Classic beef roulades to grandma's recipe always delicious!

Classic beef roulades to Grandma's recipe with dumplings and red cabbage! When my grandmother was still alive, she often cooked for the whole family. She was a very good cook and cooked with love and only with natural ingredients, of course you could tell. Whether cake, cookies, desserts or hearty dishes everything just tasted wonderful. We were most pleased when she cooked classic roulades filled with mustard, bacon, pickled cucumbers and onions. At that time, they seldom existed, they were usually only served on special occasions such as birthdays or public holidays. Classic beef roulades, my favorite recipe from [...]

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Hearty goulash with napkin dumplings

A hearty goulash with napkin dumplings is a culinary delight! No trip report today, today I was once again for a delicious recipe. In this dingy, cool autumn weather you have more desire for hearty home cooking than the warm season. Goulash is as long as I can imagine a very popular dish in our family. It was already at my grandma's table, then with my mom and of course with me. Meanwhile, I get it already served with my children, as you can see how time goes by. The dish is a classic of German cuisine and offers many possibilities. If […]

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Spaghetti Bolognese as my Italian father in law makes!

Spaghetti Bolognese homemade with wholemeal pasta Today we had spaghetti Bolognese homemade, according to the recipe of my Italian father-in-law. With his Italian recipes, he occasionally brings home a little piece of home and it tastes fantastic. His Bolognese is quite easy to prepare, and it tastes perfect, but you have to give the sauce some time to simmer. That means it should be about 1.5 hours. Time is the most important for this recipe of Spaghetti Bolognese homemade. Ingredients for 4 people 500 g minced meat, half pig half beef 300 ml meat stock [...]

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