Where is the Hollywood Sign?


The Hollywood Sign, more than just nine white letters!

Where is the Hollywood Sign, this impressive warning sign?

The address is; Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA

These are the nine letters of the world-famous Hollywood lettering on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills, on which the letters are attached. Each letter is about 14 meters high and the lettering together 137 meters long. The sign is the symbol of the US film industry and the location of many American films. It is a place that almost every tourist in Los Angels would like to visit for a souvenir photo. Unfortunately, this place is widely closed off.

On our first visit to Los Angeles, this Hollywood Hills landmark was at the top of my list. The question was, where does the Hollywood Sign actually stand and how do we get there?

My son, who lives there knows it naturally and then drove us to this known vantage point.

It is not easy to find the right location!

We tried again on our own, drove through many narrow and winding streets, saw quiet residential areas with great properties and had a great view of the skyline of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this was in the fog, which was safe for the season. It was February and the weather was not really nice that day.

The closest we came to the landmark was over North Beachwood Drive. We drove just before the intersection Glen Oak St, then the Ledgewood Drive along to the end. At the end of the road, you have a great view of the landmark.

What I liked less and I find very disturbing are the many power cables you will find everywhere.

The Hollywood Sign can be seen from many places!

From various points in the Hollywood Hills as from Deronda Drive and also from Hollywood Boulevard, there are some places where a clear view of the Hollywood Sing is possible.

From the outside of the Hollywood Highland Center you have in good weather from the upper floor an excellent view of the Hollywood logo.

Also from the Griffith Observatory you have a good, but a bit far away view.

Another way to see the Hollywood Sign is from Lake Hollywood Park.

Or you can drive along Runyon Canyon Road, park on the road and enjoy the view of the sign. The same applies to Mulholland Drive.

Seeing the Hollywood Sign in real and not out of the movie was something special for me. We had to drive quite far and the roads were sometimes very narrow, but it was worth it for our souvenir photos.

You have a fantastic view of Los Angeles from up there!


  • Dear Sigrid,

    oh, yes the Hollywood Sign ... I have seen from different places. I do not know why but in Natura I was a little disappointed then. The movie was a lot more impressive ... but that's just my personal impression. I did not know a few places you mentioned yet ... good to know for the next time. Maybe I'll give Hollywood another chance 😉 ...

    Have a nice evening!

  • I've never been there and somehow I'm not interested in seeing the sign. Nevertheless, find your story exciting and the pictures are also cool. I've heard somewhere, the sign is almost impossible to film for commercial purposes, because they strongly defend their copyright. I find it exciting.

  • ftuchscheerer2017

    Good Morning…
    I know ... but unfortunately only from pictures. By the way, great pictures and nice post, I like. I would like to go there, too, well, it will probably take a while.
    LG Frank

  • Great informative contribution.
    Was unfortunately never there ... but was happy sometimes
    LG diidy

  • I also really want to go to California and of course the Hollywood Sign should not be missing. Thanks for your great blog post! =)

  • I really like your blog ... your travel tips are already on our bucket list and your tips are great! Greetings Katja

  • Very cool pictures. In any case, I would like to see the Hollywood Sign once. Unfortunately, I have never been there.

    best regards

  • Everyone knows it but at least they saw it live. Very nice souvenir photos you have made there. I think the most beautiful is where you hold Hollywood in your hand.

    All the best


  • I can easily imagine that this was something special for you. I would love to go Hollywooda's signature. This is a little dream of mine and I really hope it will come true someday.
    best regards

  • I also really want to see the Hollywood Sign in real life. If I plan my trip to the United States (like in 2-20 years) I will definitely write your vantage point on the To Do list. Thank you for sharing!
    Best regards,
    Leni 🙂

  • eigtl is also interesting that you can see the landmark from so many places and it always looks a bit different 😉
    By the way, I have not seen it myself yet ...

    ❤ Tina from http://liebewasist.com

  • I did not realize it was not that easy to see the sign. I have never been there, but at some point I want to see that too!
    best regards

  • tomatoes island

    Hi Sigrid,
    I would like to stand next to the letters. I can not imagine 14m letters and would like to see them up close.
    LG Melli

  • Great that you travel to Hollywood for us! Seriously, who does not even want to go there, but you do not make it 🙂

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