A land of fantasy at Christmas the Disneyland Resort Anaheim


Disneyland Resort Anaheim near Los Angeles is a classic amusement park. He is the first Disney based amusement park and one of the most visited in the world. The resort consists of the Disneyland Park and adjacent Disney California Adventure Park and is built in different countries. In each there are the matching attractions and shows.

Many years ago I visited Disneyland Paris with my son and now I wanted to repeat that with him in California 25 years later. Together with my husband Klaus, my daughter-in-law and my little grandson Noah, but this time it should be at Christmas time.

Hardly a country celebrates Christmas like the Americans, so a visit at this time is something very special.

From 10th November 2017 to 7th January next year, Disneyland will be a winter wonderland for children and adults. Everything is gorgeous, festively decorated with a variety of lights, garlands, flowers and bows. The park is said to be the most decorated of all US theme parks.

Main Street a sea of ​​lights!

The Main Street, lit by countless lights, is certainly the park's most luminous attraction. Everywhere hovers the scent of candy canes, gingerbread and other goodies in the air and the buildings are fantastically decorated.

There are two Christmas trees, an 18-foot Christmas tree at Disneyland Park and a 15-foot Disney California Adventure Park. Both shine daily from 17 clock in the splendor of thousands of lights and shine with the stars in the night sky to the bet.

Unfortunately, it is not only the shine of the lights and decorations that makes you stop, but also the many, many people.

I love to go to amusement parks, but I have never experienced such crowds as here in a park.

Sleeping Beauty Castle!

The landmark of every Disney Park is the Sleeping Beauty Castle and of course Anaheim. It shines in a charming decoration of colorful garlands, wreaths and Christmas accents. Countless lights cover the roofs and, at nightfall, give the impression of being covered in snow, glittering in the light of the moon.

Other attractions are of course decorated with much effort and attention to detail and wear a bright, festive garb. You can really feel the fantastic magic of Christmas at every corner.

If you want to see and experience the Disneyland Resort, you should visit it at Christmas time. Then, with its many flashing lights, it's not just for kids.

The kids will be thrilled to see Santa and his elves and the Christmas Fantasy Parade with Mickey Mouse and his friends.

A visit there is something that you should have seen once in your life. It really is a special experience!


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