Los Angeles Zoo Lights walk under stars!


If you are in Los Angeles, or in the vicinity for Advent, you should visit the zoo in the evening. The zoo and botanical gardens are always worth a visit, but in the dark, the beautiful, well-kept grounds has been home to the Los Angeles Zoo Lights for several years. There you will find in various sections, made with love, colorfully lit subject areas.

The walkways, lit up with countless colorful lights, are very invitingly designed like tunnels. If you go through it, you feel like walking under a bright, bright starry sky.

It has certainly taken a lot of time and effort to accompany everything with suitable music and lighting effects and implement the ideas. For example, cardboard boxes became luminous rhinos and frogs singing from water bottles.

There is a huge illuminated weeping willow, illuminated palm trees and reflecting balls high in the trees to admire, everything lovingly designed with a lot of imagination.

Although most of the animals already sleep or are in their enclosures at this time, there is a blacklight reptile exhibit and also a reindeer with babies for the kids to admire.

Of course, Santa Claus should not be missing, which is available in a section with brightly lit Christmas trees for photos. On the lap of Santa children's eyes are shining! But you should make an appointment before, the rush is great.

From the reptiles, the path leads directly to the water show, which should not be missed. It is magical and fascinating, lasts about 5-7 minutes and is similar to Disney's world of colors in mini version.

Los Angeles Zoo Lights, the perfect destination for families in the Advendszeit!

For the small appetite and the sweet tooth is of course also taken care of. There are snack bars with all sorts of goodies such as churros, pretzels, corn, roasted almonds, popcorn and hot chocolate. The adults treat themselves to warming from inside, Irish Cream or a peppermint liqueur.


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