not yet secure for entry. Of course, the final decision is made by the customs officer, who asks a few questions that should be answered in a friendly and concise manner.

Most are asked for the reason of the stay in the US and the destination. Even those who have packed the suitcase and what is in it, the customs are always very interested.

But normally everything runs smoothly and you can then enjoy your vacation in the USA carefree.


  • Great contribution, really great 😉
    I can remember that before my first flight to the US, I was so afraid of entry.
    In the end, he was so incredibly friendly and has been visibly upset with me to cheer me up 🙂
    I'm really looking forward to my next trip to the USA.
    Greetings Jacky

    • That's what happened to me on our first visit. After all, they're just people doing their jobs.
      best regards

  • Very nice tips, we plan to travel in the next 1-2 years in the US and I am always totally unsure what you need everything and if everything works as planned.

  • With ESTA I was able to gain some experience professionally, as I have applied for them as a team assistant more often for my employees. But I think if you do that for yourself, the excitement is even bigger, if you've done everything right :) so your tips are really important and great and I can only underline them all

  • I think it's great that you have fully informed about the ESTA here - if you go on the Internet alone on the research, often finds so much and yet nothing concrete! really great summary of my love 🙂

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • Hey, that was completely unknown to me. Okay, there is no trip to the US, but if it comes at some point, then I know now. Thanks for that.

    Greetings, Bea.

  • That's exactly why traveling to the US annoys me so much. 4 years ago: My new passport, issued by the embassy in Vienna, did not seem to be valid for travel to the US because there is no biometric data stored in it yet. So I would have to apply for a new passport again. Conclusion: USA plans have been canceled. What is an electronic passport, please? Do I need that too now?

  • How fitting your report comes! We've just decided to drive in the US at the end of the summer or fall. Did not know what you need for everything papers. Thank's for the Tipps.

  • Cool, that you explain the whole thing here. Until now, ESTA was completely unknown to me. But I'm like Marion. The US does not irritate me so much that I would do this administrative effort for it.
    Because I prefer to travel in the opposite direction on the globe 😉

    Best regards
    Henrik von Fernweh cook

  • How complicated such a trip to the US can be.
    Does that decide the customs officer at the departure at the airport, or that when you're over there? Since I would have jammed again. There is already a long-distance flight behind you and the guy then tells you "Sry, you're weird and / or strange answers" (because you're just totally exhausted from the flight) and you can put back some hours in the plane. Ohwai.
    Best regards,
    Tama <3

  • We have no plans to fly to America in the near future, but thanks for the tip. At some point then it should be time - on our Travellist America is already long 🙂

    Lg, Sarah

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