What you should know about alcohol in the US


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Only at the age of 21 can you buy alcohol in America and   consume. This makes the USA currently the country with the highest minimum age. This provision is taken very seriously and taken very seriously almost everywhere. You can tell that already when you buy, if you have to present a passport or driver's license at the checkout. hat eigene Zeiten zum Verkauf. Watching the clock is also important, because each state has its own times for sale.

hat eigene Gesetze, dazu einige Beispiele! Each state has its own laws, some examples!

Arizona does not sell alcohol between 2: 00-6: 00 in the morning. There is alcohol every day to purchase in all shops with an alcohol license.

In California you do not get alcohol between 2: 00-6: 00 in the morning. There are few restrictions. This may also be sold in supermarkets and petrol stations.

In Florida , alcohol may not be sold between 3:00 and 7:00 in the morning. In shops with license only wine and beer is offered, there are high percentages in Liquor stores.

Nevada has no time limit, you can buy alcohol around the clock, you only have to be 21 years old. Even drinking in public is not prohibited there.

Alcohol should be transported in the trunk!

The purchased alcohol is packed at the cash register in brown paper bags. He is not allowed to be worn openly on the street almost everywhere in the US and of course he can not be drunk. In the car you should only carry alcohol in the trunk to the suspicion, you could drink while driving away, to exclude from the outset.

During my stay in the US I was told that ban drinking alcohol in the car would also apply to front passenger, but I can not really imagine. If you get caught drunk, that is considered alcohol in traffic and will be punished. After the punishment, it can happen that you have to travel home. So stay with 0,0 per thousand, then you are on the safe side.

Alcohol in restaurants!

Even in restaurants, the rules for the sale of alcohol are handled strictly. You need a license to serve. But since this is too expensive for many fast food shops, cafes, etc., you have to give up your beer or glass of wine to eat there.

For restaurants it's different. They know that their guests like to have a beer or a glass of wine to eat, so many have a license. I think, also because of the associated substantial earning potential.

By the way, even on most beaches, as well as in public, the drinking of alcohol is prohibited. It threatens a hefty fine for infringement.

Where can I buy alcohol in the USA?

I hope I could give you some answers to this question.


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