A day at Paradise Cove Beach in Malibu!


Paradise Cove Beach is located in a quaint corner off the Pacific Coast Highway. It is surrounded by high sandstone cliffs and by the paid parking lot not as crowded as others in Malibu.

Paradise Cove Beach is an ideal base for long beach walks along the coast. It passes beautiful rock formations and to the east you will find impressive villas and private beaches.

The water is mostly calm and deep blue in color, so ideal for families with children. Sometimes there are heavy waves, which is a real pleasure for surfers. If you are brave and want to try it, you can rent the equipment.

It really is a perfect place to spend a nice time with family or friends. But also as a couple you can make a relaxing day on a sun lounger there.

You are allowed to bring wine or beer and drink it on the beach, which is otherwise not allowed on any beach in California that I know.

It's a pretty impressive place that has been the Kulisse für viele Strandszenen in Hollywood-Filmen war. Auch Detektiv Rockford wurde hier gedreht , e r wohnte in der Serie am Strand in einem Wohnwagen, der ihm gleichzeitig auch als Büro diente. Kulisse für viele Strandszenen in Hollywood-Filmen war. Auch Detektiv Rockford wurde hier gedreht , e r wohnte in der Serie am Strand in einem Wohnwagen, der ihm gleichzeitig auch als Büro diente.

Mit etwas Glück wird man Zuschauer bei einem Filmdreh!

We just shot during our visit to Paradise Cove Beach!

Star Waggons, das sind Anhänger die zu Fernseh – und Filmproduktionen für die jeweiligen Stars zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Star cars Überall standen , these are trailers that are made available for television and film productions for the respective stars . These are comfortably equipped with every conceivable luxury, where the actors can change or rest.

The Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is right on the beach!

For the hunger is also taken care of, you go to Paradise Cove Beach Cafe a wonderful restaurant right on the beach just a few meters from the sea.

It is decorated in a diner style and offers a wide selection of alcoholic drinks, as well as freshly made juices and of course a good selection of food, of course fresh from the market. Lobster swim among others in the aquarium and want to be cooked. The portions are huge and actually enough for two. Everything is super garnished, a real eye candy.

There is also seating outside on the sandy beach, where you can sip your well-mixed cocktail in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Paradise Cove Beach in Malibu is a great beach with a heavenly bay and a great place where you can eat excellent, or even take a drink. All with a great view of the blue shimmering Pacific.

Unfortunately, the parking fees are very high. If you eat at the Beach Cafe and stay up to 4 hours, you can have your card stamped and pay $ 6 parking fee. Those who just want to go to the beach get paid up to $ 40.

We did not have to pay parking fees as we parked on the Pacific Coast Highway .


  • Bodyguard4you

    yo ... there's always something going on ... 😎

    nice post ...

  • Hui,
    the parking fees are exorbitant. And I already mock about the parking fees with us. That's really usury. Where does this stark difference between a pure visit to the beach and a visit to the Beach Café?

    Overall, however, this seems to be an interesting patch of earth. Thank you for this beautiful insight.

    Best regards,

  • oh, that's great photos! Malibu must be a dream. Since I'm watching Baywatch again, of course, the question is whether the famous series was filmed nearby, where you were ... It's just a fantastic location, because they are constantly turning something. Thanks for the insights 🙂

  • A beach where movies are filmed, how exciting. And you were allowed to experience that! You will not forget such a bonus so fast.
    All the best

  • Really cool that you could witness a movie shoot 🙂 The parking fees are really extreme! Maybe that's why less onlookers come who only want to discover shootings? Would be interesting to know 😀

  • Oh, that's fantastic. I just got wanderlust. Malibu is still on my to-do list and when I see your pictures like that ... it's gorgeous!

    best regards

  • That looks so awesome! Since you get directly wanderlust! In such a film shoot, I would also like to play mouse! 🙂

    Best regards,

  • Hey, a great contribution! To be honest, I have never been so far away :-p! But tomorrow, I'm off to vacation.
    best regards

  • Hach, once off to the beach in Malibu! I also have to think directly about Baywatch 🙂 Especially when there are film crews. Beautiful pictures!

  • Hello dear Sigrid! How nice that looks! I have never been there, but would like to do so someday. I love the US yes, because it's so versatile there ... Malibu, a dream as it sounds, huh? Thank you! Take good care! Sirit

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