Venice Beach Los Angeles a popular tourist destination!


A trip to famous Venice Beach is at the top of the list for many Los Angeles visitors. Incidentally, the name was inspired by the many canals that lead to the beach. These were once built to make the area habitable. But the relative tranquility of the Venice Canal does not interest most tourists. They want to head straight to the beach, where life pulsates and you can stroll along the Venice Boardwalk.

The beach extends to a length of about five kilometers and the boardwalk is very long. One shop joins the other there. From small art, costume jewelery to t-shirts everything is offered. The main thing is it failed as possible.

At Venice Beach Los Angeles you meet the most bizarre people!

on. Musicians, joggers, beautiful skaters in skimpy bikinis and street performers with breathtaking shows that earn their livelihood. Even musicians who offer their CDs and Althippies who want to sell something can be found here. My daughter-in-law calls it, how many Americans, freak show.

Weights are under blue sky!

The sky above Venice Beach is deep blue and pumped up muscle men lift their weights at the well-known Muscle Beach. There, where Arnold Schwarzenegger already trained, curious tourists gather. The bodybuilders can not be bothered by this and pay little attention to the curious crowd.

The smell from the food stalls blends with the unmistakable scent of marijuana that can be freely bought here and almost every street corner in Greater Los Angeles.

Buildings with colorful facades line the promenade, and in front of them doze off on the lawns or in the sand those who have already consumed their drugs or too much alcohol.

Skateboarders belong to Venice Beach like the muscle men!

A group of onlookers gather between the boardwalk and the beach at Venice Beach Skate Park to watch skateboarders doing their tricks. Young or old, boys and girls everyone is skating here and many are really talented too. The audience claps applause when especially small children show their feats and shoot memorial photos.

When the sun goes down at Venice Beach Los Angeles!

At dawn, Venice Beach Los Angeles is home to almost only locals, and there's nothing more to feel the day's gaiety and lightheartedness. Numerous homeless people and drug junkies replace the tourists in the evening and look for a place to stay overnight.

After sunset you should not stop here, that is not completely safe!


  • Hello Sigrid,
    So I think you have to have seen that too! Alone the pictures are already cool! But thanks for pointing out that it could be dangerous as well. I would not have thought that, although I always take care of it nowadays!

    Love Linni

  • Thanks for the great report and the nice pictures. Definitely want to stroll there for a long time.

    Lg from Norway

  • Great shots! Venice Beach captured just as it is during the day.

  • Very nice pictures again love Sigrid! I also like Venice very much and every time we are in LA, at least we make a detour to Venice. The area is really beautiful and there is always something to see 🙂

    best regards

  • Oh man, I'm getting wanderlust! Los Angeles is definitely a long-awaited destination of mine and when I see such pictures, I want to go even faster! I can well imagine that it is dangerous there at night. But anyway, I'm more of a "day man" and meanwhile I'm no longer interested in the nightlife .... Getting up early and exploring everything during the day and being on the road - that's more of a thing for me 🙂
    Best regards,
    Cindy ❤

    • That's how I feel about Cindy
      experience the sunset and then drink a glass of wine from home and on the terrace.
      best regards

  • Again a great report dear Sigrid. On Muscle Beach, I would also like to train and would be curious what all the muscle men would say to me 🙂

    • That would be very funny. I already had that idea, but I was too cowardly.
      best regards

  • Oh, I really want to go there! While my friend is skating I can relax on the beach, perfect!
    Best regards,
    Leni 🙂

  • Very cool .. I had already written that I know this only from the GTA5, but so in real pictures very impressive .. That would definitely be a travel destination for me 😉 Thanks for this wonderful insight.

    All the best

  • ohh I think if you're in LA, then you just have to go to the Venice Beach - this very special atmosphere should be very unique - I think that comes in your pictures and in your description also really good by 🙂

    as an absolute movement junkie. Venice would be for me anyway program!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

    • Since you can great jogging, cycling or skating love Tina. You would like that!
      best regards

  • anja pink shape

    Oh, I really want to go to Venice Beach. That must be great. Your report is great and so many great pictures. You want to go right now and plunge into the colorful life there. Wonderful.
    dearest greetings
    Anja from

  • Well, you will not be bored! 🙂 Always find it great how you take us with us and report on it. Great insights!

    Wish you a nice evening!
    Best regards,

  • Fortunately, Venice Beach is still a place of residence for many, but "Freakshow" is certainly not a dirty word! 😉

  • Oh I really want to visit Venice Beach. In front of all the muscle beach I would like to see, or perhaps even train there myself, I think that's definitely fun 😀
    Again a great report!

    Best regards, Kay.

    • I have to admit, I've had that thought before. Would be something special.
      best regards

  • Very cool! Did not know that Venice Beach is dangerous in the evening! Do I have to tell my mom right away, she'll be flying soon 😀

    best regards,

    • I wish her a lot of fun. I'll fly back to Las Vegas on May 17 and drive to Los Angeles.
      best regards

  • Ooooh, that would be my thing. Since I could run for hours inline and the beach ... there is nowhere else. Quite great. It is not completely harmless even here in Germany, in the evening, after dusk.

    Love from,


    • That's right, with us you can not even go out alone in the evening as a woman on the street. Sad world!
      best regards

  • Very nice pictures and impressions! I would like to see Venice Beach once, too 🙂

    best regards

    • I can only recommend that to you, you have to have just seen it.
      best regards

  • Must have seen in any case - even if you are perhaps more normal for the quieter corners. And maybe it also rips a bit with you. - Very beautiful photos!

    • I also like the quiet corners like Marina del Ray but from time to time you can stroll along the Venice Boardwalk.
      best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    Venice Beach is just great, colorful and an experience! I have spent a lot of time there and enjoyed every minute of it. I hope I will come back soon! Your contribution made me want to <3!

    Sunny greetings

    • Dear Verena, I'll be back soon. I can not wait to spend time there with my grandson and son.
      best regards

  • Hard to believe that this beach has 2 sides. On the one hand the tourist magnet and then in the evening the drug addicts. Glad you mention this, I would probably want to enjoy the sunset there.

    All the best,

    • I prefer to enjoy it from a restaurant or from the Santa Monica Pier.
      best regards

  • I did not think that the beach is so dangerous in the evening, is not it guarded? Great photos have you shot again!

    • Sure, everywhere is police, but who wants to go for a walk among drug addicts and homeless. We had an experience in Venice with a junky, who stood in the street and has roared to himself. Then he pulled a knife and ran after us. We were scared for our lives and called the police. Three patrol cars were there at lightning speed.
      best regards

  • So who is in LA, just have to stop there. It is certainly fascinating, people come to see you and the pictures are really cool. Unfortunately, I was not there yet but is still on my travel list!

    Best regards from Nini

  • That's definitely great there. Beautiful photos, makes you want to experience it yourself! Marhuana pregnant air I know from Amsterdam ;-).
    Greetings Claudia

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