How do you celebrate New Year's Eve in the US?


How do Americans celebrate New Year's Eve?

New Year's Eve in the US is essentially not celebrated much differently than ours in Germany. You celebrate privately with friends and family or arrange to meet them in restaurants. Others organize cocktail parties or lavish masked balls where we unmask at midnight. In warm areas, the New Year's Eve party is also gladly moved to the beach and you celebrate the new year under the star tent.

Happy New Year's hat printed with the respective year, streamers, balloons and confetti may not be missing. In every supermarket, these items are offered in large numbers shortly before the end of the year.

Every year, I send photos and videos of New Year's Eve fireworks to my son in California punctually at midnight. He, who could not wait in the home until it is midnight and he was finally allowed to shoot the rockets misses that, of course, in California.

Because of fire protection law reasons, you are not allowed to raise rockets privately or to throw guns or the like.

Of course, if you think about the big fire that has raged there recently because of the great drought, you can understand that very well.

If you want to experience spectacular fireworks, you should stick to the big cities!

The most famous is held in Times Square, New York. Thousands of Americans gather there and wait until the world famous Ball Drop begins to move down one minute before midnight. This crystal ball weighing over 5,000 kg, illuminated by thousands of lights, is then slowly lowered 43 meters. The spectacle will be broadcast live across the country and the audience at home will also be on hand when the countdown starts.

New Year's Eve in the US, the celebration is over quickly!

My son found his first New Year's Eve party in America very boring. Where celebrating begins with us, it ends there again, because the guests say goodbye shortly after midnight. He could not believe that at all, because celebrating is only really going on here and lasts well into the morning.

Lentil dishes are traditionally on the table for the Americans; eating them means happiness and blessings around New Year.

There is also the Nothing goes out principle, which means nothing is allowed to leave the house. These include, for example, full garbage bags. If you ignore this rule, you risk losing your luck in the New Year.


  • Thanks for the interesting report! You also a good slide and a great new year!

    Lg from Norway

  • California would be my dream destination for Sylvester !!! I hate the bang and my dog ​​shakes all evening, so I hope every time he does not get a heart attack!
    Silent fireworks would be the invention of the century!
    I wish you and your family a nice celebration and slip over well!
    I look forward to your great reports again next year!

  • I have to say, eigtl. I think it's great that you can shoot in America so no rockets and Co. ... that would be here in Germany sometimes better, if I remember my everyday clinical life back 😉

    on a good start to the new year!
    all the best,
    ❤ Tina from

  • I wish you and your family a happy new year! Thanks for the interesting post - very interesting 🙂


  • The fire protection is of course a really important thing. Although I think fireworks are beautiful, but my cat is always suffering terrible, so we renounce it and hope he does not frighten so much this year by the surrounding.
    I would like to see the ball drop live. Well who knows 🙂
    Have a good start to the new year
    Best regards Ela

    • I would also like to see the ball drop live, I know it only from the television in LA.
      best regards

  • Really nice post. I like the fireworks but I think the animals are suffering. Now I wish you and your family a happy new year.

    LG Jasmine

    • That's right our dogs turn right through there!
      Wishing you you a happy new year
      best regards

  • Very interesting contribution! I did not know that they would go home right after midnight.
    Best regards,

    • I would have never thought, if you see the films, but unfortunately it is so.
      best regards

  • This is a really great contribution, find such other views always great.
    I wish you a marvelous New Year.

    • Thank you dear Lisa that makes me very happy.
      I wish you a happy new year
      best regards

  • Lentils as New Year's Eve dish I find interesting. if luck brings, next year will also be on the table.
    Tastes are so delicious. Something different than constantly raclette.

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I went to New Year's Eve with a friend in Chicago ... and we were totally disappointed ... Fireworks at the pier and that was it. Then all the people went to sleep ... and lucky charms or something like that did not exist. But I think that it is simply the best part of New Year's Eve in Vienna. Sorry, but I have to say that ... the New Year's Eve path is unique and I have not celebrated New Year's Eve anywhere yet. But that may still change ;-).

    Dear Sigrid, Happy New Year !!! Have a great year 2018 !!!

    best regards

    • Dear Verena, Unfortunately, I have never heard of the New Year's Eve Trail. But I can really imagine New Year's Eve in this romantic city.
      I wish you a happy and successful new year.
      best regards

  • So it does not sound exciting. But better than my New Year's Eve in Japan in the country. There everyone was in bed by 22:00 at the latest. But the 1st of January was something very special (see link if you click on my name).

