TOP 9 Inventions that changed the world from California


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The US is a fantastic country, with friendly people and many cultures. Especially California is known for its relaxed lifestyle and creativity. That's why, of course, many inventions have changed the world from that state. For example, the first Apple computers came from a garage in Silicon Valley. Also, numerous, world-famous companies such as Intel, Google or Facebook are based there in California.

By the way, California's economy is the 5th largest in the world!

But there are some other inventions that changed the world from CA!

Here I have put together a small selection for you!

In 1945, Harold Matson sold his shares in Matttel, Elliot Handler and his wife Ruth. They produced a lot of toys but the most famous in the whole world is probably the Barbie doll. Ruth Handler invented this dressage doll in 1959, which looked like a mannequin. By the way, Barbie has the name of her daughter Barbara.

Jelly beans have been around for a long time, but Jelly Belly Beans have only been around for 42 years. They are manufactured since 1976 by the J elly Belly Candy Company. This was originally founded by two German immigrants under the name Herman Goelitz Candy Company. It took a long time to study the formula of the little candies because they contain less sugar and they should be available with different tastes.

They were sold for the first time in an ice cream parlor in California. Initially, there were only eight flavors, now there are about 50 different varieties.

The nicotine patch was invented by Murray Jarvik and patented in 1990 by the University of California, Los Angeles. Jarvik was researching methods of treating addiction to smoking in California. He had discovered that nicotine was mainly responsible for it. He made experiments with nicotine gum and began working with his colleague Jed Rose in the 1980s to counteract smoking addiction with a nicotine patch.

On a cold night in the winter of 1905, eleven-year-old Frank Epperson mixed a lemonade in San Francisco, stirred it with a wooden stick, and set it to the window. While playing, he forgot his drink and did not remember it until the next morning. This is how the first ice cream was created in style.

In 1923, when the first refrigerators with freezers were introduced to households, he filed the patent for the frozen ice cream in style.

Levi Strauss, the inventor of blue jeans, was born in Buttenheim near Bamberg in Upper Franconia. After the death of his father, the mother emigrated with her children to America. At the time of the big gold rush Levi moved to San Francisco and opened a haberdashery with fabrics and all sorts of trinkets. Many of his clients were gold diggers running around in torn pants, which gave him the idea of ​​making sturdy and durable pants. He designed a cut, teamed up with tailor Jacob Davis and they made comfortable pants with pockets reinforced with rivets to stow the tool inside.

That was the birth of Blue Jeans, which was patented in 1873.

Of course, each of us has already got a fortune cookie at Chinenesen. But who was thinking who might have invented them? Fortune cookies are not an ancient invention of the land of smiles but a true invention of modern times.

The biscuits, with the paper saying inside, which one gets served after dinner in Chinese are also from California. One theory says making these biscuits and handing them out to guests after dinner comes from Makato Hagiwara, who lived in San Francisco. In the years 1907 to 1914 he allegedly served fortune cookies to guests in his tea garden for tea. They were not made by him but in a Japanese bakery in San Francisco.

The skateboard is definitely one of the inventions that changed the world! Millions of people are running this fast-growing sport, which is also part of X-Games! In the 1950s, surfers mounted wheels on small surfboards, creating a way to ride not only on the waves but also on boardwalks. Driving with the board was an independent sport in the early 1960s and has become a world-renowned activity.

The term fast food originated in the 1950s in the US, probably also because the Americans discovered the hamburger for themselves at this time. The system of how food was prepared is one of the inventions that changed the world.

The first McDonald's restaurant was opened on 15 May 1940 by the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. I can only recommend the movie " The Founder " on Netflix if you want to know more about the history of Mc Donald's.

Meanwhile, there are Mc Donald's, of course, many more fast food deals in California. Whether Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Panda Express, El Pollo Loco, Baskin Robbins, In-and-Out Burgers, Jamba Juice, some of the most popular fast food chains in the US come from this state.

San Francisco-based Jack O'Neill was a regular on the beach and enjoyed surfing there. Since he was too cold with his swimming trunks, he experimented with various materials to develop a suit against the cold. With his friend Hugh Brandner, a physicist, he developed the wetsuit, which changed the water sports forever.

I think there are already some inventions that we enjoy too. Who would like to forgo a delicious burger and what would have been our childhood without Barbie and Ken.

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  • Super interesting and great report !!! You rarely get to know where it comes from, although that's actually so interesting! 🙂 I think your blog is really great - keep it up! 😉
    Best regards,
    Cindy ❤

  • Hello Sigrid,
    so I loved Barbie back then 🙂 and that fortune cookies are not from China, something is shocking me right now. I believed that the Chinese passed on the supernatural to me - a really great contribution and I thank the Americans for bringing us closer to fast food. Who does not feel like having a tasty burger now and then ?!

    Love Linni

  • I think that's really awesome my love! and must admit directly that I did not know some of these top change facts 😀

    but I am very grateful to Mr. Levis Strauss for his invention of denim - I still love her today!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • Insanity that did not invent everything in California. I knew that with jeans, but who? I did not know. And it was so clear that an ice-cream on a chop happens by chance
    Really cool report! Glg check

  • Hello my dear,
    that's a mega cool post! I did not know that. I was particularly surprised by the Barbie doll, which we all loved so much as a child!
    Very best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,
    a really great contribution. I loved Barbie and the little, sweet jelly beans too. Today I would probably not eat them anymore 😉 And for the Levis - jeans I'm really grateful 🙂

    Dearest greetings,

  • The article was really interesting to read. Of all inventions, Barbie was probably the absolute heroine of my childhood. I think I was the biggest Barbie fanatic who was going around then. Madness I think yes, how many fast food chains come from California. Of those, in the end, hardly any of them have made it to Germany, but the golden M is sure to be familiar to all of us and is indispensable.

    Greetings, Milli
    ( )

    • Thanks a lot to Barbie. But I also knew the picture Lilly, which gave the impetus for the Barbie.
      Greetings Sigrid

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