Earache while flying many know the problem


The plane starts to land and the pain comes!

Many air travelers are aware of this unpleasant feeling of pressure and the sharp pain in the ear when the pressure on landing in the machine increases.

For me, it was an issue I had never dealt with, as I never intended to board a plane. The thought of being locked up with many people in a tight, locked room made me fear unimaginable.

Then everything changed, my son emigrated to Los Angeles, got married there and I got a grandchild. If I wanted to see my family, I had no choice but to jump over my shadow and get on the plane.

Contrary to expectations, I enjoyed the long flight over the Atlantic very much, looked out the window, read and even allowed myself a glass of wine. When it came to strap on we land in 30 minutes, I could not wait to arrive. I just wondered a bit about my neighbor, because he took out of his bag a pack of earplugs *

I had never seen anything like it before and since I'm curious I asked him why he uses it. He explained to me that without these special plugs, he would not be able to bear flying any more, because the pressure balance and the associated pain are very troublesome for him. With them the unpleasant pain, at landing are greatly reduced.

Earache when flying, I also felt it!

Meanwhile, I felt a slight pressure in my ears and I was a little queasy because I heard everything as through cotton. I noticed that the more we sank, the more he gained weight and passed over acrid pains in the ears and head. These were so bad that the tears ran out of my eyes and I thought the eardrum would burst right away.

Not only did it seem to me that way, many kept their ears and had faces distorted by the pain and some children on board cried bitterly. My neighbor gave me a gum and said I should chew vigorously, that would help something. It was very nice of him but it did not really help. I could barely hear anything and I was terrified of losing my hearing. Finally landed and arrived in the airport building, I was ready, so I had not imagined my first flight. The pain was almost gone but the ears were closed and I was almost deaf. This has returned to normal over the next day.

I thought with horror that I would have to fly back in a few weeks. But then I thought of my nice neighbor on the plane and how satisfied he was with his SANOHRA Fly earplugs . So I just ordered some from the internet and had it delivered to my son.

When it came to the return flight, I have the earplugs in my ears long before the landing to be sure. I was anxiously waiting for pain, but they were completely out of it, only a very slight pressure was felt. Arrived in the airport building, I then removed it after about 20 minutes and could hear normal.

Now I can look forward to my next visit to the US without fear of the hellish earache of flying.

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  • That would be something for me. I also have the problem that my ears probably can not compensate for pressure. It does not help, neither chewing gum, nor swallowing or yawning. I have the feeling for about 1 day to hear through cotton wool, I do not have to say anything about the pain. I will write down the mark and ask for it in the pharmacy. Thanks for this tip.
    LG, Nati

    • Alas, these pegs can really recommend, my pain is gone only the pressure is still easy to feel. Had my flight neighbor not used them, every flight would be horror for me.
      best regards

  • In the past, I was always insensitive to flying and pressure equalization. However, that has changed a lot in the last few years. The cracking and stinging I know then too well. Therefore, these earplugs are really interesting. I have to inform myself more precisely.

    Warm greetings to you

  • Hello <3 times again a very interesting report from you! My friend has this problem too, these plugs also help him ... so I can recommend them too! Thank God I do not have the problem, my ears do not bother flying at all. best regards

  • Wow, how awesome, was in New York right now and yes I could have used these little wonders really well 😀 next time I have them with me too 🙂 Thanks for the tip! I wish you a nice day! Greetings Jacky

  • To be honest, I've never flown and will not be there in the near future, so I can not say much there, but if I'm going to fly at some point, will I try that anyway?

  • Huhu,

    I flew once, but exactly these problems I had it too ... really a great tip that you betray us there and certainly helpful for many. Anyway, I'll get back to you if I dare to fly again.


  • That's cool! I also always have problems with pressure equalization. I have already tried all the tips - drink, blow nose, chewing gum ... nothing has helped so far. I did not know that with the earplugs. But this is ordered immediately, then the next flight can come painlessly. Thank you Sigird for this great proven tip!

  • I have never had problems with ear pain when flying, more with headaches. But thanks for the product launch - it certainly helps a lot. 🙂

    best regards

  • Thank god I have no problems with it so far. But good to know that there is such a thing 🙂 I did not know before

  • Thanks for the tip,
    I like to travel and I always try to sleep as fast as possible, somehow it works very well with my ear pain,
    Unfortunately, that does not always work. Since such helpers are quite good.
    Thanks for the great review.

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  • Dear Sigrid,

    as an ex-flight attendant I know these earplugs of course :-)! Luckily I never needed them ... if I had earache (unfortunately I know that too) then it was only because I was cold and flew with my ears down and my neck swollen. Unfortunately, such earplugs will not help.

    best regards

    • Dear Verena,
      I heard some airlines do not let employees fly with colds, as it can be dangerous, right?
      Greetings Sigrid

  • Next year, for the first time, I'm flying "So in a big one" and I'm very grateful for that. But I also heard that chewing gum should help chewing. I have no idea, but maybe you can tell me if that's true. 😉

    All the best

    • No, not funny but these ear plugs will not help. I can now fly without pain and they really recommend you.
      best regards

  • Hello my love 😉

    What a great idea, I know annoying earache because of the pressure equalization from flying. I like the product very much;)

    Have a nice weekend;)

    PS: Look at mine
    Facebook sweepstakes past there are 10 Delieta bags to win: - *

  • Sounds good! Chewing gum also helps with me. However, you should never fly with a strong cold, because the eardrum can actually burst.

  • Hello Sigrid,
    I always suffer something under it. Thank you for sharing the tip. Have never read something before!

    Love Linni

  • i do not know these earplugs but they sound really good. I can not complain about the pressure equalization so far. such a pain, as you describe it, I gsd never had. but if they happen, I know what I'm doing
    Carol Karolina

  • Interesting article about the plug! Fortunately, I hardly have any problems with my ears when flying - rather with the parotid glands
    but I always use such pegs when sleeping, but very soft!

    ❤ Tina from http://www.liebewasist.com

    • I also use some of foam to sleep, because I can sleep better in complete silence.
      best regards

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