Loop in drop stitch pattern ideal for spring!


Loop in drop stitch pattern, with glitter effect!

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I had wool with a metallic thread in my wool box and thought for a long time, what I could knit from it. It was too little for a sweater or cloth and too thin for a scarf, but it would be enough for a pretty spring companion like a loop in the drop stitch pattern.

So let's get to the knitting needles, more precisely, circular needle, because the pattern I wanted to knit is worked in rounds. It is easy to knit, at the moment very trendy and absolutely suitable for beginners.

The blue wool with metallic thread, which glitters in beautiful colors, is a mixture of wool, nylon and polyester and is washable at 30 degrees.

My loop in the drop stitch pattern is 130 cm long and can be worn twice around the neck due to this length.

I needed about 75 grams, a circular needles strength 3,5 60 cm long and a matching crochet hook for the conclusion with crochet edge.

The pattern is quite simple, always alternating a round right and a round knit left stitch, then the curled pattern. Just make sure that it is divisible by four stitches.

Since I was working with a circular needle, I always had to knit one round to the right and one round to the left to make the pattern frizzy. For knitting needles you simply knit front and back right.

For my loop I struck and knitted 176 stitches until my desired height of 18 cm was reached. Of course, you can work the loop wider or narrower, as it behaves in the length.

Now the crochet hook is used!

Crochet three crochet stitches, then drop the stitch and three stitches of air, repeating continuously until the end of the round.

When the upper edge is crocheted, sew the work thread. The other threads are sewn only at the end, because otherwise the drop stitches do not separate properly.

Now just let all the drop stitches run to the very bottom.

When all the dropped stitches are stitched down the remaining threads and the loop is done in the drop stitch pattern.

Now I still have glitter wool in gray and beige in my wool box. From this I will knit scarves, so I get the leftovers away and always have a gift at hand.

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