What you should know about life in California!


The freedom and the many possibilities in the land of unlimited possibilities attracts many people.

California is undoubtedly one of America's most popular and most visited states. Dreamlike sandy beaches, coastal roads with fantastic views, boundless forests, hot deserts and even mountains, California offers something of everything.

Many have fallen in love with the diversity of their first visit to this state and the desire to stay there forever. Especially the area around Los Angeles , where it has already made many a rag from the dishwasher to millionaire, consider them the ideal place to dare a fresh start.

Anyone who thinks about starting a new life there should know some facts!

One should have at least 2 times as much money in euros as in euros to maintain the standard of living in Los Angeles.

For the price of a simple family home, you would get a ten-room villa or a luxury ranch with a huge lot in other states. Even a small apartment in Los Angeles can cost a seven-figure amount.

Also, the rent goes to the wallet, so costs an apartment in Los Angeles from $ 2000 and a house from $ 4000, upwards of course. Also, the cost of living is very high, as it would be better to avoid other places in the area.

Since I also like to cook on holiday, I regularly go to supermarkets, here are some prices!

  • 6er pack of beer about 10
  • 1 pound of apples 1.99
  • ! Pfu nd tomatoes 1.79
  • 1 salad 1.99
  • Cornflakes Kellogs 4.99
  • Toilet paper 4 rolls 4.99
  • Philadelphia original 5.69
  • 18 eggs 5.99
  • 1 pound of coffee you usually only find Starbucks 16.99
  • Cigarettes 7.95

Anyone planning to live in the United States should definitely be concerned with health insurance benefits.

Many are fortunate enough to have good health insurance through the employer, but eye treatments or pregnancies, for example, are not fully covered. Pregnancy with childbirth and related preventive and preventive care can cost up to $ 20,000.

Even if you have the most expensive insurance, you have to pay an additional $ 100-150 for every doctor visit.

This is followed by a detailed report.

Maternity protection as in Germany, you do not know in the US. There is no statutory maternity protection.

There is a law that gives mothers a maximum of twelve weeks of unpaid maternity leave, but not all mothers. You have to work at least one year and the employer must have more than 50 employees.

This law ensures that the job waits 12 weeks for the mother to return to work.

Many mothers work as long as possible to have as much time as possible with their baby after giving birth.

After maternity leave you need a place for childcare, one of the biggest expenses for American families!

For a full-time care of their children, parents pay in the US between 1500 and 2000 euros a month, which is about ten times as with us. If you can not afford it, you will have a private childminder at your own expense, but you will not be able to afford it under $ 800.

Scientists say it's only a matter of time before California experiences an earthquake . And it will not be the first time.

My daughter-in-law still often thinks back to the last big earthquake in Southern California in 1994. At that time she was only 8 years old and it happened in the middle of the night at 4:30. She was awakened by the suddenly falling bookshelf that on her bed a lot. Seconds later, her father Craig ran into the room and lifted the shelf from her bed. The earthquake, which lasted only about 15 seconds, says, but the damage throughout the San Fernando Valley has been enormous. Even freeway bridges collapsed due to the impact of the quake. Afterwards, the whole family had to leave the house for several hours, as the aftershocks continued for a long time. My daughter-in-law Shaina still places a red bag right next to the front door. She calls them the Emergency Bag and inside are clothes, some cash and medicines.

Unfortunately, forest fires belong to the sunshine state of California, such as burger, sun, sandy beach and the deep blue sea. Again and again, there are devastating forest fires that cause great damage and give people little time to leave their homes in time.

These whale fires are feared and always present, because usually enough already a small spark to trigger a giant fire.

Traffic in Los Angeles!

The Los Angeles traffic network is one of the most heavily congested areas in the world. The American motorist spends more than 100 hours of his time every year coping with this traffic .

Not every one of them is slow at all times and is quietly changing lanes or waiting for a signal from others to change them. Some drivers are aggressive and switch without a signal and without regard to the next lane.

The change of seasons!

Many Germans who have decided to live in California miss the change of seasons.

The autumn walks through the colorful foliage forest as the foliage slowly begins to color and yellow, orange and red shines.

Christmas with snow , real Christmas tree, tobogganing, building a snowman and drinking mulled wine.

New Year's Eve with fireworks and party with friends until the morning. In California fireworks are mostly banned and after the countdown at midnight you go home.

The moment when snowdrops fight through the snow, temperatures rise. When nature comes to life again, the meadows turn green again and the flowers and shrubs start to bloom again.

Then, when finally the long-awaited spring comes again!


