Top Things to Do in Santa Monica California!


Santa Monica is located 24 km southwest of Los Angeles and is known for its great weather, beautiful beaches and the famous Santa Monica Pier. Many tourists visit this city during a Los Angeles tour. They usually spend an afternoon at the famous pier and go for a walk on the beach.

We also did that on our first visit. But Santa Monica is a city that has much more to offer and the more we visit it, the more we love it.

The Santa Monica State Beach!  

The shallow beach stretches for about 6 km along the Pacific coast from Malibu to Venice. It is ideal for swimming and surfing or watching the sunset in the evening. It is a fantastic experience when she turns the sky into a play of colors of red, yellow and orange.

Of course, it also offers picnic areas, playgrounds, public toilets and volleyball nets everywhere.

Santa Monica Pier known landmark!

The Santa Monica Pier, picturesquely situated on the coast, was built in 1908. With the Ferris wheel about 40 meters above the Pacific Ocean, it is still one of the most famous sights in Los Angeles and especially at night by its illumination visible from afar.

The pier can be found on the well-known neon sign, which was installed there in 1941.

Pacific Park fun for big and small!

The Pacific Park is not big and the rides are not spectacular, but they are just right for our little grandson. What he likes most is driving in the Ferris wheel when it gets dark and all the colorful lights are on everywhere on the pier.

Santa Monica Pier Ending the famous Route 66!

The Monica Pier is considered the official western endpoint of the legendary Route 66, which is arguably one of America's most famous highways. This world-famous road once led from Chicago, Illinois, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, and graduated from Santa Monica Pier.

The Beach, Marvin Braude Bike Trail!

The path along the beach is referred to by residents as The Strand. It runs along the California coast almost uninterruptedly along the beach. It is approximately 32 km from the main beach communities of Los Angeles, including Redondo Beach, Venice Beach and Santa Monica. The ride along the beach by bike is breathtaking and provides the best way to experience all the beaches of Los Angeles in just one day.

Third Street Promenade and Santa Monica Place!

Just 3 blocks from the beach is the well-known pedestrians-only Third Street Promenade, with plenty of great shops, restaurants and cafes. There you can watch strolling and buy souvenirs musicians and street artists.

At the very beginning of the promenade is Santa Monica Place, a three-story open-air shopping mall. There we like to go for a walk and have a lot of fun doing it.

Sporting on the Original Muscle Beach!

The original Muscle Beach has been around since the 1930s and is a sports park on the beach outside near the pier. There are plenty of gym equipment such as rings, swings and ropes. It is called the original, so it is not confused with the Muscle Beach in Venice where Schwarzenegger once trained.

Sights in Santa Monica!

There are of course many other attractions in Santa Monica such as;

The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium!

This aquarium is located under the Santa Monica Pier and offers over 100 native species.

Santa Monica Mountains!

The Santa Monica Mountains are a coastal mountain range with more than 800 kilometers of hiking and biking trails. There are historic sites and a variety of wildlife such as coyotes and mountain lions to discover.

The Santa Monica Farmers Market!

This farmer's market, founded in 1995, is always open on Sundays in Main Street. There are organic products offered and there is live music and make-up for the little ones.

The flight museum!

Located on the south side of Santa Monica Airport, the Museum of Flying offers a collection of aircraft and a flight simulator.

The Montana Avenue!

This street is a very popular meeting place located on the northern edge of the city. There are more than 150 exclusive boutiques and of course pretty restaurants and sidewalk cafes.

The Palisades Park!

Palisades Park is an approximately 25-acre area lined with palm trees, benches and food trucks, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding coastline.

That was just a small part of the sights in Santa Monica, more to follow soon!

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