  • It is always interesting to think outside the box and learn about the practice in the other countries. Of course, it is even better if you have the opportunity to visit the countries locally and experience it yourself. These are experiences for life.
    We are not typical New Year's Eve celebrations, either - that's why the US would appeal to me; at all the USA is a dream destination of mine 😉
    I wish you all the best and a wonderful year 2018!
    With all my love

    • Although several times there, the US will probably always be our dream destination. The lifestyle, the always friendly people and the diverse landscape attract us to magical.
      Also a happy and healthy new year for you.
      best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,
    Since I'm not a big fan of fireworks and I'd rather say goodbye to a party early, America seems to have a lot to offer for me. We always celebrate very small and have from midnight to do so to calm our dogs who do not like the loud bang.
    Have a fantastic year 2018!
    Best regards

    • We also do not organize any private fireworks more dear Regina. When you consider how much money is simply wasted, what you could need on a different and more useful side, I feel very bad.
      I wish you a happy and especially a healthy new year.
      best regards

  • Happy new year, dear Sigrid. I hope you celebrated nice.

    I think it's nice if there is only one central place where an official fireworks is burned down. So fewer accidents happen and the whole garbage is not around for days. In many countries it is handled this way.
    This New Year's Eve was z. For example, for the last time to pour the packets to the lead to buy (EU Regulation). Let's see when they go to the free sale of New Year's Eve pangs.

    LG, Nati

    • You also a happy new year dear Nati, yes we have celebrated this time with the whole family.
      Really, why can not you pour more lead, because nothing can happen.
      best regards

  • Haha with the garbage bags is so cool: "Phew - stinks that!" "No matter, you have to endure for 24 hours now!"? Do the Americans also do something like lead casting?
    Love from

    • No, but I always send it over for my son. The Americans really celebrate really boring New Year's Eve.
      Greetings Sigrid

  • Very interesting to discover this page from New Year's Eve. 🙂 We do not really get much out of this day, eat comfortably at home or play games evenings and spend time especially with the dogs!

    I wish you a great year 2018!

    All the best,

    • It's usually the same with us, but this year the whole family met again, which was very nice.
      I wish you a happy and successful new year.
      best regards

  • A really nice and informative post. I always like to see how the festivals are celebrated in other countries.

    All the best


  • Dear Sigrid,

    I did not know that you can not shoot missiles in California. Mhhh ... I would miss that too. Because that's part of it somehow. But luckily he has you and you will surely send him great pictures from Germany <3!

    best regards

  • I did not even know that. 🙂
    Our young people in Germany would certainly be bored, if the New Year's Eve party is over shortly after midnight. 😀

    best regards

    • That's right, my son had to get used to it as well, but there's no lack of rockets to start.
      best regards

  • The post is really interesting! I think it's nice to see festivals celebrated in other countries. But without being able to shoot racquets I would find it only half as nice. That's just part of it. This is usually synonymous with us shortly after midnight.
    Greetings Melanie

    • Something is missing in California for my son, that's why he sometimes comes home for New Year's Eve.
      best regards

  • That with the "Nothing goes out" I find very funny 😀 I've never heard of.
    But it's exciting to see New Year's Eve celebrated in different countries / continents.
    In Singapore, too, all evaporated shortly after the fireworks, but we also had really nasty monsoon and swam into the new year.
    Rockets and guns are actually not sold here, but I do not think so bad. Less dirt, less noise and less idiots are offered the chance to make nonsense with it. We more and more often, that some Doofnasen throw other people with Böllern, or something else.
    I do not miss the own firing of the rockets. But what disappointed me was that the fireworks were lit every hour with a one-minute fireworks display, but the real fireworks were only 6-7 minutes long: <
    How long was this with you?

    Greetings from Singapore 🙂

    • Here, people shoot for almost an hour and the next day is the street full of paper, old Chinaböllern etc. In the early days when my kids had fun on it was also shot a lot in the air, now I rather save the money for Something sensefull.
      Greetings from Bayreuth

  • Interesting to see New Year's Eve celebrated elsewhere in the world. What astonishes me most is that shortly after midnight everyone is leaving the parties! As you say: here it starts after 0 o'clock only really 😀 In addition I find it quite cool interesting that one must ignite no missiles privately in the USA. As a nature conservationist, it is surprising to me that the US is much further away than us - but they are probably for other reasons ...

    • Take a look at videos from the last fire in December, because then you can understand that very well. In California there is great drought and lack of water.

  • New Year's Eve in New York, that would be it!
    To me, the hustle and bustle in Germany is often too big, because I would just end the celebrations shortly after midnight 😉
    LG Veronica

  • wiefindenwiresgmailcom

    Well, I did not think that they will end New Year's Eve celebrations in the US earlier than here 🙂 That you can not use rockets and guns, I think well, I think that will come at least in the big cities soon.

    • Is synonymous for safety reasons, because of the risk of fire totally fine I think.
      best regards

  • great report, a good 2018

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