American idioms and terms are a challenge!


During our stays in the USA, I learned that the American >

Get off of my cloud ... .. Leave me alone!

I love Orange Chicken and eat it very often when we are in the USA. Since the Oaks Mall is only minutes away and there is a Panda Express , that's perfect for me, of course. Mostly I drive with my son and my grandson, who likes to visit the indoor playground there. In the mall, cosmetics samples are distributed in front of some shops and we always say " no thank you," because we already have enough. On our last visit, I heard a woman in front of me say in a vicious tone, " GET OUT OF MY Cloud." Disappear from my cloud how funny I said to my daughter-in-law, I know that from Mick Jagger. She said clearly, but he just means ... leave me alone .

Hang tight ...... wait and see!

On a drive towards Oxnard we had a car breakdown and did not quite know what we should do now. I had some scruples to fix it, because my English is not that good at not making any mistakes, I had already experienced that in some situations. So I called my daughter-in-law. She said to me, " hang tight, I'll be with you in ten minutes ." What, why hold on until she's with me in ten minutes? "By that, of course, she meant to wait until she was here. When she arrived, she arranged everything for me and I was really happy about it, because I would certainly have stepped back into a faux pas.

It's raining cats and dogs ...... It pours from buckets!

We usually travel to the US in the spring, late summer or fall, as temperatures in California are very comfortable at the time. Except for a day with some raindrops and strong wind at Zuma Beach, we always had nice weather. But that was over after a short time and it seemed the sun again.

Some time after our trip home, my daughter-in-law sent me this video saying, " It's raining cats and dogs on the Zuma Beach." Of course, she did not say it's raining cats and dogs, but it's pouring pail or raining twine.

"Hopefully it will be over soon and the sun will shine again," I wrote back, "to which she answered optimistically," every cloud has a silver lining, "every cloud has a silver lining. That was one of the idioms I already knew. After rain follows sunshine, one would say with us.

One for the road ... .. One last glass on the way!

From time to time, my daughter-in-law and I leave our men at home and go for a drink in a nearby bar. After some cocktails she said to me, "let's go home". I persuaded her with one for the road for a last drink.

Like her very, some American phrases and terms are already familiar to me!


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