Looking for the Jim Morrison Cave in Malibu!


The Corral Canyon Park in Malibu is a popular destination for hikers who want to enjoy the great view, climb over rock formations and explore the caves. The Jim Morrison Cave was originally such a cave in Corral Canyon Park near Malibu.

The cave became very popular after social media reports surfaced that Jim Morrison was said to have retired there. The legend, the lead singer of the Doors escaped Los Angeles to write songs, but no one has yet been able to confirm it.

As a result, the number of visitors to this cave, now called Jim Morrison Cave, increased rapidly. Fans wanted to leave a photo of this mystical cave painted with graffiti in all colors and, if possible, their own painting.

This got everything out of control!

The waste left behind and even fire damage posed a threat to the surrounding nature and therefore the cave was closed to the public in May 2016. It was cleaned, and the graffiti that obscured Native American drawings was removed.

Jim Morrison or not, it's definitely worth taking a walk past the caves and enjoying the great views.

To get there, drive north from the center of Malibus to the Malibu Seafood Restaurant. There you turn right onto Corral Canyon Road, a winding road with a wonderful view of the Pacific.

After about 8 kilometers uphill the paved road turns into gravel and you reach a small parking lot which is the starting point for all hikes.

There are several ways to get to the Jim Morrison Cave. You can walk along the steep path on the back of the parking lot over stones and gravel towards the cave, or on an unpaved access road.

We noticed this on the way to the parking lot, but we didn't know that it led to the cave. A hiker we asked for the way there advised us to take this route because it is closer and not so difficult in the heat.

We made our way to the Jim Morrison Cave!

After a bit, the painted water towers were on the top left and immediately afterwards the small rock arch which, according to reports, should show the way to the cave.

After a 15-minute hike we saw the Corral Canyon Caves in front of us, in which many cave sections invite you to climb and explore. In front of it are the rock circles, which are very popular as a photo motif, but you don't know where they actually come from.

At first we thought it was the Jim Morrison Cave, but visitors pointed to a smaller rock to the left of the Corral Canyon Caves. A small path covered with bushes meandered down to the cave, where there was no color or lettering left.

The Jim Morrison Cave has returned to its natural state and only a few visitors come here.

Today it attracts hikers and mountain bikers who visit Corral Canyon Park to explore nature.


  • Super exciting post!
    But what's wrong with people. Doors fans make a special pilgrimage all the way there, just to spray graffiti over old cave drawings and then leave their trash there? The whole vibe breaks after they supposedly search.

    • It is exactly the same and that is why the cave was cleaned and closed. As early as 2005, visitors had fueled a campfire there that destroyed 8 hectares of land and 50 houses.
      It's just disrespectful to nature and people!

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