When we visit our family in California, we do a lot of things together. After all, we do not see each other that often and of course we also want to spend a lot of time with our little grandson Noah. We always try to find goals that suit everyone, the little ones and us adults, such as shopping in the Commons Calabasas.

The Commons Calabasas are a beautifully designed, well maintained outdoor shopping center. There is something for everyone to see and discover, very comfortable outdoors and ideal for children.

From the parking lot you can go directly to EDWARDS CALABASAS STADIUM, a recently renovated cinema. There are comfortable, very comfortable reclining seats and each has a small extendable table. Watching movies is really fun.

In the Commons Calabasas there are lovingly created ponds with turtles, of which our grandson is totally thrilled. He could watch the cute little animals in the water for hours and it's hard to lure them away from there.

But there are still water-spewing characters like the frog or the turtle he likes. Even the grandma is there for everyone to have fun.

Now we take a little tour around the ponds. It goes over a small bridge from which one can admire many other funny characters. Not only does Noah like our grandson, but also Klaus.

Let's go shopping in the Commons Calabasas!

But there is still time for a delicious Iced Flavored Latte at Starbucks. From there you have a good view over the area and can observe the people. There is no rush and no hustle and bustle all are leisurely as a walk. If you are lucky you can see celebrities like the Kardashians or Justin Bieber, they live around the corner. Strangely enough, there are no paparazzi hanging around here, although it is a high-end shopping mall. The only thing that is noticeable is that you can not take photos in the shops, you will be politely pointed out.

After this break, we stroll through the Commons, there are many interesting shops such as Barnes Noble . I love this bookstore with the huge selection of books, movies, music, toys and play area for the little ones. There I could spend hours and rummage.

Also on Sepora I can never go past, there are high quality products for women and men. I love makeup and am always impressed by the many colors and the wide selection.

's Fish House, Corner Bakery Cafe, Toscanova und dem Marmalade Cafe vorbei. Now take a look at shops such as Chico's or BCBC and walk past numerous restaurants such as King's Fish House, Corner Bakery Cafe, Toscanova and the Marmalade Cafe. There are about thirty-five shops and restaurants that make shopping in the Commons Calabasas an experience. The shops carry a large selection of branded products, but they are not exactly cheap.

The Commons Calabasas have become a tourist destination, as they often show celebrities. Nevertheless, it is a quiet, family-friendly place to eat in an outdoor restaurant, for example. Then you go to Ralphs supermarket and take what you need at home.

Calabasas one of the toughest smoking laws in the world!

Calabasas is the first city in the USA, where since 18.03.2006 there is a regulation to protect against passive smoking. This prohibits, for example, smoking outdoors (streets, sidewalks, parks) and in buildings (shops, hotels, bars, restaurants) etc. It is nowhere permitted to light a cigarette when other people might be disturbed by the smoke.

Smokers must be at least six feet away from any place where other people could be. If someone complains, the cigarette must be turned off there too.

If you smoke anyway, it can cost you up to $ 500.


  • again a great contribution ...

    well done …

  • Dear Sigrid,

    again a great contribution from you :-)! The turtles would have pleased my two little ones and I would have disappeared for hours in the shopping temple. In America they are something quite different than here in Vienna. ... and I wish Sephora would be with us soon ... now that I do not come to America so often ....

    best regards

  • Thanks for your nice pictures. I really feel that you have always taken me on a journey. Thank you here at this point. The ponds look adorable, they remind me with the spitting frog to the Hellbrunner water games here in Salzburg. 🙂 I'm zwiegespalten the smoking ban. But this is another story. best regards

  • It looks so beautiful. I've got really wanderlust again. Many thanks for the great contribution and all the impressions! ?

    Lovely wishes!

  • That's a great shopping center 🙂
    Such outdoor shopping centers are my favorite when the weather is nice.
    So I could never go past Sephora ... 😀
    Best regards Tamara

  • Dear Sigrid

    Since I would like to go shopping and spend my time now!

    Thank you for the great report!

    Have a nice Sunday!


  • Great report! I also like that with smoking! Should be like that everywhere. My friend is asthmatic there is a city stroll partly real horror! ..

    Best regards from Bratislava! 🙂

  • The smoking I think awesome. I was recently at a concert in a beer garden where someone was sitting next to me, smoking constantly. In the past, I did not notice how uncomfortable I found it - unlike today. Best regards, Simone

  • desire wrought

    Dear Sigrid,

    a great article from you about a great shopping center! I would enjoy shopping as well! An additional plus is the non-smoking! Thanks for the presentation!

    Many greetings


  • I love those shopping 'malls' in the US 🙂 There is so much on offer and you can spend a whole day there without any problems.
    Generally, I find no smoking in public okay 😀 I do not smoke 😉

    best regards

  • That sounds like the perfect shopping center for me. And I have to be careful not to get stuck in the cinema 😉
    But especially the smoking ban I think great! My family would go crazy ...
    Love from

    • We are all non-smokers except for my husband. He needs his three cigarettes a day, but he can divide himself and I live with it. best regards

  • A very nice article, and great pictures. You shopping center in the US are really something completely different than here in Germany. A real experience for the whole family. Lg Alex from

  • Hi my love
    A great tip. The Commons is also wonderfully decorated for Christmas. The smoking ban I find awesome, you could also introduce certain outdoor offerings here.
    Best regards Lena

  • Hi Sigrid,
    It's great that you always give so much inspiration on the topic of America. I want to go there for so long and now I have no less desire 😉

    Lg Anni

  • That's a great shopping mall. The ponds are really great.

    LG Jasmine

  • Wow.
    Total cool. That would be something for me. The characters in the river, I think so dear.
    Would I like to get on the plane and go? Thank you for your impressions. Written nicely.

    best regards

  • I totally love the typical malls in the USA! This one is also really nice decorated ♥

  • Oh, the USA. Always worth a trip <3 Great contribution !!

  • Dear Sigrid,
    that looks so great out there and really a bit like the Oulet Center in Neumünster from the buildings ago. Just great to get such pictures over and over again from the USA.

    Dearest greetings,

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