  • Dear Sigrid,

    Our niece has just returned from a 3 week tour of California and showed us her photos. Sooo beautiful! Unfortunately, there were always forest fires ... eg the Grand Canyon ... bad, how such a fire can rage :-(. That with the health insurance is interesting - we live in Austria (still) in a land of milk and honey. (...

    Interesting contribution from you!
    Beautiful evening!

  • Yes, life in California is unfortunately too expensive. Even if I did not intend to go there, I would like to spend a holiday there.

  • Dear Sigrid,

    Thank you for the detailed report. I have heard a lot about how expensive life is in LA ... but the rents are really crazy. Also, that births mean a huge cost, is really insane.
    As you can see once again, how well in Germany with all "covered" / is.

    Love, Elisa

  • Yes California is really not cheap. Whether I would miss the change of the seasons, I can not say. Maybe then the holiday would just go more in areas with snow or I would come to Germany in the fall. In the long run, the weather here is over. ?

  • Thanks for the article, I hope it takes the one or the other a little blue-eyed, as far as life in the US, especially in California. I have had very similar experiences. I would like to add more points:

    - The gang crime especially in LA has a very different caliber than what you might know from German cities. There are real no-go areas and people are being murdered daily. This has nothing in common with any weird rapby romance. There are neighborhoods in LA, there is a continuous war in short. You just have to say that.
    - me personally in general scared the huge drop height in the American society. You have to be aware that there is poverty in this country, especially in California, to a much greater extent than we know it. I have sometimes found this extremely unfair.
    - Heat. Yes, there are quite a few summer weeks in the southern states when the thermometer climbs above the 100/105 ° F mark for weeks (ie around 40 ° C or above). You have to abkönnen first.
    To be honest, I lived in the southern states of the USA for a while and I'm glad for that experience, but I was also happy to come back to Germany.

  • Madness how expensive life in Kaliefornien is, with so many expenses or high sums I would never have expected. Luckily I do not plan to emigrate anyway, but I would definitely like to spend a holiday there.

  • ohh yes, that California is not a cheap plaster, I can imagine very well - but you also hear on the other hand, so much good and beautiful. most of the people say yes of the freedom that you can enjoy there 🙂 ws it is simply worth it?

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from http://www.liebewasist.com

  • Haha the prices almost remind me of our apartment prices in Tyrol! 😉 Again a very informative contribution from you, learned something again !!

    Best regards,

  • Thank you for showing us the other side of beautiful California! At these points I am glad to live in Germany.

    best regards

  • How is it with the earnings generally there? Do you earn about twice as much on similar jobs?

  • Wow, those are stark facts and it is so extremely different than here.

    Super informative, thanks for the article. California is just super expensive - I could not live there ... Somehow this is not my world at all. But that is of course a matter of taste! 🙂

    Dearest greetings,
    Sarah from http://www.vintage-diary.com

  • Hi,

    My wife and I live in San Diego, CA and most things are 100% correct. However, you can also cheaper, z. B .: ALDI. Yes, no joke. 12 eggs for 79 and 99 cents is definitely cheaper than in Germany or strawberries, 2 pounds for 99 cents is probably clear. Cost for the CA driver license $ 35, CA boat license $ 10, brand new SUV in full $ 36,500 (including SalesTax), the same car in Germany costs around € 50,000.
    Yes, a lot is extremely expensive, but you also get a lot for it and some things are quite cheaper than in Germany.
    As far as rents are concerned, I am also a bit divided. Apartment about 200 meters from the beach for $ 2,100 is in itself a lot, but firstly: location, location, location and secondly: The people who live here are so friendly and helpful (so not just this superficial) that it definitely justifies the price and San Diego, CA is so beautiful that you would like to stay here despite the high prices.
    So if you are thinking of moving to California, you should come with a certain amount of money, so that the start in this beautiful country succeeds. Oh yes, of course it is also much more expensive in CA. If you would like to move to San Francisco, CA, just double the rental amount in LA or San Diego, you can live there ...
    Of course, this is also cheaper in the US, only - 20 degrees Celsius in Chicago in winter you have to like ...
    Who has other experiences, like to answer !!!

  • Tina Aghanian

    Hi, I've been back from California for four weeks. I also found everything but really much too expensive. Especially for me, price-performance has partly not voted. I mean for much less qualitative things than with us you pay 2 to 3 times more. Example: a plate of salad Caprese totally small with a bit of mozzarella, barely tomatoes, strange salad leaves and the sauce well not so delicious without bread $ 16 Glass Rose sourly scratching for $ 12 4 slices of ciabatta bread $ 4.50 so $ 32.5 plus $ 15% so $ 37 ... in Glendale shopping center ... a good and nice but normal area in LA ...... .I found it fierce

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