Visit the beach of Marina del Rey and the marina


If we are visiting Los Angeles we like to drive by car along the coast and enjoy the view of the Pacific. Either head towards Santa Barbara for a stopover in Oxnard, where our favorite Mandaly Beach beach is, or in the other direction to Venice.

This year we made our way back to Venice Beach, where we wanted to eat a Currywurst with our grandson in Chris Töpperwiens Wurst City. Some people know him on television, for example from the program Goodbye Deutschland, with his currywurst truck. We have visited his trucks several times, but we have not been to Wurst City yet.

While eating, we sit near the skating rink, my grandson loves to watch the skaters. He is always excited when they do their tricks.

After a while he did not feel like it anymore and we decided to drive a bit further to Marina del Rey. So far, it has strangely never been to visit this place, although Marina del Rey is only a few minutes drive from Venice.

Beautiful wonderful beach with a great view!

It was a great, wide, miles long and almost deserted beach, where you could bathe undisturbed and enjoy the sun. It is very well maintained and much quieter and less crowded than Venice or for example Santa Monica.

The beach of Marina del Rey also offers a great view of the surfers who frolic in the water. Of course you can also take a walk along the coast towards Venice and Santa Monica, which can be seen in the distance.

The largest man-made marina in the world.

The port, after which the place is named, was artificially created and is probably the largest artificial marina in the world. Over 7000 impressive boats, ships or yachts are anchored here, who wants to see the luxury yachts, that's right here. For example, harbor cruises or rides on a speed catamaran can be booked.
If you want to observe the ships from afar, stroll through the elegant settlement. Of course, there are benches from which you can watch everything wonderful.
There are about 30 restaurants, shops and hotels surrounding the harbor.
That's exactly what you think of as American Lifestyle.


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