Universal Studios Hollywood!


The Universal Studios Hollywood a top attraction of Los Angeles.

As a theme park fan, Universal Studios Hollywood was a must for us, of course. We visited the studios on a weekday in October and were lucky. The main travel time was over and it was not so much going on. The entrance fee for a day ticket would have been about $ 80, that annual ticket cost insignificantly more about $ 85. As our stay near Los Angeles lasted four weeks, we were able to visit the park as often as we wanted with this long-term ticket. We had no stress to see everything in one day and could enjoy all the shows, the studio tour and the other attractions in peace and quiet several times.

You get a little insight into how it goes behind the scenes of a film production and how films are made. During the journey, numerous background stories, general information about the studio and excerpts, of the movie set turned on cinema hits were shown on monitors. You also got hints what to look out for so as not to miss anything.

You can see the Great White Shark, the Bates Motel, King Kong, the City Hall of Back to the Future, the cars of Fast Furious, the street of Desperate Housewives, Walkin Dead and much more.

During the tour you will also experience earthquakes, spring tides, explosions and other spectacular special effects.

After the studio tour, the other attractions followed. Whether Transformers 3D, Simpsons, Jurassic Park, or Mummy Ride, we never had a longer wait than 20 minutes. By designing the attractions and preparing for the journey, time flew by. For example, you could take photos with the different characters from the various rides.

My personal favorites were the Transformers 3D and the Simpsons Ride.

The Jurassic Park Wildwasserbahn is also very funny where you end up getting really wet when you go over the super waterslide.

You should not be afraid of water, if you want to sit in the first rows in the Waterworld Show, which is not advisable, because you will be soaked.

This show is a really spectacular stunt show, with a lot of action but also a lot of fun. A must to look at and worth an extra item.

The presentation of the Universal Studios Hollywood is great! From the Jurassic Park Ride, Shrek 4D, the Simpsons 3D Ride to the Waterworld Stunt Show, Animal Show or the Blues Brothers. There is something for everyone, big or small.

Universal Studios Hollywood has a very special atmosphere. They are a great destination for young and old. The park with all its attractions, its excellent shows and many restaurants is worth every euro!

And finally a peck of Marilyn!


  • There seems to be something for every movie fan. It looks huge! The selection of the many pictures definitely makes you want to stop by 😉

  • Dear Sigrid,

    Of course, I also did the studio tour - funny that in more than 10 years it has remained the same! I was disappointed with the white shark ... it looked very fake, I thought. But the scene with the water that suddenly shoots down the street and a few other things I found really awesome. I would love to go back - that was a real experience!

    best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    what a great contribution. That would be just right for me. I love that and I would definitely love it. The special effects would be just right for me.

    Best regards, Mo

  • I have to admit ... it would all be too much for me ... but for real movie fans, this is certainly an unforgettable experience.
    The many photos are really great!

  • anja pink shape

    Wow. What a great report. I would like to go there too. Wonderful.
    Best regards
    Anja from https://pinkshape.de

  • again a really cool report dear Sigrit! with the movie studios, which we can visit here in Germany, these big studios have hardly anything in common 😉 just gigantic how huge that must be ... because you can probably spend a lot of time!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from http://www.liebewasist.com

    • We always get an annual pass and are very often in the Universal Studios, but it's always fun.
      best regards

  • Mega cool, when I was in LA, we did not have time to go. But as a film fan, that would definitely be on my next visit to my list! Especially the Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives and the Jurassic Park I would definitely have to watch 😉
    Amazing that the permanent ticket costs almost as much as the easy entry!
    best regards

    • Again we take an annual ticket, so we can get in as often as we want.
      best regards

  • Oh great, I really wanna go there 🙂

    All the best, Katii

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