I'm feeling blue funny sayings in the US part 2


I've recently written some phrases that I've learned during my stays in the US so far. I've told you how to deal with it so much in the foot and what strange meaning some have in German. Of course, there are more funny phrases in the US and today I introduce you to some again, as many of you asked me for another part.

I'm feeling blue ...... .I'm sad!

My little grandson lives in Los Angeles and he loves talking to me via Skype. Of course, his mom or dad is close to translate, if sometimes I do not understand him. Yesterday he was very excited and said to me, "I'm feeling blue granny, you must come to me!" With that, of course, I could not do anything again and asked my son why Noah feels blue. He then told me that they were in the universal studios and my grandson is not allowed in the roller coasters, because he is one centimeter too small. He had been told that when Grandma comes, he is big enough to ride. I'm feeling blue just means ... I'm sad or I'm not feeling well.

You're barking up the wrong tree .... You misunderstood me!

I learn most of the phrases in the US in conversation with my daughter-in-law. When we are traveling by car, my son and my husband are mostly sitting in the front of the car and my daughter-in-law and I are sitting in the back with the little one. We talk about it naturally and sometimes I understand something wrong and I give the wrong answer. Then came from her once, "you're barking up the wrong tree!" I thought, wrong tree barked, am I a dog? I must have looked very stupid, because she had to laugh. Since she speaks German very well, she explained that you're barking up the wrong tree means misunderstanding or you're on the wrong track.

Take a long walk on a short pier .... go away!

Of course we travel with Noah very often, visit the playground or go to the beach. When the waves on the edge of the Pacific play around his little feet, that's a lot of fun and he jumps around for joy. Once a stranger came after us and talked crazy stuff, that scared me really, but my daughter-in-law had again a suitable saying ready! "Take a long walk on a short pier," she said annoyed! Well, I thought she sent him on a long walk on a short pier. But that was of course another phrase that simply means, get away!

When he made no move to go she immediately followed suit!

She said angrily to him, "You've got bats in the belfry" .... you have bats in the bell tower! The statement I found then really great, it means how she told me, you do not have all the cups in the closet. The stranger probably had something to do with the fear and finally went his own way. I love how she handled this guy

by the way ... there are still some funny phrases in the US on my list, there is definitely another part.


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