Christmas in America is always a magical time!


Christmas in America always means a very colorful and magical time for young and old. Even weeks before the festival, houses and gardens are magnificently and elaborately decorated with flashing, colored lights. As far as Christmas decorations are concerned, Americans like it to be colorful, cheesy and, above all, abundant. There are Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer or Mickey Mouse in the neighboring garden, or the whole house is full of lights.

In addition to the Christmas decorations on houses and gardens, there are events everywhere in America to get you in the mood for Christmas.

The Christmas Lights in Camarillo in Ventura County are very popular and well known. A competition is held there every year and the most beautiful and imaginative garden is chosen by the neighborhood administration. A lot of time and work was invested in this for months, but the result is really worth seeing. The houses of Gemini Street and Waverly Avenue in Camarillo are magnificent, adorned with countless lights.

Many families with children enjoy well-known, illuminated cartoon characters, trains, Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen and much more. You can drive through the streets by car or watch the Christmas lights on a walk.

The zoo and botanical gardens are always worth a visit, but it's particularly beautiful in the winter during the Los Angeles Zoo Lights. The sidewalks, which are illuminated with innumerable, multicolored lights, are designed very invitingly like tunnels. If you walk through it, you feel like you are walking under a bright, shining starry sky.

It certainly took a lot of time and effort to underline the various subject areas with suitable music and lighting effects and to implement the ideas.

The water show should not be missed, it is magical and fascinating, takes about 5-7 minutes and is similar to Disney's world of colors in a mini version.

From November 10, 2017 to January 7 of next year, Disneyland will be a winter fairy tale for children and adults. Everything is gorgeous, decorated for Christmas with a multitude of lights, garlands, flowers and bows. The park is said to be the most decorated of all the theme parks in the United States.

Main Street illuminated by countless lights is surely the park's most illuminated attraction. Everywhere the scent of candy canes, gingerbread and other goodies hovers in the air and the buildings are beautifully decorated.

The symbol of every Disney Park is the Sleeping Beauty Castle and of course also in Anaheim. It shines in an enchanting decoration of colorful garlands, wreaths and Christmas accents. Countless lights cover the roofs and give the impression at nightfall that they are covered by snow that glistens in the moonlight.

From November 23 to January 5 from 5 p.m. the park turns into a small, magical winter wonderland. After entering the park, you are immersed in a magical world with red ribbons, Christmas decorations and a large illuminated Christmas tree.

Millions of lights in bright colors make the trees and houses shine and atmospheric Christmas music can be heard everywhere. The artificial snowflakes inspire visitors large and small and create a magical, romantic atmosphere. You can hardly believe that you are in Southern California when you stroll through this wonderland with the many snow figures and Santa Claus.

Christmas Eve is not as important in the US as it is with us. It was a bit strange for us when we celebrated Christmas with our family in the USA for the first time. We went to church together on Christmas Eve, then ate and then the traditional stockings for Santa Claus were hung on the fireplace.

Our little grandson was told that Santa Claus   in this night   cocks his reindeer in front of the sled and flies from house to house to bring gifts . He comes through the fireplace, fills up the stockings or puts the presents under the Christmas tree. So that he definitely doesn't fly past the house, he should put milk and cookies for Santa Claus and carrots for his reindeer.

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Very early in the morning of December 25th, Noah was woken up by his parents with the words: “Santa was here! Wake up Noah! ” He looked amazed at the empty glass of milk by the fireplace and the carrots for the reindeer were all gone too.

Santa Claus was there and brought many gifts for him, his children's eyes shone. He couldn't wait to unpack everything and play with it.

In the evening there was the traditional Christmas dinner for Christmas in America, a huge, stuffed turkey with vegetables, salads and potatoes.

Our little darling was tired from playing with his presents and fell asleep happily. We adults made ourselves comfortable with a glass of wine on the sofa and watched traditional Christmas films.

For us in Germany that would have been three nuts for Cinderella or the little Lord. In America it was, It's a wonderful life, and A Christmas Story.

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