Marking my posts!


At My Travel Diary, I write travelogues about places I personally visited and topics that fit my blog. Each contribution reflects my self-made experience and opinion, and paid contributions and collaborations do not affect them.

Advertising, product placement, attribution!

To make it more transparent for my readers, I mark paid posts with advertising . Contributions for which I am provided with free products are identified by advertising through product placement . Articles in which you can recognize names in photos, but I have received nothing for it, I mark with Unpaid advertising by attribution. This concerns for example restaurants and hotels, which I visited and write my opinion about it.

Partner Link (Affiliate Link!)

Affiliate links are links to affiliate programs, such as
In such affiliate programs, one makes advertisement on his website, for example, for a product or service. If the partner brokers a customer, he receives a commission from the dealer. Additional costs compared to a purchase without an affiliate link do not arise for the customer.

If my contributions contain affiliate links, the top is clearly visible, contains affiliate link .

The respective article also states;

With one click and subsequent purchase on an affiliate link you support my work. There are no additional costs for you compared to a purchase without an affiliate link .