When we visit our family in Los Angeles, we visit Universal Studios Hollywood several times a year. But of course we do not pay daily admission, but we buy an Annual Pass of 12 months. This gives us the opportunity to see everything in peace, without stress and as often as we want.

This is of course now, where my little grandson is old enough to experience much there, already beneficial.

That's what my grandson keeps telling me, he loves the tram ride very much. We usually go with him during the week, there is not so much business and you hardly have to queue. At the Studio Tour of Universal Studios Hollywood we arrived without waiting in the tram.

The studio tour of Universal Studios Hollywood is very impressive and one of the most popular attraction there. You get a little insight on the way, how it goes behind the scenes of a film production.

Everywhere there are caravans for the stars who spend their time in their film shoots!

The Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood is popular with movie and serial enthusiasts!

During the journey, numerous background stories, general studio information and excerpts will be shown on monitors, as well as cinema hits shot on the respective film set. No less a comedian Jimmy Fallon, the well-known star of the Tonight Show, introduces these entertaining, funny movies. With it, the Studio Tour offers visitors the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. He also gives hints on what to pay attention to, not to miss anything.

The drive leads past the backdrop for the movie War of the Worlds by Steven Spielberg. The wreckage of the Boeing 747 that you can see there is really impressive.

What would the Studio Tour of Universal Studios Hollywood be without visiting the Desperate Housewives?

Of course you also drive through Wisteria Lane, the well-known street from Desperate Housewives. gelebt haben. It is very interesting for every fan of this series in which houses, for example, Gabrielle, Susan, Bree and Lynette lived.

Also a scene from the world-famous film the white shark is perfectly represented here. When the deceptively real-looking shark comes slowly swimming alongside the tram, you do not suspect anything bad. But, when he quickly climbs out of the water, he looks already scary with his open mouth recnt.
Now a quick visit to the Bates Hotel known from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. But really only for a short time, because you are looking for the space very quickly when Mister Bates comes running with his knife.

Continue to the Universal Picture Cars!

There are cars from Universal films and series that many of us know, such as:
Back to the Future!

The flintstones!

Fast to Furious!

Of course not to forget Jurassic World!

Back to the Future!

In the course of the studio tour of Universal Studios Hollywood you can of course also see the town hall from the movie Back to the Future.
During the tour you also experience a spring tide!
Water rushes down the hill and threatens to devour the tram. It is not wasted, of course, but pumped back into tanks and used again and again.

In a subway tunnel, a stage 8.3 earthquake is simulated. Leaving the tunnel, the attraction is ready in seconds for the next tram.

There is also a small part of the set for Ron Howard's How the Grinch Stole Christmas to discover during the tour!

On Halloween, the Tram Ride becomes a Terror Tram!

The Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios Hollywood are simply indescribable. Mazes, scary chainsaw monsters, scary environments and of course the terror tram. This is really scary and not for the faint of heart.

Then you can also meet Mr. Bates in person!

I can only recommend anyone who is in Los Angeles or is about to travel there to visit this spectacle. It is promising every year.


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